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Following the events of The Fallen Star Novel, Their Home was ripped away from them. Now the Last of Humanity once from Earth struggle to adapt to an alien environment, with an ecosystem and Human instinct willing to put the survivors to the brink of self annihilation, or extinction from natural selection. Rated 18+ for Depictions of graphic violence, Strong Language, depictions of Horror, and situations of Peril.

Thriller / Scifi
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In Memory of...

Gerald “Jerry” Ferraro 7/19/1971 to 10/20/2020

Mike Reese 3/7/1978 to 1/2/2021

Sonja Finerfrock Bean 5/9/1994 to 2/24/2021


Following The Events of The Novel The Fallen Star

For nearly 100 Years, From 1986 to 2082, Humanity stood at a crossroads. In 1986, Humanity Discovered a Neutron Star out near the Oort Cloud just outside The Solar System. It was discovered to be coming into the Solar System at such a high rate of speed, It would travel 2 and half lightyears in nearly 60 years. Humanity had just 60 years to prepare for the destruction of the Earth. Natural disaster directly or indirectly caused by the Neutron Stars influence slowed progress to build a large ARK to house Survivors from Earth. 1 million people were loaded onto the ark by 2036, Hardy Plants and Earths historical database would also be saved. A group of Scientists and experts lead by Jonas and Linnea Got the ARK ready and selected a planet outside the solar system where survivors would settle, The 2nd planet which would be the last planet as well in the 61 Cygni A system.

The Survivors traveled for Decades, Being on the Ark for 46 years, 40 years travel plus 6 years braking for the new home, had created serious cracks in the Survivors humanity. You don’t expect one million people to be completely cordial during the trip. It was long, many people wondered if they were ever gonna see their new home. Some wondered if the home they will settle on will support them. Some had fears of a cold barren wasteland or an atmosphere so toxic it would kill you within minutes. The Frayed nerves of some of the survivors carried over from Earth. One Survivor, Nicole Muller, never forgave Jonas for the death of her husband at the hands of Konstantin. Its not like crime never happened on the ARK. There was some shake up in the 40 years spent on the ARK. This would continue to lengthen the cracks of General Unity in the survivors. This crack in Unity would be bandaged from time to time by the Security Force Aboard the ARK. This Force consisted of the strongest well trained individuals aboard the ARK. In that training, A few would be appointed by the ARK’s Governing Body known as the ARK Council. The Council contained representatives from countries on Earth. It was somewhat a spiritual Successor to the United Nations. Council Members would be appointed by their predecessors that shown a significant interest in obtaining the Goal set forth by the first leaders of Earth who made it onto the ARK with the other Survivors of the General Population.

The Survivors were chosen by 2 specific ways, Genetics and Lottery, Those who were picked by Lottery, Some 1.3 Million people around the world, had to have DNA shown less likely to have Defects or Genetic Diseases. Of Course on Earth this caused a massive uproar in resistance, mainly by those who weren’t chosen, calling the selection process “Elite Only, or by Eugenics Only” but The selection was stopped and a new General (2nd) lottery was done, which chose an extra One hundred and forty Four thousand people at random for a ticket to the ARK. Not all selected made it however, from 2032-2042 the harsh conditions of the earth Deteriorated and of those 1.45 million selected, about a million remained.

Due to the travel speed of the ARK Relative to 15% the speed of Light and the time passed to the survivors, Slight Time Dilation occurred, making the Survivors Appear slightly younger than they would in relative time. For instance Jonas would look and feel 90 despite being 96 by Earth Time. The Ark had arrived in the new world and it Entered a stable orbit using the Bussard collector. Before it arrived, it had converted Hydrogen in space into fuel, and then slowly but surely brought the Ark into orbit. it took about 4000 AU to slow the ark down, preventing Excessive G Forces on the Survivors about 6 years total. The Ark had nearly 12 Shuttles the size of Airbus’s docked in Various Launch bays. All of these shuttles had advanced Ion Propulsion using Xenon gas as well as liquid propellent tanks that were once attached but were jettisoned when the shuttles left Earths Atmosphere. These shuttles along with a number of Solar and Battery powered Rovers and All terrain Vehicles would be essential for the Survivors getting around on this new planet.

The system was close to 0.6 AU from its star. Linnea Originally Calculated the system to be at 0.6 AU, but the calculation was off by 0.3 AU, and the planet they will now call home, will be actually be 0.57 AU, which made the planet hospitable but it wont be very warm. Thankfully the atmosphere was thick enough to make the main settlements as warm as Erie Pennsylvania in the Summer time at its Equator. Most Survivors concentrated their settlements near the Equator, the Largest Settlement, Jonas’s Main Settlement would be near a mountain ridge, close to the Largest Lake on the Continent, The northern settlements were a little harsher, The northern most Settlement had a climate similar to Labrador in Canada, and most Canadians, First nations, and Nordic Countries and Irish Settlers felt a bit at home there. The most well adapted group was the Inuit People. They could survive the harshest weather.

The southwest portion of the continent was a cool and dry desert Which was much like the Gobi Desert in Asia. There were vasts Forests, Untouched Wilderness. Taming the Wild would prove to be a daunting task for the Survivors. The Fauna on the Continent was mostly invertebrates. There were some Vertebrates Especially tiny monkey looking creatures who were masters of the forest. These cat sized creatures took advantage of the thick forest hopping on tree branches looking at the human colonists with a cautious curiosity. It snowed on the northern tip of the Continent and on the most southeastern part as well. The mountains that stretched down the continent pondered if two separate plates collided together forming a large mountain range that spined the Entirety of the continent. The planet was Geologically active but stable, as the planet is a bit older than Earth. But fortunately for Humanity, there were no other discernable previous inhabitants of the Planet.

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