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Chapter 8

I pulled away from her incredibly strong grip, which slightly tore my sweater, “ Jesus mom, why are you freaking out.”

She stopped and looked at me with a look I have never seen before. It made my insides turn and made me uncomfortable, “we have to get out of here before the feds start, sniffing around, it won’t be long till someone relizes that your father is missing, and by then I’m hoping we’ll already be in London.”

“London!” I say while massaging the spot that my mom clearly bruised, “ mom they already came, if we leave now,then it’s going to look kind of weird.”

Her look intensified, turning my stomach even more, “what do you mean they already came,” she said through her teeth.

“I mean they questioned me and Tyler this morning, and your probably next, so get your story straight.” I stepped back as she walk closer to me, “I already told them that I haven’t seen dad in three years, maybe we should move this inside, or at least at own own home.”, I felt myself being cornered against the side of the house. I was running out of steps and my mom was zeroing in. Tyler then came, his timing was perfect.

“Hey, Ms. Madden,” he said while looking at me and seeing that I’m low key scared, but would never say anything. “I was wondering if Chase could stay with me, at least until this all blows over, it would be easier to keep our story straight.”

She looked at him, and then at me, she charged at me and a started searching me up and down. “ what are you looking for,” I said while pushing her off of me.

“Did he touch you,” she said now turning her attention to Tyler, “your trying to take him a ways from me aren’t you.”

Tyler moves closer to me seeing the crazy in my moms eyes, “excuse me, but what are you talking about,” Tyler and I were genuinely confused, I thought we were all on the same side. Tyler moves closer to me and grabbed my hand, trying to bring me back to the safety of his home.

My mom then ripped my hand out of his and and punched him and pushed him away from me, “ let go of my son you, fagot, you will not take him like you did my husband.”

I pulled my mom away from Tyler, “ what are you talking about, dad was not your husband, and why would you say that to Tyler, I thought we were on the same side.”

She then slowly moved closer, in a slow unnerving motion. She reached into her pocket and pulled out what looked like a keychain, then it quickly turned into a small pocket knife. “Don’t you see Chase, mommy is just trying to protect you, this creep is clearly trying to get in your pants.”

“Mom!” I looked over at Tyler and he looked almost as shocked as me, his face was flushed and but he was also blushing at the same time. I felt bad for him, why is she saying all these mean things. I grabbed her and tried to get her to relax, “mom why are you acting like this.”

She then pushed me off of her and the backed away to her car, “ you know what,”she said pointing the knife at Tyler and I, “I don’t need you guys, I can do this myself, screw you, both of you, stay here for all I care.” She then got in her car and drove away.

Tyler and I stood where we were in shock, my mother had completely snapped under the pressure, she was too far gone for us to help her. I felt my eyes getting hot, and my throat started to form that heavy lump. I didn’t want to cry, but I felt abandoned, like I was truely an orphan, as of today. Tyler can see how distraught I was, so he gave me a long hug and we went inside.

I walked into his room, while he explained everything to his parents. Well not the truth exactly, a more pg version of events.I walk around observing my new home, for who knows how long. Tyler walked in and closed the door behind him, he put his hands in his pocket and just looked at me, “so what now.”

I looked at all the pictures of what looked like the camp Tyler went to, and picked up the one with him and what looked like the guys he described from camp. “Is this him,”I say, showing the picture to Tyler.”

He got really red and looked down at his feet, “ yeah that’s him,”he said.

“I don’t think you every told me his name,” I say while sitting down with that picture, examining it more closely.

“Josh,” he said taking the picture, and sitting next to me.

I look at Tyler and relized he looked pretty sad, he rubbed the picture with his thumb, “ what happened between you two.”

He let a tear drop on the frame before wiping his face, and putting the picture down, “ it don’t end well between us, he said we would be together for ever,” he tryed to laugh off his hurt,” and I was stupid enough to fall for it.”

“What’d he do,” I said not wanting to be nosy, but my curiosity took over.

Tyler pushed his hair back again, then flopped backwards on to his bed, “ well during the last week of camp, I caught him screwing one of our counselors.”

I can tell this was hurting him so I didn’t ask him any more follow up questions, but I really wanted to. However, instead I just flopped back on the bed parallel to Tyler. I felt safe in his room, and even safer next to him. “Hey Chase?”Tyler said while looking at the ceiling.

“Yeah?” I turned my head to look at him in the eye, but he kept looking at the ceiling.

“Why haven’t you had a girlfriend yet, I mean it’s not like you can’t get one, so why have you never got one.” He changed his gaze from the ceiling then back to me, and he had a grin on his face.

I kept my eyes in his, “I don’t know, guess I haven’t found the right person.”

“Mmmhhmm,” Tyler said raising an eyebrow.

“What! What did I say,” I said genuinely confused.

“You haven’t found the right ‘person’,” he bit him lip after saying this, which bright the butterflies back in my stomach. We both giggle, but we never lose eye contact. I yawned feeling the effects of the long day, then, even though it was only three in the afternoon. I take off my shoes and adjust myself to were I was comfortable enough to sleep. I lay down, closed my eyes and felt Tyler’s arm go around me. I fell asleep feeling safer than ever.

A few hours later, I woke up to Tyler’s mom screaming and things breaking downstairs. I then hurd multiple foot step going quickly up the stairs. Tyler too woke up with a start, and then there was a big boom, and a whole bunch of S.W.A.T. guys came crashing into the room. They took Tyler and slammed him onto the floor, while putting his hands behind his back, “what is going on,” I say trying to understand what it’s happening.

“Tyler Moses, you are under arrest for the murder of James Madden,” officer Forbes walked into the room with a smug grin on his face.

“What! you can’t do that,” I said jumping out of the bed.

“Chase its fine, there’s nothing we can do now, it’s over.”

“Your boyfriend here is right,” Forbes said while scribbling in his little note pad again, “ we have compelling evidence against him.”

They then picked up Tyler and lead him out the door, “I’ll get you out of this I promise,”I said as the dragged Tyler from his own home.

I felt myself burning, there goes the world going faster than I can handle, everything just need to pause, “ wait, were did you get all this ‘evidence’ anyways.” I felt the tears coming in, but I’ve already cried enough for one day.

“Well Tyler confesses to your mom, and she came straight to us.” Forbes said not looking up, and continuously scribbling his notes.

“What!my mom?,” I then put the pieces together in my head, when I didn’t want to run with her, she must have ran to the cops and turned Tyler in. She has truly lost can she do something like that, why can’t she just go back to normal. I hate this.

Then I got and idea, if mom thought she won, she can think again. Her only win is that me and Tyler are separated, but I can fix that. “Well officer, your going to have to take me too,”I said while putting my arms in the coffing position, “because I killed my dad!”

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