The Narrator Tales : Chapter One : NIS | SIN

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"Back from the walk."


"Did you bring what I told you to?"

"Yes, Steve."

"Great, you found them. I'll be true to you. But before that, where did you find these?"

"Oh, not much far from here. Just around the corner, in that general store, named 'Jefre General Store'."

"Lucky. You are damn lucky. Well, you couldn't find these so near. I wanted to give you some thrill and adventure, but you are lucky."

"You little brat. I'll take my revenge some other day." Well, I went twenty miles in search of these, to be true.

"Sure, you'll have your time."

Uncle Ben broke our little conversation, "Come on boys, breakfast is ready."

After breakfast, we proceeded towards the study with uncle Ben and aunt Susan. There, uncle Ben told us the rest of his story and it was really a love story right out of imagination. No one will say that it is true, but they were just in front of me and I can say that it was all true. Times have changed now though, I can bet that no love story of today can be so pure. After our little conversation, uncle Ben and aunt Susan left the study to proceed with their daily routine leaving Steve and me in the study. I was about to ask Steve to tell me further, when he just suddenly said," I know that you are going to request me to tell you the further accounts, so I'll do it myself."

With this, he once again began his narration.

"Next day, we were once again at the same place, at the same time. Today, we were allowed to keep our interview going as long as we wanted and it went like this.........."

"Good morning Nis."

"Good morning my child. I see that you're back soon."

"Yes, and I was wondering if you can tell me about your friends today."

"Sure, why not. Well, back then everyone was kind and friendly to me, but you know that groups are a kind of necessity. Hence, we were five, Jacob, Fred, Samantha, Nadia, and I. We used to call us 'A GROUP OF FIVE'. Yeah, I know that it's not really a name, but we were unable to come up with anything, so at last, we settled at 'A GROUP OF FIVE'. We were a happy bunch. Jacob and Fred were cousins and they lived only two blocks away from my house. Samantha was the single daughter of the richest family in Brismok at that time and Nadia was from a merchant family. For five generations, Nadia's family had produced the best merchants of that time. As for myself, I already told you that I was from a noble and well-educated family, though there nothing remained of them much. We were really close friends. There was no secret in between us and we took an oath to not tell them to anyone and I will not tell you also, an oath is an oath."

"I'm fine with that."

"Good, so we were just a bunch of normals, nothing much to brag about. We lived normal lives, not full of adventures, though we used to do sleepovers and go for hiking and fishing, but nothing more than that, just the normal stuff. Still, we had a little habit of exploring and all five us knew every corner of Brismok and its neighboring areas. In studies, we were above average and always praised by our teachers, but Nadia had something little different. She wanted to be a merchant also like others in her family and had a very keen interest in geography and accounts. On the other hand, the rest of us didn't have many plans so far. It was for two years, that we were together like every day when things turned upside down. You will not believe my words, but they are true. One day, all of a sudden we started having nightmares of us killing each other. For a few days, we were silent and didn't say anything to each other and didn't even know that we all are having nightmares. Then, after around a week, Samantha brought up the conversation, and it was then that we came to know about this strange chain of nightmares. We promised to not mention all this to our parents and after a long discussion, settled at the point that it is just a mere coincidence. But the nightmares didn't stop. They became, even more, worse and deadly day by day. At last, we decided to discuss it with our parents and told them everything. After this, our parents and obviously my aunt, as she is my parent now, discussed it with each other in person. A few days later a priest came and I don't know what conversation they had and what the priest told them, but the priest did some kind of a ritual and said some prayers, and after that, giving each one of us a locket, he left. We were supposed to wear it every time and only to remove it when we were told. After all this, the nightmares stopped."

"Was it a spirit that haunted you all?"

"Maybe, but I and others were never told the truth, so maybe it was a spirit that haunted us. After that, our lives once again became normal until................"

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