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What happens when a person wakes up in a different reality? What happens when instead of going on an adventure the person just sits back and watches the end of time? The question is the story all in the time space travelers mind or is this reality?

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Ender Talon
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Receiving a journal

I was just getting the morning newspaper. Yes. I read. A delivery van pulls up while I am outside. “Are you Clinton?” asks the driver. I nod. He hands me a clipboard pointing to a signature page. I sign, thinking what should I expect? He hands me a package with no labels on the outside. Before I could ask who it was from or even who he represented. He was driving away. Odd. There was no advertisement on the delivery van. I go inside, put the package down and let the dogs out. While cooking I cut the paper off the package with a knife. Inside is a journal labeled Time-space travelers journals and the adventures you will have. Thinking this was some fun fictional novel to read, so I read. The novel is a journal. And what I thought was a fiction book. Well, the content changed my life. The mystery who wrote this journal. For the author or authors, for the implication in the journal was there was many writers baffled me. The journal principal theme was an implication that there is a multi-verse or parallel reality. While this reality was nothing more than a hologram projected a long time ago. That the journal implicated that if I was reading this that I was in a past reality and needed to change history was a kind of weird. Let me be honest, I am not a hero. I would be the person reading while people were fighting. I would be the person writing letters to change reality. I was not a hero.

The story begins with an interesting opening line. “Help, help, I have been kidnapped, and no one remembers me!” I flipped to the next journal and was a bit taken back.

Kind of catchy when you read the rest of the beginning where a person awakes to a new reality and discovers history, geography, people, planet alignment were changed. The example are quiet specific and what was more there were photos of brands and people that I knew in life. What do I mean? I was a poet. Now? I am a partially blind deaf guy who lived with dogs and kept out of peoples hair for fear of the thought police. The journal was interesting enough that I put down my cooking gear and read for a few hours straight. It was after all Saturday, the only day I got the paper. And I had purchased a recent book called the Mandela Effect with the plan to finish reading the book today. The journal outlined a history of an alternative reality. Where, of all the villains in the world, Bill Gates makes the mark of the beast. That reference I had to look up Revelations 13 6 with a note that the title had changed to Revelation without the s seem to imply that I was reading an alternative timeline. Humor Bill Gates making the mark of the beast something to laugh at. I open my paper to the headlines Gates patient 2020060606 collective cryptocurrency.

To think a time-space travelers journal warning humanity about Bill Gates. That awkward moment I had to re-read the whole journal because the first time was just something to do. I read it. For whatever reason, the story seemed to have changed. Meaning? I have a fair memory not a good memory however the pages where I was expecting a discovery of “Hey, when did Hitler get blue eyes?” became more in the alignment of warnings about humanity turning itself into what sounds like cyclones or robots. Even the ending of the journal had changed from Revelations to Revelation, pointing out other key events taking place in that day and time. To say I was a bit weird-ed out by this is to say the least. The journal must be some type of magic or paper that can re-write itself or something. The end of the journal again a warning to mankind. Repent, change your ways. Killing off humanity to become a collective controlled race controlled by some corporation was not something desired by the writer of the journal. And after reading the sad state of the subjects I would concur. Corporations turning off people reproduction rights without consent. People losing their jobs because of a verification certificate either being hacked or some corporate person not liking the person. Causing the person to be able to purchase or buy anything. The wildest part was the digestive track. The society described seemed to show that without the chip that the robots could not process natural food. All their food had to be genetically altered for the stomach, which contained some bacteria or virus that interrupted the normal stomach process in a bizarre way. To be honest, the description sounded like a bug had taken control of the human host. What was even more distributing was humanity or the robots dislike for individuality and creativity? Being a science fiction reader, the description sounded almost like the beginnings of a Borg complex.

After re-reading the journal a few times with different endings each time-space time, I read it. I wondered about reality. The plan to show reality as is or how it could be or how it turns out to be or and here is the awkward part. In almost all realities humanities seems to kill off that which makes humans, well, humans. Creativity, culture, the whole curiosity button somehow in each of the journals read by me showed a dismal ending. Trying to formulate a plan is challenging for me on the best days. To think, what should I do with this information? All the people that knew of me most were retiring. So maybe one of them can think of a way outside of this journal ed boxed in reality starting out.

After all not all of humanity could ignore the bible warnings. In yet? I looked for the outcry in the editorial section. It seemed to be rigged with trolls spouting that a vaccination was needed. Why? Not one of the pages said that Bill Gates had the patient of the coronavirus from an English lab. Which coe insided with the journal warning.

After re-reading the journal so many times, I came upon one story that was unique compared to the other. It was like the never-ending story. The writers “Get Up!” and the alternative path was wilder than the other stories. Example in most, the writer ended up dying a lot quicker. Meaning? The most extreme was a writer where oil well drilling had been banned. Sometime in the past or future or present because the journals seem to indicate different dates in reality due to calender’s being mixed up but a CO2 cloud burps and washes over Atlantic coast and Europe and a lot of Africa. Or from one that I remember or can look up the nuclear missile to hit Hawaii in January 2018 actually occurred in some realities on December 12, 2017. The difference again the calendar from my understanding of the journal. Meaning? All this! Reality itself is one large game or hologram and time can be reset and played repeatedly by those that design the game until they get the outcome they want. I know that is wild, but the jest of the idea was some realities decided to cheat. Those cheating final solutions are what is called in the bible evil. To turn humanity into robots. To kill those not willing to go along with the absurd idea that corporations are better than individuals because corporations provide the most labor force. So as a poet not sponsored by some corporation, I was left with this journal. The story of the never ending part continues to fascinates me. The outcome however appears that I am to write the next journal, for when I finished the last journal there are now blank pages for me to write my tale. The issue as a poet what is my goal? My plan to be honest was to help people. Not to hurt people. To warn them? Hey, the end of time is at hand? HEY the end of time is at hand. TO WARN them that humanity kills itself over a lie? HEY humanity, you kill yourself over a LIE. To stand up against Microsoft and corporations and say hey, what you are doing is wrong. HEY you are wrong. I have value. Not to your corporation, however I have value. I paid taxes. I paid insurance premiums. That you misused me and caused most of my physical issues due to underhandedness greed and blatant thief of property and misuse of data I provided. Hey, what you did to me wrong. There, I said it. I am at that doorway of no return. Evil is here. As a poet I can scream and cry about it or write some poem that one or two people will read and no one will care.

The death of humanity

Death came a knocking at humanities door

Eternity of hell

America, what do you stand for?

Time is telling you now be good, do good, stop evil.

Heaven or hell awaits you one way or the other.

Humanity is at death door

Unbridled greed to harvest blood for electricity

Mankind was warned in the matrix about that

America grants Microsoft the number of the beast

Need to reproduce bribe a Microsoft call center employee

Inefficient problem continues need money?

Time to use your blood once more for Microsoft

you realize this poem is the death of humanity

A poet that no one remembers anymore

A poem on the death of humanity. Is there a chance or hope for a change or to push through this test where people will be banned from purchasing from people without the chip? Will there be a chance to avoid the death of humanity? The journal held no hope or well a hope. Change REPENT do good BE good Stop evil. In yet, this is a past to the writer of the journal, so is this a new chance?

The end of reality once more. Writing the journal this time, everything seems to have come together in a rather fast succession. Hong Kong, Yellow Vests, unrest in Bolivia, Antifas all turning kingdoms against kingdoms. Wars and rumors of wars with China to invade Taiwan to the rumor of an army outside of North Korea. Plague on lock down now in yet. Is there hope? In, one journal one of the kings that did this horrible thing mentioned a president that could change history. How? Pray for him I guess the how part was not stated. The resolution of the journal was to re-listen to YouTube video on a program that if you listened enough while trans-versing time enough that the tale changes just enough to see a difference in reality and realize that a distinct path could be taken. No war. Humanity following the rule of law. Greed set aside because there is sufficient food produced and transportation is there just the desire to help each other needs to exist. Can or could this happen? Here where famine is the news of the day in large cities where they have locked down and disabled the labor force because of a plague let loose by greedy people? Does not hurt to ask? Change history this time around. Formulate a different ending. There is after all the myth that humanity could exist after this reality in some journals. The course of action. BE good. Do good. Stop evil. Seems rather simple. The black moment is the realization that most humanity has already failed to realize this. What is to do? Try once more? To cross the bridge of no return and ask humanity to give up being evil. Sounds rather simple. HEY stop being evil. The question to await the ultimate outcome. To resolve not to take the mark of the beast. To be good as only a human can be good, for in the end life is all humanity has got before becoming some horrible robot. What is this story about? The hope for one last chance to change humanity from a dead mystical mystery talked about among the collective conscience of robots long dead and a chance that humanity spreads itself into a utopia by removing greed and carrying for their own species and kind. Is there one last chance in the journal? Maybe? Search a wondering mind through the multi-verse and think. Think before thought of individuals is illegal in a collective Microsoft controlled reality.

One last chance for humanity to change its ways. To survive versus give up and end up the bottom man of the mythological charts taught in some cyclone or robot university on the topic the legend of man? Man or Myth? One last chance to stop a corporation from deciding whom you will reproduce. To allow you to live. To create and keep some of your creativity without someone stealing your ideas for some corporation retreat or censored out of existence because the color pink is no long in vogue with the Microsoft overlords. One last chance to save humanity? Will this time be the place? Can humanity stop itself from throwing itself into a collective conscience controlled by someone that is most likely not human to begin with? Has humanity been conquered and the great American military instead of fighting the corporation sided with Microsoft to create an Amazon website that will control who can and can not buy or sell in the United States?

As the writer of this journal, I do not see the President standing up to evil. The time-space traveler journal has started to take a life upon itself. Setting courses in action for a final showdown between technology and spirit. The reality question which will win? Microsoft or spirit? God, or a robotic race that once could feel something outside of its skin. A touch, a poem so clear that poetry was written about the very skin which moved across reality. Or will the metallic like bug stomached robots consume humanity until they decide to get rid of those last few humans? Can humanity fight? Sure, sure those stories have already been told too. Terminator, Battlestar Galactica all in a vain attempt to change destiny of humanity by becoming a race no more. The bible even talks to the beast creator telling what good is it to gain the whole world but lose his soul. Destroying one race for a superior conscience connected race does not bring about happiness. Does not bring about a good reality. It brings with it a controlling factor worse than any virus could have on what is trapped of the human soul within the robots structured mind of the collective conscience. What really happens to humanity is the horror nightmares people at horror movies watch and realize there is something familiar to the story. Something scary and truthful. The time-space traveler is no longer a hero in this reality. He just writes, and no one reads. He watches as the mystery of the death of humanity unveils itself from one bible versus change to another. Is there hope? Humans cause their own destruction in the end. Humans could stop being evil. Could be good and do good. The likelihood the time-space traveler feels is not so good.

This too is a past. What was at stakes was humanity? And if the journal story is an indication to what to expect. Humanity again fails. The question, is this the last chance? The writer has long since passed from this reality and the journal? He has posted it many a time to censorship across space and time. To realities that no longer exist in futures that can no longer exist.

If you are reading this might be your one last chance to change reality. Think and change before it is to late.

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