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The Evil That Lives Here

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She thought she found a house met all of their needs, the only catch was... Something was already there waiting for them.

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

My story is true, believe it or not.

My name is Brandy, I am 56, and I live in Washington now.

All these years, my kids wanted me to write down events that happened to myself and my loved ones. Quite a few members of my family have recently passed away, leaving so many untold stories, so I didn’t want these experiences to die with me. So for my children here, it goes...

A lot of messed up and supernatural things have happened to us in our lifetime, most with witnesses.

This is one of them.

About 27 years ago, while house hunting for a rental, I met the former renter of this run down but a livable house. She warned me not to live in this house because I have small children, not only was it run down, it was very haunted. And NEVER! (she was stern) never let a man live here with you because he will be taken over by the evil that lives here!

Now I’m thinking she is crazy or she was just mad at the landlord for something. We needed a home desperately. I was also thinking that I have lived through worse, and houses could always be cleansed, so I blew it off.

I ended up renting the house, but I soon realized that I should have heeded her warning.

The house was musky and old, made of wood, the walls, the ceiling, and floors were all wood, even the bedroom doors blended in with the walls, but the bedrooms were painted on the other side. There were french doors all along the front of the house going into an enclosed but open viewed screen porch with a front door.

The main living space was long and open. The living and dining area was stretched into one long room, and it was always cold despite having the heater on and it being in the desert.

It was located in the high desert of California, on the corner of an acre lot of barren desert. Across the street, there was a popular grocery store and a few small shops too far for anyone to hear us.

It served as a town hall back in the day, and I think a turkey ranch before that.

It was 6:00 am, and we had planned a three day trip to the happiest place in the world Disneyland. My kids: Michael, age one, Penny age four, and little Ginny, was age three were all sleeping on my bed in our bedroom at the other end of the house, so I could pack in peace for the trip at the table in the dining room and not wake them. Still, I could see the bedroom door, and it was closed. I was standing up, folding clothes and my boyfriend’s mother Opal was sitting across from me when we heard the bedroom door creak open slightly, we both looked up, and it was my daughter Ginny in her little pink and white flowered onesie.

I said, “Ginny, now you know it’s too early, go back to bed,” and she said, “Me up now, mommy,” in her sweet little voice. It made us both chuckle, and I told Opal that I thought she was just excited.

I said, “No, baby, we are not going now, so please go back to bed.” She stomped her foot, which we could feel vibrate through the floorboards.

Opal then told me, “You’d better go put her back to bed,” and I agreed.

As I am making that long walk towards her I am keeping eye contact, as I am walking I tell her “No baby” and once again she stomps her foot, smiles and says louder “Me up!” with the sweetest smile and she tilted her head, Opal even muttered “Awe.”

It didn’t dawn on me at the time how perfect her little pigtails were.

At this point, I am extending my hands toward her (but that smile though) I get about six inches from touching her when all of a sudden she turned black and disappeared, almost like sand falling to the ground, followed by the door quickly closing behind her.

Opal had a surprising response, “What the hell!” Shocked, I stood there with my hands still extended and then the fear came all over my body like hot and cold needles (My kids were all sleeping behind that door!)

I grabbed the handle and swung open the door fearing for the worst only to find my little Ginny fast asleep with her sister’s leg over her. It couldn’t have been her.

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