Something New

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Chapter 5

Blood. It was everywhere, in the carpet, on the kitchen wall, and all over Tyler. When my mom saw me she started to freak out.”C-C-Chase! What are you doing, why are you here, I told you to keep him out of here. “

Then I saw him. “Dad?” He was clearly dead. I couldn’t believe this, I had wished for it sometimes but actually seeing him, I felt Myself starting to cry, but I didn’t. “What the hell happened, what is going on!”

“Chase, baby you got to listen to me,” my mom said as she put her blood soaked hand on my face. “ I’ll tell you everything, but you got to help us get rid of his body.”

“WHAT!” I look at my mom then Tyler, and back at my mom again. “I’m not doing anything until someone tells me what’s going on.”

“We don’t have time.” My mom said.

“No I need an explanation, what happened!”

“CHASE, YOUR EITHER HELPING OR GET OUT!” I’ve never seen her like this. She’s lost it.

“Mom, your scaring me.”

She looked at me and then at Tyler, “come on Tyler help me with this.”

My mom and Tyler started to wipe the blood off of everything, they started to bleach and scrub everything they touch. Then continued like I was not even there. They sat down at the kitchen table covered in there mess. They looked at my dad. He was so still, I’ve never seen him like this. He’s always yelling and chasing someone, but now, now he’s quiet and motionless.

“So what do we do about the body.” Tyler said while tapping the table impatiently.

“We have to bury it, but where.” I couldn’t believe this, I couldn’t believe them, they were just sitting there like they didn’t just KILL someone.

Tyler then hit the table, “I got it, the school.”

“The school?” My mom said confused.

“Yeah there’s woods behind the football field, and that the last place anybody’s gonna look.”

“That’s good.” My mom said with enthusiasm. “ but what about his car,” she said.

“We can always take the license plate off and send it to the junk yard and bury the plates with him.” I looked at Tyler, why is he so good at hiding bodies, is this not his first time doing this.

They got up and started shuffling around, then my mom pulled out a trash bag. They proceed to put my father in there. Tyler carried his body into the trunk of my dads car. “Why are you putting him in there.” My mom asked.”

“I don’t want his DNA all over my car,” said Tyler.

It was dark before they came back, I stayed in my bedroom waiting for them to come back. I saw them pull into the drive way. I don’t know what to do. I can hear someone coming up the stairs. Tyler then walked in to my room and sat down next to me. It was so akward and quiet. Then he got up, “I’m going to go take a shower, and I’llprobably have to burn these clothes.” He walked out with his head down.


He walked in an hour later, and was wearing my clothes. They barely fit him, my sweat pants were riding low on his waist and my shirt was tight on his skin. He looked at me and saw the terror in my face. He walked twords me and I stepped back. “Don’t tell me your scared of me,” he said with a chuckle, “ you know I would never hurt you.”

“Yeah, said the guy who just MURDERED MY DAD!”

“Keep your voice down, and I was only trying to protect you.” He said with a whisper.

“Protect me, PROTECT ME, I wasn’t even in the house.”I felt my self getting light headed and a little nauseous.

He started pacing back and forth, “ if you knew what he was doing to her, he was KILLING HER, soo I-“

“So you killed him first,” I interrupted.

He looked at me, and I understood everything.


Three years ago, my dad was on one of his drunken rampages. I was hiding in my room and couldn’t tell where my mom was, all I know was she told me to stay in my room and Lock my door, I was only 14 so I obeyed. I texted Tyler what was happening and he said he was on his way. Tyler was already 6 feet tall back then, and as big as my dad. I kept telling him not to come, but he never answered.

I then hurd Tyler burst through the door downstairs, there was a lot of yelling then silence. A few minutes went by before someone knocked on my door. “Chase open the door, it’s me.” I open the door for Tyler and he and my mom walked in.

“What happened, where’s dad.”

“ I kicked his ass and he left.” Tyler said with the same cold monotoned voice.

“So what, he’s just gonna come back.” I said with cracks in my voice.

“If he knows what’s good for him he’ll stay away.”

“What does that mean.”

“Just know that I will always protect you and your mom, no matter what it takes.”


Present day...

“I guess he didn’t know what’s good for him after all,” I said while sitting back on my bed. “No matter what it takes, I don’t know that included murder.”

“Stop saying that word.”

“What murder, caused that what just happened.”

“Shut up, I was protecting you,” he walked closer to me, “that what I do, I protect you.”

I got up to match him face to face, we were so close I can feel him breathing on me, “ who said I needed your protection.”

“I will never stop protecting you, I don’t need permission to-.”

“To what...kill people.”

“No, to PROTECT THE PEOPLE I LOVE.”we were so close at the point it made me feel weird, almost tingly. I back away slightly.

“So what are you saying are you like... in love with me or something.” He looked at me and I can see he was blushing. He broke eye contact and looked down at his shoes. Then he just walked out, without saying a word.

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