Will We Survive?

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An inexperienced girl finds out that her dad somehow created a virus that makes people turn into zombies. Some will be immune, most won't. She will save her friends, but don't know where her dad is. She must get them to the only place she knows is safe. How can she when she has zombies and the government chasing them? They have to make their way across three states. Can they make it without losing more? Can they make it before the government gets to them?

Thriller / Adventure
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The Beginning

I was just sixteen when it all happened. My father was a scientist working for this big global company. He was never home to be an actual father to me and my mother died giving birth to me. All I ever had was my Aunt and grandmother until I met him. Before the world changed on us all. See, I have been all over this world following my father around with his work. After a while, I went to stay with my grandmother and aunt in an insignificant town. I live in Florida in an insignificant town named Cedar Key. There are only about 620 people in the entire town. My father used to come to visit me every holiday, but that stopped about a year before I turned sixteen. I’m moving ahead of myself because I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Cammi and I’m around 5’6 and have long brown hair. I have green eyes, and my skin is very tan. I’ve been told I look more like my mother than I do my dad. I will have to take their word for it. I haven’t seen a picture of my mother in forever. I guess my dad didn’t want the memories. My grandmother is yelling for me to come down for breakfast, but that just means I have to go to school and I don’t feel like it today. I’m a junior this year and grade ahead of where most kids my age are, but I think I just try to get good grades so I can leave for college and not be here anymore. I know they love me and all, but they don’t let me do anything. They are afraid that I will get into trouble or something. I better head down so they both don’t start on me. At least I will get a break from them while I’m at school.

I just didn’t know when I got to school today that it would turn my world upside down. I got called to the office to help a new transfer student around the school. They told me he is in all the same advanced classes that I am in so I should help him out. So I am waiting for the new kid to get done talking with the dean so I can walk him around the school. This should be fun, not. Then this boy with blonde hair and big blue eyes. He looked to be around 6”2 in height and built too. I couldn’t get over it. This might be fun, as long he is not stuck on himself.

“Hello and welcome to Cedar High. My name is Cammi and I will show you around the school today.” Cammi said

“Hello, thank you. I’m Derk. I didn’t think I would have such a pretty guide.” Derk replied.

I couldn’t help my blush at his comment. So I turned my face away from him.

“Well, let’s get this show on the road and show you around. Right this way, sir.” Cammi said as she ushered him out of the office.

“Oh, yes, miss, please start your tour of this fine building,” Derk replied as he bowed to her.

We both busted out laughing and went on our way. I took him to his lock first and then showed him his homeroom and told him he could just shadow me for the next few days since we had the same classes. He just smiled, and we even exchanged phone numbers just in case he had questions. That’s what I told myself, anyway.

“Hey, come and sit with me and my friends. That way you can get to know more people. Plus, we all have a good sense of humor.” Cammi asked

“Sure sounds like fun. Let’s go through the line and I will follow you to your table.” Derk replied.

We both grabbed some lunch, and we sat down with my friends. I couldn’t wait for him to meet all of them. We sat down, and I looked at everyone.

“Everyone, this is Derk, and he just transferred here. I was the lucky one that got to show him around today. Derk, this is everyone.” Cammi introduced him

“Hey everyone,” Derk said.

“Sorry about the Derk. Cammi can be something else. I’m Mandy. The person on my right is Sally, on my left is Jeff. On the other side of Cammi is John. We are still missing our friend Missy. She is always running late.” Mandy said

“Well, it’s nice meeting you all,” Derk replied

“So Derk do you play any sports?” John asked

“Yeah, I play football and soccer. What about you?” Derk told him

“I play football. Can’t wait for the season to start.” John replied

“Where did you transfer from?” Sally asked

“I came from a small town in Indiana. Most have never heard of it. It’s called Terre Haute. I went to West Vigo High School until I transferred here with my parents.” Derk told them.

“Wow, your right I have never heard of that place. What was it like?” Cammi asked

“It’s boring and there is a lot of farmland around. Not much to see unless you like farmland.” Derk replied

Lunch was over before we knew it, and we had to head to our next class. As we were walking to our next class Derk grabs my hand. I looked at him, and he just smiled at me. And went to class. I introduce him to the teacher and I go sit down. The Derk comes and sits next to me. He is now my lab partner. I look at him and smile over at him.

“Derk can I ask you something?”

“Sure you can ask me anything Cammi.”

“Why did you grab my hand on the way to class?”

“I like you and it was the only way I could come up with to hope to ask you out on a date.”

I started blushing and smiling at him.

“That would be nice. I would like that.”

Then the class had to get started so we couldn’t talk so much now. We were talking about an upcoming project and what we will need to do the project and the competition that will take place. We were taking notes when over the loudspeaker came that we will go home early. There were cheers and all that going up but no one understood why. But before they were sending us home, they wanted us all to come to the auditorium. So all the teachers sent us to the auditorium to hear what was coming up. Derk and I sat down with the class we came from and waited for this to start. He and I were looking around and the teachers looked like they were just as confused as us. Then the dean walked up on stage to talk to all of us.

“Let me have your attention. So please quiet down.” Dean spoke up

We all looked at him and wondered why we were here. This was not on the schedule for today.

“I have things that I need to tell you all and you have to listen closely. They have informed me we need to send you all home as soon as possible. You are to go home and stay inside your home. Turn on the news and please don’t leave your home. I can’t tell you why I was not told. They said we would not be back in school for at least a week. Also, they said not to open your doors or windows and get all animals inside. So please be safe and we will release you by grades. Freshman will go last so we can get your parents here to pick you up unless you ride with an upperclassman. Thank you.” Dean explained and left the stage.

I couldn’t believe how my day started till now, and I was getting a little freaked out. I met a great guy and now I will be on lock done just like everyone here. How can they do that to us with no real information? Maybe I worry about my dad. Is this happening where he is right now and is he safe? I had my car with me today, but I usually took my friend’s home. I would still give them a ride home if they need me to. I looked over at Derk to see what was going through his mind.

“Derk do you need a ride home or do you have a car?” Cammi asked him

“I have a car. I am a junior so I can drive.” Derk replied

“I am a junior too but I am only sixteen and I drive, what does that have to do with it. Not everyone has a car.” Cammi shot back at him.

“I didn’t mean that in a bad way. I am only 17 so I get where you are coming from.” Derk said.

“Sorry, I need to find a few of my friends. Usually give them a ride home. We are next to leave so we will need to get our things and meet in the parking lot. If you see my friends tell them to meet me in the parking lot. Your locker is in a different hall than mine. I will see you in the parking lot. I will not leave till everyone is there.” Cammi told him and then walked off to go find her friends and to her locker. While she watched Derk do the same. I made it to my locker in record time. I still didn’t see any of my friends till I was on my way out to the parking lot.

“Where have you guys been? I was wondering where you were so I can take you all home.” Cammi yelled

“We were looking for you and figured we would catch you at your car,” Mandy said

“Ok. let’s go. We need to make sure everyone shows up there just like we have always talked about.” Cammi told them.

“Have you heard from your dad? Does he know what’s going on here?” Mandy asked

“Not yet. I figure I would try once I got home to see what is going on here.” Cammi replied

We all made it out to my car and was waiting to see the rest of our group show up. Then we all spotted Derk and the others walking towards my car. I was glad to see everyone was safe.

“Okay everyone who needs a ride home? That we all can help the rest get home.” Cammi said

“Damn Cammi you know how to take charge don’t you?” Derk remarked

“She should since her father is a big-time government person. He made sure she was a leader and took charge. Plus, her Aunt was in the CIA and her grandmother used to be a spy.” John told him.

I couldn’t help blushing in how my friends all looked up to me and my family. I just never thought of it that way. I knew my family still had contracts in the government and may know what is going on. I couldn’t wait to get home to find out so I could warn my friends. Once we all took people in our car, we all headed to get home safely. I made sure everyone knew to text me once they all made it home safe. Once I got home I went looking for my Aunt and Grandmother. I couldn’t find them anywhere. Then I noticed a package that is addressed to me on the table in the living room. I walk over to it and I don’t see any return address. I wasn’t sure who this was from, but I thought it could be from my father. I dialed my father as I opened the package up. It went straight to voicemail. I then called my Aunt and grandmother and I couldn’t get a hold of no one. What the hell is going on here? So I turned to turn on the television when I heard a noise upstairs. Then I saw my Aunt coming down the stairs looking like she had the shit beat out of her.

“Auntie are you alright? Where is grandmother?” Cammi asked

“No, Cammi, I’m not. They came for us and I couldn’t save her. I tried. I really did. I don’t think I will last much longer. They are looking for something and I did not understand what they were talking about and when we wouldn’t go with them they killed your grandmother and tried to kill me. I have left you things in my room and your grandmother’s room to help you out if something was to happen to either of us. I do not know if they have your father or what. I could not get a hold of him. So I am suspecting the worse. Just let me sit and rest and then I will tell you more.” Auntie tried to explain.

“Let me help you, Auntie. Who came for you and why did they kill grandmother? Did they give you any idea what they could be looking for?” Cammi asked quickly.

“It was a form of the government that came. They think we know too much and would have tried to stop them and we would have, I don’t know what they are looking for, they wouldn’t say. I just need you to be careful. It’s getting harder to breathe. Just know that we all love you.” Auntie said as she closed her eyes

Then I was all alone and not sure what to do. I took her body out to the garage and went to go find my grandmother’s body. I completely forgot about the package until later on once I had their bodies out in the garage. Once I got all that done I fixed myself something to eat. I went back to the tv and the package while I waited for my food to get done. When I opened the package, my phone started going off. All my friends texted me to let me know that they were home, but it was very weird at their house. They all said they were waiting on me to talk to them. I ignored the phone for a moment and looked at what was in the package. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. There was a letter from my father and stuff for me to look at on the computer because he sent a drive to me. I was so confused. There was so much in the package and yet I had no idea what I was looking at. There was my passport, birth certificate and so much more. I was looking at the letter when I remembered my food. Getting up and getting my food, I also grabbed my laptop on the counter and took it back to the living room. What am I going to tell my friends? How am I going to keep them safe? I am only sixteen years old, how am I supposed to deal with all of this alone. I need to call my friends but not sure what to say to them at this point. I figured I better read my dad’s note and look at what was on the drive.

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