Something New

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Chapter 10

Twenty Years Later...

The sun just came out from under the dark sky when, his body is so hot on top of mine, his hot breath makes me tingl, the way it lays on my skin as he kisses his way down my body. My sweat mix with his as he enters me, making my toes curl. We go at it for hours before taking a break.

When we finally finish, I lay on my side as he strokes my hair. I look him in the eyes and give him a small peck on the lips, “you don’t think the kids hurd us,” I say now laying on his chest.

He continues to play with my hair, “ Chase I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors hurd us,” he said with a chuckle.

I playfully hit him, “ I’m serious, I don’t think we should be doing this during the day.” I say now getting up to get dressed.

He meets me as I’m tucking my shirt into my pants. He grabs me by the belt, and towers me as he kisses my forehead, “ you weren’t complaining a few minutes ago,” he whispered in my ear before slapping my ass. This made me jump.

I tippy- toe a kiss then walk out the door, but before completely leaving I say threw the door, “get dressed!” Before heading downstairs to meet my kids in the play room.


“It’s been twenty years since I was locked up, and getting out today, everything is going to be different. I wonder if Chase is still at his house, or maybe now he got his own house. I wonder if he waited for me, is it selfish that I wish he did. I wonder if he still does that sexy little thing he does when he gets mad.” I bite my lip as I think about Chase. I flip back into snug bed and look at my cell mate. “You know.”

My cell mate lets out an annoyed sigh. “ I thought you said this Chase kid was straight.”

I sit back up from my bed, “ I mean, he did some pretty gay shit with me. And he’s not a kid he’s 37 now.”

“So what if he’s fat and bald now, he’s going to look different I mean, he was 17 that last time you even seen him, his hairline has definitely changed,” my cell mate laughed.

I felt myself going to that place again, but I’ve learned to control it. A guard then jiggled some keys in the locks and opened the door. “Come on Tyler, your free to go.”

I happily hop out of bed, and stroll down the hall way, when I finally get outside, the hot California air hit me hard. It’s a lot more harsh then a remember. I make a beeline to Chase’s house.

When I got their I can tell nobody has been there for years. I sit on the curb feeling somewhat defeated, so I went home, and luckily my family was still there. I greet my mom and my dad can barley look at me but he still shakes my hand.

We talk for hours and I slowly start to wiggle Chase into the conversation, “ so what happened to Chase?”

“They took him to New York,” my mom said gingerly, “ after they arrested his mom his, his only family was there.”

“Wait, they arrested his mom?”

“Yeah they had proof that she was part of it, she got out a while ago, just disappeared after that.”

My heart skipped a beat, “I wanna see him,” I say in a low voice playing with my fingers.

My mom rubbed my back, “ do you really think that’s a good idea.”

I stand up suddenly get, startling everybody. It’s like anything I do is now a murder move, and everyone’s walking on egg shells around me. “ Imma go to my room,” I walk slowing, trying not to make my parents even more nervous.

I look around and see that everything was the same. It’s a lot neater, but the same. I sit on my bed, which feels a million times smaller, but a billion times softer. I start to tear up from all the memories flooding in, and the aching emptiness in my stomach.

After a good cry I only had one thing on my mind and I was determined to follow through. I have to find him.


A Few Days Later...

The kids run around going crazy, the twins making a ruckus but I’m to tired to reprimand them at the moment, so I let them play. Jake comes in, “ HEY! what did I tell you guys about running in the house.”

The three of them stop what they were doing, and quickly started to clean their mess, “sorry daddy,” Dreya, one of the twins say as she picks up legos.

“You shouldn’t be apalogizing to me, you should say sorry to your father, look at him, he’s beat. He woke up, he made breakfast for all of you, took you to school, went to work all day, picked you up from school, COOKED AGAIN! And y’all can’t get him five minutes of peace and quicket.” Jack had his hands crossed. And then he hit them with the magic lines that can crush any child’s spirit, “ I’m disappointed in all of you.”

I saw how sad the kids got and I felt so bad, I hate seeing them like this. It’s probably why I don’t like to discipline them, and it’s probably why they walk all over me.

They head to their rooms after being ordered by Jack and I let out a heavy sigh. Jack comes up to me and gives me a big kiss, “how was your day, baby.” He said laying me down and began rubbing my back.

I moan at the good massage I’m receiving, “ I’m honestly beat, I just wanna lay in bed and sleep till next week.”

We both chuckle and he give me another kiss before I get up and stretch, “ what about you, how was your day.”

“Same old, same old, nothing eventful paper work layer stuff, blah blah blah.” He smiles at me and gives me a big hug and kisses me again and again. I pry myself aways. We both laugh. “You know I can help my self,” he said biting his lip, “ your so damn cute.

I can feel myself blushing, so I go into the kitchen and start the dishes, Jack helps. We finish and I dry my hands off. We just look at each other. Sometimes someone’s presents speaks volumes. The way I feel right now, it almost the same as when I was with Tyler. It’s been a while since I’ve even said his name. I decided to leave him out of my life, the moment I met Jack. To start a new, leave my past behind me. But I feel like I should tell him, but why reck a good thing, what are the odds that I’ll even need to bring it up.

“What’s on your mind,” Jack says as I clearly look conflicted.

“Nothing, I just want a nice, quiet night,” I say walking twords jack giving him a hug and a kiss.

He smiles, “ how did I get the best husband in the world.”

“You got lucky,” we both laugh and started heading to bed when someone rang the door bell.

“Uuuuggg,” I said.

Jack smiles, “ I got it, go to bed.”

He heads downstairs, and I sit half way up waiting for him. I hear that he opens the door. Then I heard his voice. “Oh, I’m sorry I was looking for Chase, but I must be at the wrong place.”

I sprint down the rest of the stairs and go to the door winded. I couldn’t believe it, it was like looking at a ghost.

“Tyler!” He looks at me and smiles.

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