Something New

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Chapter 13

After a long double shift it was pitch black outside. There were no stars, which was weird because the sky was usually flooded them. I dragged myself to the car and struggled with the keys before entering the car. The ride home felt like hours but I was happy to see jack’s car in the drive way. I desperately needed to clear things up with him.

I walked drowsily into my house, “ hey guys I’m home!” I say while throwing my suitcase on the nearest peice of furniture.

The house was really quiet, all the lights were on. So I Checked upstairs and to my surprise nobody was in their rooms. “Guys?”

I close all the lights in the rooms that I’ve checked, and the upstairs became pitch black quickly. After double checking each space, I walk down the stairs and Tyler was waiting for me at the bottom.

“Welcome home, have you eaten yet, come get something to eat,” he said as if this were normal, and drying his hands with a rag.

I walk down the steps slowly twords him, “ Tyler where is my family.” I say slow and clear so he couldn’t miss a word.

He looked at me as if I asked him a bazaar, out of the blue question, “what are you talking about,” he laughed in a scary calm laugh, “I’m right here.”

“NO!,” I was shaking at this point, “ where are my kids, my husband, you know JACK!”

He threw the rag on the floor, “ I am your family,” he said slow and Erie enough to send shills down my spin. I felt my face getting hot, and the lump in the back of my throat increasing by the second.

“Tyler, please,” the tears were now flowing uncontrollably, even though I tried so hard to keep my composure.

Tyler looked at my as if I was not even saying everything to him. He had completely snapped, he was so far gone that there was nothing I could do. He walked twords the kitchen and I followed carefully.

“Sit,” he said almost cheerful, “the foods getting cold.”

I’ve known Tyler all my life and he has never lifted a pan, let alone cook a whole meal by himself. This meal by the neatness and presentation was clearly made by Jack. And my heart sank to my shoes when I realized that there are six plates made up perfect.

“Why did you make so much food,” I say playing along.

“I didn’t,” he said in a cold tone. He walked over and placed the plate in front of me.

“So who did.”

“It doesn’t matter,” I can see him getting upset, and I don’t want to provoke him, since he had a rather large carving knife in his hand.

I played around with my food a little and the tears started up again. “What’s wrong,” Tyler said like we didn’t just have this conversation.

I looked him straight into the eyes, with a shaker voice I asked him agian, “ where’s my family.”

He threw the plate across the room, “ you unappreciative little bitch,” this made me jump to my feet.

He came at me quick, there was no time for me to run, he grabbed me by the shirt and dragged me twords the basement door. Tyler struggled a little with the knob due to his frustration with me. The tears were hot in my face, I almost didn’t even realize that I was pleading for him to stop. He finally got the door open and threw my down the stairs.

“You want your family, there’s your family.” He slammed the door shut, making it impossible to see. By the jiggle in the knob I can tell he locked the door.

I scrabble on the floor to try and decipher were I am. The fall had given me a big head ache and I can’t tell that I cut myself falling down. “Hello?” I say still trying to find a light switch.

“Guys were are you,” I step in something wet and thick and I try to see what it is in my hands. Whatever it was made me uneasy and my heart dropped to my feet again when I felt how warm it was on my fingers.

“Jack! Deardra! Dreya! Thomas!” I felt myself up a wall and flicked the first thing I felt. The light shined to bright I had to squint to regain my vision.

When my sight completely came back I turn around and to my horror, I seen all my kids, and my husband. All of them lying in a pile, dead. They were covered in each others blood and there body’s were all over. There was a big pool of blood underneath the body’s.

My knees gave out I was in the floor sobbing even before I realized that the stuff I was touching before was their blood. I screamed, and I know I screamed loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

The sight of them eventually made me through up in the corner. All the things that I was going to tell them was flooding through my head. The analogy’s, the story’s, and so much. I never said sorry, we never made up.

I managed to drag myself up the stairs again, banged endlessly on the door. The only thing running through my head as I saw the smug smile on Tyler’s face as he open the door was revenge.

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