Carcassed soul

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I asked Daddy to cut apples for me, but he cut Mommy's throat instead of an apple. I think Daddy is blind.

Thriller / Drama
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Mommy, are you asleep? I am hungry. But I can’t come to you, Daddy locked you in your room. He had a knife in his hand, I think he will cut some apples for me. Then I heard you shout, so I got scared and knocked at the door. Daddy came outside with the knife, but it was now red. He locked the door and told me not to go into that room. So, Mommy, I will slip this page into your room. Good night Mommy.

Maria kept waiting for her mother outside her room, her head resting against her forearm, her beady eyes grew heavy as she slowly closed them. Sight faded to black, breaths slowed down, only one single thought kept whispering in her head,

Mommy will come...

Mommy will c...

“Maria!” Her eyes shot opened, as she stared blankly at the man towering her. “Go pack your bags.”

“Why?” Her soft tone trembled under those rageful glares. She poised her tiny body and walked into her room, followed by the man. He kept throwing intense glares at her while she slowly folded her clothes and fitted them into her bag with her diary. Her doe eyes stared back at her father as she trudged towards him, body slowly bending under the weight of her heavy bag.

Her petite body followed him to his car, as they drove off to somewhere- the little girl had no idea about. She kept looking outside, silently. Each passing second, her mother moved further away from her. She tilted her head as her tiny fingers slid over the glass and caressed the cold surface before her house completely faded from her sight.

"Daddy, are we not taking Mommy with us?" She looked at her father, eyes rolled towards the sweat, dripping from the man's forehead. His grip on the steering tightened, veins swelled.

"Your Mommy is bus-"

Suddenly a buzz echoed through the still air - his heart clenched. Gulping down his fear, he burrowed his hand into his pocket, and dragged out his phone.

"The work is done. But the body is still there," Maria kept staring at him, with furrowed brows. She could not understand his words, but what she knew was - he was talking about her mother.

"Remember, no evidence should be left."

"Bury her body somewhere."

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