The Man with two faces

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This story revolve around a guy named John Green. All the things happening in the story is complete fiction. Sit back and enjoy.

Thriller / Mystery
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It was fine sunny day with birds chirping around Greens’ house. Their house was located on the corner of the Elm Street with two gates on either side of the road. It was a quiet neighbourhood with a lively environment to live in. Mrs. Green was cooking breakfast in the kitchen when she heard a voice saying, “Mum, have you seen my badge”. Mrs. Green replied, “It’s right on your desk, can you ever find anything on your own?”. John came running down from stairs and sat on the breakfast table.

Mr. Green had finished his breakfast and was enjoying his morning news. “Here eat your pancakes”, said Mrs. Green. Mrs. Green was short woman with a bit extra fat in her fifties. She was a dedicated mom and worked too hard around house beating her age number. Mr. Green, on the other hand, was a retired bank clerk and since his retirement he didn’t do much, just wondered all day in house watching TV and drinking way too much beer. The local liquor store was very fond of him, well why wouldn’t he, Mr. Green brought him so much business.

“Awesome pancakes mum”, said John while watching TV. “A new abduction has been reported. Apparently one more girl has gone missing again”, said the news reporter in the TV. John sighed, “Not this again, I gotta run mom, see ya in evening Dad”. “Ok, but be early today, remember Gudsons are coming today”, said Mrs. Green. John with a half pancake in his mouth said, “ya sure” and he went. “What happened to this city, becoming city of crimes”, said Mr. Green. Mrs. Green started doing the utensils while Mr. Green continued with his TV.

John was a detective in the police department. He was a handsome tall boy around twenty five of age and had short hair with golden brown beard. He arrived in his department in his ride and in a haste straight away went to his partner. Her colleague was a bit older woman than her with sharp eyes. She had an Korean origin. “Who was it this time?”, said John. “A twenty two year old girl named Shira. She was a student in the Med School”, said Mi. “Are they the parents?”, asked John. “Yeah”, said Mi. “Okay, let me talk to them”, said John.

This was the fourth girl gone missing in last five months. And all the previous girls they were not found yet. The whole city was haunted by the criminal behind it. The police department had still not found a solid lead which could lead them to who ever was behind all this.

John went to Shira’s parents and asked, “When was the last time you saw your daughter”. Her mom was continuously crying and had no energy to answer. Shira’s dad replied, “Last night, she went to a party at her friend’s house and was supposed to come by 11 pm”. John said, “Can we get an address of her friend”. Her dad said, “Well she is here with us”. John asked the friend, “Did Shira leave from the party last night”. The friend replied, “Yeah, I even said her bye to the door”. “Hmm, I’d like to talk to everyone present at the party last night”, said John.

“Come here both of you”, came a voice from the side. He was John and Mi’s senior inspector. “Now listen carefully, this is the fourth time that dirtbag has done something like this, I want output on this one otherwise our department would be nothing but a joke”. “Yeah sir, sure”, said Mi and gave a serious look to John.

They took Shira’s description and sent her parents home for now. John and Mi went for a quick coffee next to street. “What is this guy’s deal”, said Mi in anger. “Why is he after girls”. “Well, we are naturally attracted by girls”, said John. “It’s not funny”, said Mi. “Let’s get our coffee, we’ve gotta a lot to do”. They stayed in the department till afternoon and then summoned everyone who was at party with Shira last night. A whole lot of youngsters yet in hangover arrived at the station. They began questioning everyone separately.

It was a long session with everyone and they asked the general questions about the whereabouts of them in party near Shira, did they find anything unsual. Problem was they were too drunk to remember anything. The day ended and they sent everybody home.

It was time to go home for the officers too. It was 7 pm and a nice cold breeze was flowing while John went to his home.

A door cracked open. An evilish voice came out and asked, “Still alive?” The girl hanging with chains to ceiling barely picked her neck up to see who was it. Shira was in a very bad condition with bruises all over her body. It seemed like she was tortured badly. She was too weak to see anything clearly. In front of her was a tall man. She tried to see him properly and noticed his brown eyes and golden beard. It was JOHN.

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