The Narrator Tales : Chapter One : NIS | SIN

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"Here Albert, there are some letters for you."

"Thanks, Steve, but who knows this address?"

"Who so ever you told."

"I didn't tell anyone. Oh, it's from the company, I told them."

"So, what does it say?"

"Not much, just some accounts work. Looks like my temporary substitute messed it all up."

"That's bad."

"Don't worry, I'll just make them right."

With this, I went to the study to do my work and Steve left to run some errands. For around two hours, I did my work quietly, until Steve came back. Upon his return, he came straight to me. At first, he was normal, but when he saw that I was still at it, his face turned from an angel's to a devil's. At that moment, I knew that something sinister is going in his mind. I was just processing these thoughts, when he said, "Do you want to know further?"

I straight away shouted out, "NO."


"Because I can tell from your face that you have something going on in your mind and also from my experience of yesterday, I know that you want to beat the hell out of me once again."

"Oh come on, how am I supposed to scare you right now? We are in the study, not in a forest."

I thought for a while, and finding his point convincing, "You can tell."

"Ok then, let me just take a seat. So, the next day also, we did the same. We took Nis for a walk and Cathrine once again interviewed her and it went like this........."

"Are you enjoying the walk?"

"Yes my child, but it would be better if we return to my room soon."

"Why so?"

"Simple. I'll tell you what happened next, but without proof, you might find it true, but no one else is going to believe it."

"And so Albert, we returned to her room after a short walk and usual talks. Upon reaching, she pulled out a small wooden box from the trunk and laid it in front of us, and then........"

"This is the proof, of which I was talking about."

"A wooden box?", Cathrine exclaimed.

"No, the proof is inside it. But, allow me to tell you all a little more before I show it to you. As I told you yesterday, we knew what we have to do now. We started searching for that water source. Fifteen minutes passed and Fred came up with an idea. It seemed to us most convenient. His idea was that if we are stuck in a loop, then there is no way that we'll get lost, so we should search for it separately and after sunset, meet at the hut. We agreed to him and started our search. For hours, we searched, but without any success. We were getting dizzy slowly. Soon, we ran out of the water also. Once again, all our hopes were gone. I don't know what was others reactions to this, but I broke into tears and stopped where I was. Sun was about to set, so I started going towards the hut when I saw a second light on the hill and I was sure that it was not coming from the hut. That new light once again lit hope in my heart and I rushed towards it. Upon reaching it, I was more confused, than surprised. There was nothing. The light was hanging from a branch of a tree, but there was no one around. I proceeded towards it to examine it. Then, besides it, I found a letter hanging. I brought it down and read it. Now, my child, open this box."

"Before I open this box, I have a question."

"And it is."

"You mentioned that after sunset, a lamp was always lit in front of the hut, but you didn't say that you lit it, so who was liting it every night?"

"I have no idea. It was also a complete mystery in itself, but we had much bigger problems, so we ignored it."

"Ok. I'll open the box now."

"And so, Cathrine opened the box. Inside of it was a set of five letters, covered in blood, but fine condition and readable. Cathrine laid them on a table and Nis asked her to read each one out. Those letters went somewhat like this......."

Letter 1:

To Fred,

Life is not always about to give, sometimes you have to take also. We live in a circle of life. Birth, job, retirement, death. There are only a few, who can break the chain of life, break the loop. Can you be one of them? If so, then you are living. Live to live, but to live, you have to live. Let the blood show you the path to live. KILL.

From, LIFE

Letter 2:

To Samantha,

Wealth is just another form of guilt. When we don't have it, we want it, but when getting it, we don't know what to do with it. Can wealth buy life? Who knows. But, if you are living, then you know. Know your limits and cross them and allow the wealth to take care of the guilts. If you are living, then you are living. Let the blood show you the path to live. KILL.


Letter 3:

To Nadia,

What does a bird think when it's trapped in a cage for its whole life? To be true, its only the bird who knows it. Staying inside is cowardness, but breaking free means living. If the bird stays in, its in a loop of life, which shows it every day the same things, no matter where it turns its face. Be free, break the cage, and spread your wings to explore. Let the blood show you the path to live. KILL.

From, BIRD a.k.a. FREEDOM

Letter 4:

To Jacob,

Strength. What is strength? It is the ability to break free, free from the loop of life to live. It's up to the possessor, how he utilizes his strength, but what strength is a strength if it can't help you live. Think, feel, be free, if you are standing free, then you have strength. Let the blood show you the path to live. KILL.


Letter 5:

To Nis,

Love is another form of sin. It always hurts at the end. When you need it the most, love will run from you. Who is gone, is gone, but leaves behind a broken love, love which knows no limits, love which is eager to commit a sin. Let that picture run, commit your sin, set free, live. Find the meaning, kill love, and set free from the loop of love. Let the sin take over, and be free from the loop. Let the blood show you the path to live. KILL.

From, LOVE a.k.a. SIN

"When Cathrine stopped reading, we were asking our own souls that are these letters real? And if they are, then what or who in the world wrote them? We just started thinking, when Nis started telling us what happened next........"

"You see, we all got one letter each. After I finished reading it, I found a dagger, forced into the trunk of the tree, but it was not there, when I reached there, and the same happened to others also. I was frozen for a while, thinking about what to do. It was clear that we have to kill each other, in order to live, but why? It was my only thought at that moment, and so the race to live started."

Cathrine interrupted her, "Nis, if you had these letters, then why are they not mentioned in your records?"

"Because I got then after eight months. One day, a parcel came in. It was this box. It contained these letters and four articles, which belonged to others."

"Why didn't you report this to the police?"

"What good could have been done by doing so? No one wanted to hear me out. No one wanted to believe me."

"I think so, we should stop for today. We'll continue tomorrow."

"Ok, my child."

"Let's go and have some fresh air."

"And with this, our fifth day ended."

"Great and you intended to scare me, as I had letters for me by chance."


As I opened one last letter, "Well, I think that you fail....."

"What happened? Are you okay Albert?"

"You son of Satan, I won't forgive you."

And with a sinister laugh, he ran away as fast as possible. He sent me a fake letter, covered in fake blood, but at that particular moment, my mind took it for real and I'm certain that my heart skipped some beats. I'll never accept his offers from now on. Definitely.

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