Flawless Façade

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Fine lines are always easy to cross ... But none define the darkness beyond sanity. Dazzling, talented, and the genius heiress to a multibillion-dollar industry; Elizabeth Blackwood is the perfect prodigy. But beneath her flawless façade is a pathological liar armed with lethal charms and a reckless streak. Her callous unpredictability marks her as an explosive wild card - one that everyone knows to stay far away from. Until an insidious promise is taken in her name. A chance turn of events plunges this unpredictable femme fatale into storms of revenge, scandal and fatal intrigue. Prominent males are turning up dead and fingers are pointing at her as the only link between them. Chained by damning coincidences rooted in her past; she has to unravel the secrets she paid in blood to keep if only to capture an elusive killer before another innocent is charged to her conscience. It is a game designed of twisted words and malicious riddles, and the Devil himself will rise to play. . . . . . . . see final note within . . . . . . . cover by @korralistic

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final note [ please read ]

Flawless Façade was supposed to be republished on a new account, under a new pen name, by the 1st of January 2021, but certain events has deemed this impossible. Which is why, I am so sorry, Flawless Façade will only be returning to Wattpad in 2022. Now, the one year gap is in courtesy of the fact that I will be sitting for national exams that will determine the rest of my life, and as such will require my entire focus. I will be forsaking all social media for the following 12 months, or until my exams are over just in case the timing changes. I am so sorry for this, and to those of you who were looking forward to reading the book, I am truly disappointed in myself to having let you down. But, I promise, it will be completed and out for you by January 2022, along with something special!

Yours truly,
Xérès Éveillé.

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