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Chapter 4

Tyler is usually an open book. Not long after he came out to me, it was all over social media that he was gay. However, there is one thing about Tyler that nobody else but me knows. He’s not the type of person to get mad, but when he does, he a whole different guy. Not one to listen to reason, nor fear violence, and he’s not one to have much self control. To sum it all up when he’s mad ...

He can’t be stopped.


I got up to got to the bathroom after finally beating Tyler in 2k. When I came back to the room ,the happy and open atmosphere was now dark and suffocating. I look at him and relized that he was staring at nothing. His face was plain, no emotion, I was scared. “ Hey,” I chuckling playfully, “ what’s wrong.” He didn’t even flinch, he just continued to look at nothing. I then notice he was holding my phone. “Did my mom call, I guess it’s pretty late I should be-“

“No!” He said in a low cold tone, “you can’t go home.”

“Why? What happened.” He got up and walked twords the door, he grabbed his keys from a hook near his dresser.

“Stay here,” he said in that same low monotones voice that sent chills up my spine.

“Wha-, why? You can’t ju-,” I felt myself getting fluster and heated. “ where are you going anyways! ANSWER ME!”

“I SAID, STAY HERE!” He walked over to my and pushed me onto the bed and looked me in the eye. He handed me my phone and said, “ before I make you.” He then grabbed a jacket and left without another word. I’m not often speechless but I had no words for whoever that was. Because that wasn’t Tyler.


Chase got up to go to the bathroom, I was ready to start a new game when I saw his mom was calling. I answer and she sounded panicked. It made me nervous because Chase’s mom is not one to show she’s scared. “Chase, Chase!” She said.

“N-no, it’s Tyler, what’s wrong.” I said very conserned.

“ Oh my gosh Tyler.” I can hear that she’s full on sobbing now. “ can you do me a favor!”

“What is it, anything.”

“ Make sure Chase doesn’t come home!” I can tell she’s whispering, “ please it’s not safe.”

“what’s going on.”

“Tyler, please.” And then I heard it. His Cruel and twisted voice. His sadistic steps got closer in the call.

“Maaaarrrriisssssaaaa.” With that I felt my mind go blank. I can hear her struggle to keep the phone in her hand, he was fighting her for it, “ who the hell are you talking to.”

“Please, please keep him away.” She begged.

“I’m on my way.” I hang up the phone and then Chase walked in. I need to protect him. He can’t know.


Why would Tyler not want me to go home. Something’s obviously wrong. And he’s clearly the other Tyler right now. Where can he possibly be going? The only time he’s ever like this is when. Oh no no no, I thought, it can’t be, that’s impossible. I quickly grabbed my things and head to my car. I Threw the keys at my windshield when I relized Tyler has slashed my tires. Which means he has a knife.

Gosh I should have known from the way my mom was acting this morning, oh my gosh my mom! I checked my phone and she did call. I kept trying to call her no answer. I called Tyler no answer this can’t be happening.

I walked home, it’s only a ten minute walk. But will I get there in time. What if he hurts them. It’s not my fault it was never my fault. Well maybe it was, no no I can’t think like that, it wasn’t. I finally got to my house and I saw Tyler’s car in the drive way, and his car as well.

I ran to the door then realized that I left my house key with my car when I threw it. I start to fanatically bang on the door. “ Hey, hey!” I continue to bang “let me in, come on let me in!” Tyler finally open the door. I can tell by his face that he was himself again. But then I relized. He was covered in blood!

“Chase,” he said as he looked me in the eyes, “ I told you not to come home.”

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