Something New

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Chapter 2

I looked at him for a while. I can tell he was very nervous about telling me this. He continued to play with his watch, and glancing up at me from time to time. “Are you gonna say something.” He said in a small voice.

“What, yeah it’s just unexpected you know, I mean I never would have guest.” I stand and up and started pacing my self. “ I mean you never showed any signs.” I laughed, “oh I get it, this is a joke.”

“A joke?” He said almost angrily, “ coming out is no joke you know how hard it was for me to even tell you. Gosh were you always such a jerk.”

“No, no, no, I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting that. And it wouldn’t be the first time that you tried to prank me. H- how did you find out, how did this happen.” I stare at him not knowing that I’m doing so. I don’t know why I was doing so, it was like my eyes were looking for the gayness on the outside, which was really dumb.

He pushed his hair back as if it had all the answers. His face looked like he was trying to pin point the exact moment. “ I don’t know maybe since Olivia I kind of had a hint but,”

“OLIVIA! That was almost a year ago, why didn’t you say anything then.”

“Well I didn’t know for sure, it was just a maybe then.”

“So when did you know, know.”



“ Yeah, there was this one guy at camp,” he bit his lip and blushed as he said this. “He was really cute, no bigger then you, he had curly brown hair, and brown eyes, he was mixed, and a good kisser,” he laughed. “ He was openly gay, which was the reason his dad sent him to the camp in the first place.” We switch places he starts walking around and I sit on the bed.

“ We were partners for most of camp and one night we snuck out to the lake together.” Tyler’s face lighted up when he said this. We were swimming and I got out ‘cause it was freezing, and I laid down under the stars. I didn’t hear him come out, so when he sat down next to me, he scared me a little. We talked about I don’t know what and then I sat up next to him. He put his hand on my thigh and looked into my soul. It was like that one look flipped a switch inside me and then I kissed him.” He blushed really hard when he said that too. I’ve never seen him like this.

“ you kissed him,” I asked very surprised because despite his size, Tyler was always a very shy person.

“ yeah , and that’s when I knew, my parents came to visit later that week and I told them I was gay. My dad was not for it at first, but he got over it.”

“And your mom?”

He chuckled, “well you know how she is, she would support me even if I told her I was a turtle.” We both laughed at this and the he sat next to me. “ what about you.”

“Me?” I said not expecting this question.

“Yeah, how do you feel about it.” I can tell in his eyes that he was begging for my approval, he was always asking for it, even though I always thought my oppion didn’t have much effect on what he did.

“You know I would support you.” I gave him a hug, “ even if you were a turtle.” We both laugh. I check my phone and It was nearly midnight.

“Damn it’s already been this long, I got to go, talk to you tomorrow.” I say while exiting his room.

“Tomorrow it is,” he said as he waves good bye. I say by to his parents and hopped in my car. I look back at the house and then laughed, “ who would have guest Tyler, maybe his brother Jacob, but Tyler! It is what it is I guess.” I start the car and headed home.

But then something hit me, how did my mom know?

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