Something New

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Chapter 11

I couldn’t believe it. I tryed staying away from my past and it came knocking on my door. Why couldn’t things be different. Why can’t I just have a normal, or at least semi-normal life like everyone else.

“What the fuck are you doing here.” I said in a hushed voice standing over Jack’s shoulder, even though I can barely see over him.

Tyler smiled at the floor, and the looked at Jack , then back at me. “ Wow!,” he’s now sizing Jack up, “ thought you would be a little more happy to see me.”

Jack starts tapping on the edge of the door, that he is now leaning on. He stands up straight obviously feeling like he’s missing something.

“Twenty years,” Tyler chuckled, “ twenty years and you haven’t aged a day.”

I couldn’t help it but I can feel my self blush, Jack clearly saw this, “ don’t mean to be a party pooper, but who this fuck is this.” Jack said, I can feel that Tyler was teeter-tottering in his last nerve

“I’m Tyler,” he said with an outstretched hand.

“Tyler huh,” Jack returning the shake, “Jack.”

“So what are you too like roommates or something,” Tyler said still shaking hands, noticing the ring.

Jack immediately retracted his hand from Tyler, “no.” He said no completely annoyed.

“No?” Said Tyler.

“NO!” Jack then took a deep breathe, “ I don’t mean to be a fucking dick but, again I ask , who the hell are you and why are you here.”

Tyler looks me straight in the eye, “ I think Chase can answer that for you.”

It felt like the whole world was looking at me, like if I slipped up, the that was it. I tried to choose my words very carefully. “He was an old friend of mine, from California.”

Tyler put his hand over his heart, “ouch,” he said, “ just an old friend,” he bit his lip, “ I think you can say we were a little more the just friends.”

Here it goes again, the second I caught up to the world, it’s starts speeding up again. The breath was leaving my body and I felt panicked.

Tyler can see my distress, even if it was slight, he was always good at reading a room, and he can tell he’s in the wrong at the moment. “I meant” he said retracting his stametent, “ I meant we were bestfriends, basically family.”

I can see Jack relaxing, which is making me feel better but, I still can feel the tension slowly rising.

“Well,” said Jack, “ why didn’t you just say so come on in.”

Tyler grabs all his bags and slowly walks into my home. He looks at all the pictures on the walls, all the memories made over the last fifteen years. Me and Jack’s first date, our proposal, our marriage , and our kids. I can hear his breaking with every frame.

We go to the living room and sit with our akward silence, once again.

“Soooo,” Tyler said dragging out the awkwardness further.

“So?” I said.

“How long have you guys been together,” he said staring at Jack, almost resentful.

“Fifteen, almost sixteen years,” Jack said confidently.

“Wooooow!” Tyler said too enthusiastic, “ interesting.”

“Yeah, Yeah.” We all just sit there once again.

Jack stands up, “ its getting super late.”

I quickly agree, “we should probably carry on this conversation in the morning.

Yeah” Tyler said “ I should probably get my hotel situation figured out.”

“Don’t be silly we have an guest room, you can stay here.” Jack said sleepily.

“Yeah, wait no no he can’t stay here,” I said defensive.

“Why not, he’s your friend, right?” Jack said confused.

“I- yeah, your right,” I sighed heavily.

“Okay then,” Jack said, “Tyler, follow me.” He chuckles, “wow I’ve never met Tyler’s friends from before the accident.”

“Accident?” Tyler said looking at me sideways, I shrug.

“Mhm, this is exiting, I feel like a little kid at a sleep over, just like old times.” Jack said, “ we don’t usually get a lot a visitor, expecally first Chase.

I look at Jack and he can see my embarrassment. He chuckled. Jack goes upstairs, practically skipping. Tyler looked at me, “just like old times.” He followed Jack upstairs.

I plung back on the couch, and let all the air out of my lungs. “So much for a quiet night,” I say to myself, I stay there for a minute, before heading upstairs and go to bed.

I have never not wanted tomorrow to come, but at this moment I was it would be today forever.

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