The Intruder (Book 1)

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Chapter One

Beep, beep! My alarm went off as I began to open my eyes.

"Ugh, I hate school." I thought to myself.

A couple minutes later, I got up and grabbed three pieces of paper and rushed downstairs. I had smelt burnt toast and saw raw eggs on the stove, along with steam boiling off from a gray pan.

Then As I began to look into the kitchen, I began to reached over to one of the open cabinets with two plates. Behind me was my Mom pouring a cup of coffee.

"What are you doing down here so early?" Mom asked. I didn't look at her when she asked.

On the sheeted paper it had a grid of squares and blank boxes, with written words and clues. I begin to write the words in horizontal lines all over the grid sheeted paper.

"Hey honey what are you doing, what are you writing?"

"Oh, It's a crossword puzzle, my favorite activity." Then she asks,"Can I see it?" So I hand my mother the work I have done.

My mother looked at it as she was biting her lip, and took a drink of her coffee, then handed it back to me.

"Wow, pretty creative there Honey."

"Thanks." I said nervously. So I hesitated for a second, my mom looks distracted.

"Hey, where's Dad?"

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