Vampire of Vana Woods (excerpt)

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This is an excerpt from our ongoing book: Vampire in Vana Woods by Evelyn McAdams and Svara Carmel Narasiah. This is the first paragraph (300 words) from Chapter 1: The Bite. Kevin Brown, an ordinary teenager gets bitten on his way home from school. This excerpt contains the detailed description of the woods.

Thriller / Horror
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Excerpt from Chapter 1: The Bite

“Who? Who?” Called a large owl above Kevin Brown’s head. He looked up, startled, as he had gotten lost in his own thoughts and the owl made him jump. He saw her, a snowy white owl with a curved, sharp beak and pointy claws. Her wings had black specks in them. He froze, unsure what to do. She seemed strong enough to tear him to pieces. Knowing he had to be home in time for tea, Kevin took three slow steps away from her. He continued to do so until she was out of sight. Then he dug his hands deep into his pockets and hurried on through the woods. Every day when he came home from school, he had to walk for forty five minutes, taking a trail through the woods. He and his family lived out in the country, and he had to start very early in the morning and walk for a long time in the afternoon. It was the end of autumn, and the winter was just biting through. All the trees had lost their leaves, but snow had not yet hit the ground. The soil was cold and damp, although you could barely see it because of all the dead leaves covering the dirt. There was an eerie mist swivelling around the naked trees, making Kevin cough and wave his hand, as if that would help. Crows had made this forest their home, and one of them perched on a low tree branch, eyeing Kevin as if he was nothing but a crow himself. The crows and all the animals in the woods were used to Kevin coming through almost every day, and once or twice he had managed to feed the deer some breadcrumbs out of his hand as he went to school.

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