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Chapter 9

The lights are burning my eyes, I’m tired all I want to do is lay in bed. The hand cuffs are rubbing against my rists, leaving my pale skin red. Why am I sweating in a cold room. The metal table makes me flinch, when my skin makes contact. I can see my breath in the air, even though the room is dark. Despite all of that I think the worst part is, I don’t know where Tyler is.

The chair was hurting my back, I heard a heavy creek as the door opened, letting in more light, other than the one making me lose my eye sight. I see officer Forbes walks in. He walks slowly twords the table and dragged a chair from the corner, scrapping the floor, making me very uncomfortable, among with the other hundred things, but I don’t let it show.

He plops down hard in the chair, sitting across me. The little light turns off and at the same time the whole room lit up in florescence. The lighting made me look tan, and made Forbes look darker then usual. He threw a file on the table. It was pictures of my father, his mangled, decomposing body. He looks me in the eyes as I look at the pictures, then I looked away because I started having that same sick feeling from before.

He smiles and closes the file, I look down at the table. “You didn’t do it,” Forbes said arranging the pictures into a neat pile.

“I-I did to do it,” I said unconfidently, “ why aren’t you taking my confession, let Tyler go.”

He slammed the table, making me jump, “ WHY ARE YOU PROTECTING THIS KID!” then he gets close and look me cornea to cornea, “ what does he have on you.”

I took away the eye contact because I was getting to uncomfortable, Forbes sees this and sits back down, “ I’m not covering anything, I said what I said and I sticking to it.” I looked at the wall and didn’t say another word.

Forbes picked up the the files and walked aways, he turned and looked at me, “that little boyfriend of yours must be something else.” I was shocked when he said that word again, and before I can really react he was already gone.

Hours later a random officer came through the door with more keys then I can count. He uncuffed me from the table and put my hands behind my back. I was silent because I was excepting to go to jail at this point. I walked through the hall and moments later I bumped someone, “Tyler!”

He looked up at me I can see that his face was all beat up, his eyes was black and puffy, and he had scratches and bruises all over. I started to resist the cop holding me, my only though was that I had to get to him, “Tyler what happened,” I said continuing to resist.

Tyler looked considered for me, like he wasn’t the one with all the scars, “Chase, Chase listen,” I stopped resisting, but the officer did let me hear him out. “Chase your going to have to let me go!”

My heart sank to hell, I couldn’t breathe, “what! No why would you say th-.” He didn’t look me in the eyes, I can see this was breaking him, why is he doing this.

“Chase! I’m dangerous, you don’t belong near me, so go home and live life,” then he looked me in the eyes , “just forget about me okay.” With that he turned around and that was the last thing Tyler said, before leaving my life forever... or so I thought.


Tyler’s interrogation room...

The room was small and metal, I was calm because I had nothing to hide, the truth was the truth whether they believe me or not. The cuffs were tight on me but I didn’t let that bother me.

Forbes walked in two hours after the arrest, “where’s Chase?” I said before he was fully in the room.

“Relax, relax,” he said as he saw me pulling against the cuffs, “he’s fine, just down the hall. Now, I don’t want to break up whatever you guys have, but I’m going to have to.”

I felt a buring sensation in the middle of my chest. I choke back my tears, “look I’ll tell you everything, but you have to let him go, we both know he has nothing to do with this.” Forbes nods and I tell him everything. I told him about the call, and how I left my body. I told him now I drove and left Chase at my house, I told him about my history with the dirtbag. I told him about his mom and how we came up with the plan, and I told him about where and how I got rid of the body.

He looked me in the eyes, and I didn’t flint. Forbes let out a heavy sign, then he told me that I had to let him go.

“ I can see it in your eyes that you love that kid, you story proves that you would do anything to protect him. And with my understanding, you would do it again, no questions ask.”

I never broke the eye contact and nodded. “See that what makes this dangerous, your dangerous, I understand you were trying to help, but you killed someone. There is never any need to do so.”

I can feel myself leaving my body, but I was trying to fight back the other Tyler. “Look at you,” Forbes said as he pocked me, “ your a ticking time bomb, just waiting to exploded.”

“Tic,” I felt the other Tyler clawing the surface.

“Tic,” I’m trying to fight back so I stay quiet as officer Forbes continues to taunt me.

“Tic,” I lost.

I look Forbes in the eye but only it wasn’t me, I stand up quick and banged his head against the hard metal table and whispered in his hear, “boom.”

Forbes then forced his head out of my hand, the punched me in the face, even with one hand, and a limited radius I was fight back fairly, but then he called for back up and then I was out matched. They didn’t hold back on me, so I didn’t fight back. Somewhere deep inside I knew that I deserved it.

They cuffed both my hands to the chair, and then Forbes sits down across from me, he looked me in the eye and then sideways like a puppy, “who are you,” he said trying to figure out what happened.

I just grinned.

He gets up and wiped the blood dripping from his lip, “you put up a good fight,” he said, “ let’s see how your little boyfriend holds up.

I stopped grinning and gave him a death stare, “if you touch him I will kill you.”

Forbes then walked out of the room looking more satisfied then when I gave my confession.

A new cop then came to get me but at the point, I was back to normal, “ can you tell officer Forbes that I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it ealrier.” The cop nodes and then takes me out the room. I bump in to Chase in the hall and, that was the last time I would see him in a long time.


After the arrest...

“Nice job Frobes,”said the chief, who was a heavier man, with long hair pulled back in a ponytail.

“Thank you sir,” I said filling out the pile of paper work on my desk. The chief showed his gratitude then left. Moments later, a cop arrives at my desk.

“Hey Forbes,” he said nonchalantly, “you know that kid that was areasted today.”

“Tyler?” I said.


“What about him,” I said continuing my paper work.

“He wanted me to tell you he’s sorry about eairleir.”

I looked sceptical, “ he said that?”


I let out a sigh, “ I feel bad for that kid.”

“Why do you say that,” said the other cop obviously intrigued.

“He clearly suffers from slip personalities, which is an extreme from of bipolar. His dangerous side is not even part of his real character.”

“And how do you know this?” He said even more invested.

“Because, I saw it, I saw him go from a kid who is trying to help the person he loves, and just as quickly turned into a cold blooded killer, just like that,” I said while snapping my finger.

“And how do you know that he wasn’t just playing your with emotions.”

“No, look,” I show him the pictures of the crime scene, “ half of the body is in disarray but the other half... it’s an organized kill.”

“So what are you saying.”

“That either he has another partner or he was switching back and forth through personalities.”

“What about the mom? She did come up in both stories, she’s a constant.”

“We arrested her after she ratted them out,” I said still trying to finish the work.

“So couldn’t she be the second person?”

“No, she’s not strong enough to leave these marks, the mother was a loon, she still love her ex, and this,” I said pointing at a picture. “ this is pure hate.”

“So, the boys, what about them? They clearly Love each other, so how do we keep them apart.”

“Well Chase is still a minor, both him parents aren’t present so he’s going with his grandparents, they live on the other side of the country.”

“You’ve thought of everything didn’t you,” the other cop said while getting up.

He both laugh and he walked away, I have closed the case perfectly. So why do I feel so bad?

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