"It Wasn't Her"

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This is a true story with real witnesses. My sister was a beautiful soul, but, there was a dark side.

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

I want to apologize to anyone of my family members who might think I am implying that this thing was in any way my sister Honey.

Honey was unique. She was so funny and intelligent. The most loving person you would ever want to know, but she did have a very dark side, and we all knew that. She was the eldest of six, five girls and one boy, and she took care of all of us when mom was at work.

When she was a young child, she had a “spirit friend.” She had quite intelligent conversations with her all of the time. Our mother even asked her to ask the friend things she would never have known the answer to at that age, but it floored my mother when she gave her friend’s very mature response. Honey told me later that she felt like her friend was only there because she needed her at the time, and after she grew older, her friend told her it was time for her to go.

She lived through the hardest of times with our mother, our mother’s very abusive marriages, divorces, and ever-changing locations and lifestyle. In some ways, I think it made my sister feel very protective over mom, almost borderline obsessive doing anything in her power to get our mother’s approval even if it hurt one of us.

In other ways, we believed she resented us for taking mom’s attention.

I think she resented my brother the most for being the only boy of the family and getting all the praise that came with that role. It broke my mother’s heart when he got married and moved away, so needless to say, my sister wasn’t too fond of his wife and made every attempt to distance our mother and his relationship with her.

Then it was our second to the eldest sister because she was always getting into trouble for attention growing up and even into adulthood, continually causing problems in our family stressing our mother out. And myself, because I was the baby of the family, my mother and I had a special bond nobody could ever break.

My sister had always been a little unstable, but there was a shift, things just changed after the house on Alexandria. There was dark energy there, and it was an extremely haunted house, we only lasted six months there before we were all sleeping together huddled in the living room together because each one of us felt attacked in some way daily.

I slept next to our mother for many years as a child. Although I was young, I remember night after night Honey would sit on the edge of our mom’s side of the bed projecting negativity and expressing delusional problems for things that hadn’t even happened until mom started to cry for her to stop.

It could have been that something may have attached itself to her there, but I don’t know.

Before 2016, I lived in Palmdale, California. My sister “Honey,” and my son and youngest daughter lived with my mother in a rented townhouse apartment in Oxnard about two hours away.

Every week or two, I made the long drive to take them shopping and clean their house because both my mother and my sister were disabled. My mother was my heart, and my sweet sister helped raise me, so anything they needed. I was there for them.

On the first floor, the kitchen was in the back with a door that opened to the backyard, then a big open space than the living room and the front door. On the right, the bathroom, and my mother’s bedroom, the stairs were on the left with a half wall railing going up to the first landing.

My mom was sitting in her lift recliner on the right, facing the base of the stairs. One night we were all sitting in the living room watching a show with the lights on, and my daughter was upstairs in her room. We were laughing at something we saw on TV when I saw something on the stairs. It darted down the steps real fast, peeking up at me then ducked down behind the railing, followed by a cold chill that entered the living room. My mother commented that it was cold and pulled her robe together.

At first, I thought it was my daughter playing tricks on me, but when she didn’t pop up, I felt concerned, I said, “mama, did you see something?” Because she had full sight of anything there. She said, “No, dear, I thought I did, but there’s nothing there.”

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