A Pure Murder #1

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" The DNA samples were a perfect match!" Liam gasped from his seat.   " Really?" Olivia asked. She looked surprised. Clint didn't know much about what was going on. He just stood beside Evelyne.   " What's going on?" He asked her.   " ...Clint, they took samples of your DNA and tested them with the ones we got from the finger prints...," She replied.   " Finger prints?" Clint asked.   " Yeah, the ones we got from the dagger," She replied.   " What?" Clint asked. He became terrified.   " Yeah, you heard right...," Olivia said.   " Are you by chance saying I murdered my own wife?" Clint asked.   " Naya was never happy with you and you weren't happy with her either," Liam said. Clint was so flabbergasted and tensed up.   " Can you hear them? Why don't you say something?" Clint asked Evelyne. " You know I touched it," Clint said. " But why did ya?" Olivia asked.   " I'm sorry Clint but all the evidences point to you as the killer," She replied. He was so demoralised because he had put so much faith in her. She let him down so easily. He was shattered.   " But I was with you on that day...," Clint said.   " You were with me till six... Naya's autopsy states that she was murdered around seven...," Evelyne said.   " The fact that you're a CIA doesn't mean you can break the law and go free," Liam said. " I'm so sorry but for now, you're a suspect," Evelyne said.

Thriller / Mystery
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In the city of Chicago...

In the darkest and scariest days in Chicago city... People were mysteriously killed in the evenings...

Clint had always been a faithful and loyal husband to Naya but after she accused him of infidelity and her untimely murder, all eyes were on Clint as the murderer. What was the fate of their four months old son, Caesar? and how was he to prove his innocence even when his own friends turned their backs on him?

Be warned...you might start reading in a happy mood but a bit more might trigger fear and you might need to make sure there are no killers watching you from your widow. Do not read at night!


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