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Chapter 12

Note: This chapter will be from the third person's point of view.

Jin, in his P.E uniform, decided to go home. He was just so unfortunate that day. First, no matter how much he wanted to look for the girls bullying Mirai, he knew he didn't have the right. But as her friend, doesn't that actually count?

He let out a grunt, annoyed. He stood up and grabbed his bag, slinging it on his shoulder.

Second, well, he had slipped on a stupid banana peel. Who the hell was even stupid enough to throw a fucking banana peel on the ground, anyway? No. He wasn't one to talk. He slipped, after all.

When a door slid open, he jumped. "What the fuck. I'm in deep thought here, jeez," he muttered as he continued walking. When he looked up and saw the person who looked as if she was having difficulty to get out, his body moved on its own when he saw she was falling.

"Mirai! Hey!" He rushed towards her and as he caught her in his arms, Jin couldn't believe his eyes. Nothing but anger filled his chest seeing Akane's appearance. Her hair was a mess, her bottom lip was bleeding and even when it wasn't visible, Jin could see that Akane's face was swollen, as if she was slapped or hit with something. He didn't know what he was supposed to do. From the corner of her eyes, a tear rolled down. He gritted his teeth, "What the fuck happened to you, Mirai!"

"Aoi Jin?"

He looked over his shoulder hearing that voice. It was Minoru Naoki. Ugh. A troublesome guy. "Mi—Your girlfriend."

Naoki's eyes grew wider seeing Mirai's state. He hurriedly went to her side, "Wh—What happened to her? What did you do to her?!" When Naoki looked at Jin, Jin almost fell butt-first on the ground. Naoki's eyes looked fierce and as if he was ready to kill. His voice was heavy, too.

"I-I have no idea, man! I'd like to ask you that, too, since you're her boyfriend!"

Naoki looked at Mirai again, "I'll bring her to the clinic. Please, get her bag."

And with that, he had stood up, Mirai in his arms. Jin just stood there like a statue for a couple of seconds before he remembered what he was supposed to do. He stomped his way into the classroom and true enough, a bag was lying on a desk there. When he got nearer, he was surprised seeing that it was empty.

Mirai was the studious type so it was impossible that her bag would be empty. Literally.

When the wind blew, he looked at the open window. He had a bad feeling about it but just looked outside to make sure. Blood rushed to his head seeing what was there on the ground.

He ran outside the classroom, flew down the stairs, jumping over a few and as soon as he was outside, he knelt down and started to pick up Mirai's things.

"What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck," he kept muttering as he picked them up from the ground and dusting them off before putting them inside the bag. He was angry he wanted to punch someone—anyone.

When he heard distant laughter, he searched where the voice came from and saw five girls who were by the school gate.

"I'm sure she learned her lesson already!"

Jin could only clench his fist, burying his nails on his palm as he looked at them laughing their ugly bitch-assed faces off. He wanted to run towards them and hit them but this was Mirai's fight. He looked up at the sky as the wind blew, "Mirai..."

Mirai's state flashed in his mind he gritted his teeth and made his way to the clinic.

Naoki, on the other hand, was a friend of the school nurse. It was a good thing he had connections in the school and that the school nurse was still there. She asked him what happened and he couldn't tell her anything.

"It's my fault," he muttered under his breath. He was sitting on the chair beside Mirai's bed. "I shouldn't have asked her to wait for me."

The school nurse sighed. She had long, brown hair which was tied in a ponytail. She pressed the rim of her glasses, "Poor kid. I heard she was being stalked and now she's being bullied." She reached out and gently placed her hand on Mirai's head, "Maybe it'd be better for her to stay at home for a while."

Naoki could just only sit there and silently pray.

The school nurse, on the other hand, couldn't pinpoint what she felt as she looked at Naoki. He was just quiet but looking at his figure, it felt as if he was already trembling with anger and was about to explode anytime and that he's doing his best to control it. The way his knuckles turned pale from his own grip, she knew, Naoki was already angry in the most unimaginable way possible.

"Fucking bullies!!" The voice boomed in the clinic the moment the door slid open and in came a Jin who was already burning mad. "Oi, Minoru, here's Mirai's bag," he threw it to Naoki and the latter caught it. "Her things were outside."


"Her things. They must've been thrown outside the window."

"I see."

"Ha?" he looked at Naoki. "That's it?! Just, 'ahh, I see,' and that's that!!?"

"U-Uhmm, please don't raise your voice, she's sleeping," the school nurse interrupted, trying to calm him down.

It looked like it worked because Jin heaved a deep breath. He glanced at the sleeping Mirai and turned away, "Anyway, I'm going home now." He was about to take a step when he stopped, "By the way, Minoru."

Naoki perked up at the sound of his name.

Jin looked at him over his shoulder, his blue eyes lit from inside with anger, "I'm so fucking disappointed the cunning Prince let his Princess reach that sorta state. Why the fuck did you even go out with her, in the first place, bastard."

The school nurse was about to stop him because of his language when Jin stepped out and slid the door shut.

She looked at Naoki again and was surprised seeing that pained look on his face. Slowly, he stood up and gently brushed Mirai's hair with his hand. "I'm so sorry."

Naoki's voice croaked. The school nurse approached him, "Mi-Minoru..."

He looked at her and gently smiled, "Sensei, please look after her for a while. I'm just gonna go to the comfort room."

"Ye-Yes! No problem!"

When Naoki walked past her, her heart stopped beating for a moment. Her hairs stood on end. She followed him with her eyes.

She was frightened.

She was frightened of what was beneath that calm composure Naoki had.

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