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Chapter 6

The events of last week still have me queasy. I’m trying so hard to understand the how’s and the why’s, even know they are very clear. I just can’t imagine my mom and my best friend murdered my dad!

My mom and Tyler don’t usually have anything in common, they rarely talk. So the fact that they organized this whole scheme together is quite unbelievable.

I haven’t seen or spoken to Tyler that night, mainly cause I’m scared to see him. I need answers, but I think what scares me the most are my own questions. Why didn’t he answer me when I asked if he was in love with me. If he is in love with me what does that mean, how do I handle something like that. Do I like him too, but that can’t be possible I’m not gay. But what if I am and I just needed the right person to show me,like Tyler and that kid from camp. I mean that would explain why I can remember Tyler’s body in my clothes more vividly than that of my own father’s mangled corpse. No no! It probably just my brains own way of handling things that are to sad to maintain.

I haven’t seen my mom in a few days either. She’s been taking a crazy amount of shift at the hospital, and quite frankly I think it’s because she’s avoiding me. She couldn’t look me in the eyes that night, and she refuses to say a word, even though she said she would explain. I can see that she was ashamed about what she had done, but she should be, no matter how bad a person is there is no reason for taking a life.

Ding dong! The door bell broke the still silence of the house sending a shiver through everything in it. I get up then walked down the stairs which leads right in front of the door. I opened the door without even checking who is was, which was dumb but it was too late so I continued.

I was shocked to see a police officer standing in front of me. He held his badge in my face, and I started to panic on the inside, despite my very calm demeanor I was portraying for the guest. “I’m officer Forbes, and I would like to speak to the adult of the house.” He said almost expressionless.

“Uuuhhh, my moms at work I’m the only one here right now,” I felt my self starting to sweat, which was kind of suspicious since it was a pretty chill day.

“And where would your father be,” he said as he was scribbling notes onto a price of paper.

I knew this was my chance to turn in my friend and mother, but I could never do that to them no matter what, they were only trying to protect me. “Umm... I don’t know, if you find the dead beat tell him he’s not welcome here anymore.”I said the the most uncaring cliché teenage attitude I could spit out.

He raised an eye brow at me, as if I had spoken in a foreign language. “ So your telling me you haven’t seen your father.”

“Not in three years,” I lied.

“Huh, funny cause his girlfriend said that he was on his way over here that last time she spoke to him.” He said in a more interrogating voice.

I start sweating a little more. “Well maybe the bastard, left her too,” I said while continuing my ruse.

“Riiigghht,” Forbes said unimpressed. “ So your telling ms you aren’t aware that your father is missing.”

I can feel that my hoodie is now sticking to me, thank god it’s black, so he can’t see how much I’m sweating through it. “ I’ll have you know sir, that in my head my father was “missing” that day he walked out that door and never came back.” I crossed my arms and raised my eye brow to seem less suspicious, but I think that only raised his suspicion.

The officer looked at me side ways, I don’t think he was buying my story. He finished scribbling in his book, then slammed is shut which made me jump a little. He then shove a card in my hands, which at this point should be considered pools, “ have you mom call me when she gets home, okay, maybe she knows where he is.” I gave him a nod, then he walked away.

I let out a sigh, as my lungs only started working the moment he left. I waited ten minutes before, running down the block to Tyler’s house. I knocked frantically at his door, because for the first time ever is was locked. His mom open, “ Hey, hey, hey where the fire!”

“Is Tyler home, please this is important.”

“Yeah, he’s in hi-,” I rush past her which was kind of rude, but this couldn’t wait. I blow open his bed room door and scared him while he was watching tv. At the moment I though maybe I should have knocked, he could have been doing something else and that would have been akward. It is weird that I’m thinking about him doing that. Jeez keep you head in the game Chase, there are more important matters.

I slam the door beside me and lock it, I then lean my back against it as if locking the door wasn’t secure enough. Tyler looked at me with the upmost confused expression. I was out of breath but I had to let him know, “T- Th-TH -THE COPS!”

Tyler’s face changed, his got up from his bed quick, “ what! What happened.

“Th- they c-came at my d-door.” I then relized I was having an asthma attack, I didn’t suspect it at first ‘cause I haven’t had one since I was seven.

Tyler quickly caught on to what was happening and ran to his dresser. He than pulled out an inhaler and put it in my mouth. When I was finally able to breath I continued to explain.

“Thanks, anyways there was this cop, damn what was his name, uuuhhhh pork no, shore no, that doesn’t sound right-“

“Chase!” Tyler screamed, “ you need to focaus. Did you take your meds.”

“Forbes! His name was Forbes, any ways he started asking questions about,” I looked around as if there was an audience, then I got to Tyler’s ear and whisper, “ he started asking about my dad!”

Tyler stubbled back a little then caught himself. He then looked at me the same way the cop did, as if I were an alien. Then he walk over and grabbed a bottle of water from his nightstand, then walked over to his dresser again and pulled out a couple of pills. “ take them,” he said.

“No!” I refused.

“Take them or I won’t believe anything your saying, how do I know it’s not your ADD talking and you just making this up. You’ve don’t it before.” I grab the pills from his hands and swallowed them with no water. I drank the water after,becuase the pills made my throat dry.

I stick my tongue out, to prove the we’re gone, “ do you believe me now,” I said with almost a cocky tone.

“What did you say,” he sat down on his bed, as if the news was weighing him down.

“Nothing to give you guys away.” He sighed heavily, “ just don’t be surprised if this cop comes knocking on your door okay, I came here to warn you.”

As if on cue, Tyler’s mom comes knocking at his door, which mad both of us jump,“Hey Ty, there’s an officer Forbes here, he wants to talk to you.”

Tyler looked at me and it was like he was completely drained of color.

I put my hand on his shoulder and looked him in the eye, “ you got this, just stay calm.” He nodded at me and took a deep breathe. He got up and walked out the door.

I’ve been through a lot of things in the past two weeks, but this was by far the scariest.

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