The Narrator Tales : Chapter One : NIS | SIN

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"..............that day came."

"You mean when you all got lost in the forest?"

"Yes, it was just like any other day. Normal morning routine and as usual, we walked to school together. On our way, we found some puppies lying on a footpath. We waited for some time for their mother to return, but when she didn't return for thirty minutes, we decided that we can't just leave them there, they might not survive, so we took them to the vet. Afterward, when we once again started for school, we realized that we were going to be late, so we rushed. Suddenly, Fred stopped us and pointed towards a path through the forest. Well, it was indeed a shortcut for school and we all knew that, so we decided to take it. What we thought was that taking that shortcut will cut ten minutes of running, but who would have thought that we were completely wrong. I already told you that we all knew every corner of Brismok and many times we have used that path and knew exactly where it led to, but to our surprise, we were unable to find our way out that day. For around two hours we walked straight, and when we lost all hopes of crossing the forest, we turned back the same way in which we came, but once again we were standing in the middle of nowhere, hopeless, not knowing what to do. For once, we blamed Fred for bringing us through the forest, but after some time, we realized that Fred was not to be blamed. We all knew that path and crossed it many times, but that day none of us were able to tell where we were. The forest is not that much vast spread, so we finally decided to walk in one fixed direction, hoping to come out of it. We choose the east because our school was in the east from there. We walked for hours, without any results, and then came the night. It was a cold and windy night, and we were in the middle of nowhere once again. Our first fear was wild animals, so we climbed over a tree to be safe for the night. Some time passed by and we were still on that tree, thinking of any possible way to come out of the forest. Then all of a sudden Jacob shouted out 'Light, there are lights'. With surprise on our faces, we looked in the direction, where Jacob pointed out and there were lights. It was our only hope at that moment, hence we rushed towards it with our full efforts."

Cathrine broke the chain of Nis's words," Sorry to interrupt Nis, but what did you all eat out there in the forest?"

"Oh, we had our lunch with us and water bottles also, so for the first night, it was not difficult to survive."

"Ok. You can continue."

"So, we ran towards the light and it was not far from us. Within two minutes, we were there. It was a hut in the middle of the forest and that light was coming from a lamp, outside the door. It was old and worn out, but the light indicated to us that someone was inside, so we knocked at the door but no reply came. We knocked once again, without any success. Finally, we decided to go inside. Jacob was our muscle guy so he thrust the door open and in a minute we were inside, just to see that the hut was empty. We were shocked, not because of the empty hut, but because of the fact that the door was bolted from inside, which was not even near to possible when there is not a single living soul. Soon, we threw all these thoughts aside and were a little bit relieved to find a shelter for the night. We slept peacefully that night, with a feeling that we are safe from the wild animals and with a thought that tomorrow we will be able to trace our path in broad daylight."

"Where exactly was that hut? If you can recall."

"That hut was at the top of a hill, not so high. We were at lower grounds earlier, that's why we were able to spot it."

"So what happened next?"

"Next day......"

"Stop, please. I think that this is enough for today." Nicolas, who was Nis's doctor interrupted us.

"And with this, our third day came to an end. Let's go for a walk. I think that's enough for today."

"Sure. I'm satisfied with today. I have an idea, let's go to the nursery. I saw some empty patches on the east side. We should add some flower beds there."

"Great idea, let me bring my hat."

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