The Narrator Tales : Chapter One : NIS | SIN

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We were sitting in the study, reading the newspaper, when a thought struck my mind,"Steve, can I ask you something."


"Then, when you pulled out your silly little prank on me yesterday, you used letter, but if I'm not wrong, then you had one other option."

"And it was."

"Those articles, which Nis showed you along with the letters, those were your option."

"In a way, true, but not exactly."


"Do you know what articles we're in that box?"


"Any guess."

"Not much, but maybe they were those daggers, which they found."

"Not even close."

"Then what?"

"Umm.., do you remember that I told you that Nis and her friends had nightmares, before all this chaos and a priest paid them a visit."

"Yes, I remember."

"Anything else?"

"Umm..., you said that he gave them some sort of lockets, which they were supposed to wear all the time."

"Now you are on the right track."

"I am?"


"Then it was those lockets."



"And, these lockets are the main players of the game."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean everything. Everything was based on these lockets. They started everything and they ended everything."


"We also had the same thoughts, when we had our last interview with Nis."


"It went like this..............."

"Bonjour my child."

"Bonjour Nis."

"Can I ask you something?"


"Is it possible that today's interview can go for a little longer?"

"Yes it can, but any specific reason?"

"Maybe. Its just that I want to end my story soon, so that this weight that I'm carrying with me is removed."

"What weight?"


"Ok then, we can go on as long as you want."

"Thanks. As I told you yesterday that the only way out was to kill each other. It was clear from these letters that only one can get out. But, we were more than friends, more like a family and no one wanted to kill each other. Still, something odd was happening to us. Once we read these letters, our mind started going blank and only one thing was flashing all over and over again. It was a strong desire to kill. There was no way to control ourselves and so we started the hunt. With my full force, I was trying to stop my body, but it was of no use, my body was moving on its own. For a while, I was moving in circles around that tree, where I found my letter. Then, all of a sudden my body stopped. Till that moment, I already gave up and was just watching. Then, I started walking in a fixed direction. After a few minutes, I was able to see someone, not much far from me. When I got much closer, I stopped and I was able to clearly see that Samantha and Nadia were standing in front of me, but it didn't seem to me that they noticed me. Then at last, the hunt started. First, it was Samantha and Nadia. I was standing frozen at my position, while I watched Samantha kill Nadia. Do you know about barbarians, how they used to fight?"

"Yes, I know a little bit."

"And about asian fighting styles?"


"Then, mix them together and imagine how it would be."

"Very much horrific."

"Yes, their fight was somewhat similar to your imagination, even more horrific. Every blow consumed their hundred percent strength, but even after many cuts and bruises, not one was dead. They were still able to fight with the same strength. It was long fight, which I witnessed, but evrything is bound to an ending, and so their fight ended at last, with Samantha killing Nadia. But, there is a twist. Nadia didn't die because of any wound. She died because of this locket."

"This locket, which is in this box?"

"Yes, this locket. It was a long fight between them and at one point, this locket fell from her neck. The moment it touched the ground, she died. Samantha didn't notice that, but I did, and now I knew that if somehow I can take off Samantha's locket, then I can give her a painless death, though she was already in pain because of her wounds. And so, it was now me and Samantha. During our fight, I was able to control my body a little bit, so I just focused on the locket and left the rest to my body's own will. Our fight was also not a short one, but I managed to avoid injury as much as possible, and soon our fight came to an end. I somehow managed to take off Samantha's locket. As she died, blood started flowing from her corpse and also from Nadia's corpse. What was written in the letter, was all true. The blood started making a trail, and I started following it. It was not much far that I followed it, when it met with another trail and at that moment, I knew that my last stride to survive was about to start. Then, I saw..........................."

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