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Chapter 18

No, no, no. Jin... Jin...

"Run," he coughed.

I blinked. I wiped my tear away as I attempted to approach him, "Ji—"

"Run the fuck away, damn it!!" In that instant, he'd suddenly rolled over and kicked Naoki on the stomach which threw Naoki to the corner of the intersection. "Didn't you hear me?! I said run the fuck away already!!!"


"She's not going anywhere!!!" Naoki yelled as he ran towards Jin and swung the baseball bat at him. Jin rolled to the other side and the bat hit the floor with a loud clang.

Jin whipped Naoki's feet using his leg which made the latter fall to the floor. Jin looked at me, "What the fuck are you standing around for, stupid!? Run away!!!"

I took a step back. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I want to run away but I couldn't leave Jin by himself. No, wait... I should call the police!

I reached inside my pocket for my phone but it wasn't there. I tried to look for it in my other pocket but it wasn't there, either.

"What are you idling around for?!"

"My-My phone! I can't find my—" then I'd remembered it fell there back in the classroom. I threw Jin a glance one more time before I ran towards the classroom.

I could hear Naoki calling my name but Jin kept him busy.

When I reached the classroom, I tried to flick the light on again but to my dismay, it still wouldn't light up. I crouched and touched the floor, trying to feel my phone and it took me long enough until I'd actually touched it. I picked it up and tapped the screen on. To my relief, the screen lit up but unfortunately, there was no signal.

"No, no, no, how can this be?!" I cried. I walked towards the window and there, I got one signal. With trembling hands, I dialled the police. It rang and it rang but no one was answering. I dialled again, praying that someone would answer it this time. I almost lost all my hope when someone had picked up.

"Hello, this is the police station, how may we help you?"

"S-Sir! Please! Come to XXXXXXX right now! The—the suspect, I-I mean the one responsible for the killings of the girls of this school is here! Please!"

"Little miss, I don't know what you're up to in this kind of weather but we don't have the time to play games with you. We are already busy with the case—"

"What the fuck do you want me to do just to make you bastards believe me!? I'm telling you the killer is right here in this school right now and he's out to kill me and my friend!!! Which part of that do you not fucking understand?! Come right away, please! Right away!!!"


Before I could hear what he was about to say, the call had cut off. When I looked at the screen of my phone, there was no signal again. I cursed under my breath. I tried to find the signal again when I realized that it had gone quiet. The only sound I could hear was the pouring rain outside.

My heart started to pound harder in my chest.

Jin's okay, right? I mean, he'd been in a lot of fight so I'm sure he could handle Naoki... He is okay, isn't he?


The voice echoed in the hallway along with the sound of the baseball bat being dragged on the floor. The pace of my breathing increased as cold sweat beaded down my nape. Some strands of my hair had already stuck on my nape and my cheeks. My hair was already in a messier state from being tied into a bun.

"Jin," I whispered. Before I knew it, I had run outside the classroom and to the hallway. I climbed down the stairs, thinking that I should go to the police station myself to ask for their help but when I remembered what Naoki was capable of doing, I stopped on my tracks. What if Jin had only lost consciousness and is lying where I'd left them both? What if he's still breathing and what if he could still be saved and brought to the hospital?

If I leave now, who knows what Naoki might do to him?

I ran back up the stairs and when I looked to the right, lightning flashed again and there was Naoki, standing several meters away from me with his gleaming green eyes. He looked beaten up and there was blood on his shirt but I did not mind it, I did not want to think anything about it.

When his lips broke into a creepy wide grin, I knew I had to run.

I frantically searched for a place to hide and unfortunately, I was at the end of the hallway. I could climb up the stairs but that would mean I'd get trapped. I could climb down but where would I hide? There's nothing but shoe lockers down there. I looked at the door before me and slid it open, careful not to make a sound. Naoki's far behind me and I don't think he'd know where I'd hide or which classroom I'd entered.

Lightning flashed again and I saw a locker at the corner of the classroom where we'd usually keep our cleaning tools. It was a bit tall and I was sure I would fit right in. I rushed towards that locker, opened it and hid inside.

I crouched and hugged my knees, trying to keep myself from making any sound.

I heard doors sliding open and the sound of tables and chairs clattering and being dragged. It seems as if Naoki's throwing a fit.

I heard doors sliding close with a loud sound.

The sounds I heard continued until the last door that was shut was the classroom next to the room I was in. My heart started to beat rapidly and tears started to well up in my eyes again. My hands grew ice cold.

The door slid open with a loud bang. "Akane, are you in here?"

I shut my eyes close.

"Where are you my little Akane, where are you?" he said in a sing-song voice. He made his way in and I could tell because of the sound the baseball bat is making as it is being dragged on the floor. The sound stopped right in-front of me. "Akane?"

He was indeed standing right there.

I prepared to pounce at him if he was to open it or to crawl away but a couple of minutes passed by when nothing still happened.

The rain outside was also coming to a stop. There was no sound or movement I felt. Could he have left? Could that have been my imagination?

I reached my hand out and tried to take a small peek when the door flew open along with the loud roar of the sky and as lightning flashed, his gleaming green eyes looked at me without him bending his neck.

A smile crept into his face as he said with a light but icy voice, "Found you, A-ka-ne."

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