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Chapter 2


“Kyaaaa! Minoru-senpai look here! Look here!!”

“He’s just so cool!”

“Ah! He smiled at me! Did you see that!? Did you see that?”

Sigh. I wish I was as energetic as them. Jeezus. I’m just giving myself a hard time, might as well read these books under that cherry tree he’s been lying under. Clutching the books I had borrowed from the library close to my chest, I walked past the girls who had crowded in the hallway. They were, as usual, admiring Minoru Naoki who was walking towards his classroom. This happens almost every single day so people have eventually gotten used to it. Minoru’s a really friendly upperclassman. He’s very approachable and stuff.


Oh glob and all the saints of the universe, I can’t forget what happened yesterday. The way he called me by my name with that gentle tone in his voice, my cheeks still heat up from remembering them. That sweet smile, those emerald eyes, his chocolate-kissed hair—can he get even more perfect than this? Even his voice still resonating in my head like a sweet sensation that drowns me every time I remember yesterday. He was an arm’s length away from me. If I just stretched my arm, I could’ve easily reached him. I could’ve easily touched him.

Wha! What in heaven’s name am I thinking!? T-Touch him? His perfect face? No way is that gonna happen! It’s— “Oomf!” I heard a thud followed by another as the books I was bringing fell on the ground. Without looking up, I immediately crouched on the ground and started picking them up, “I-I’m really sorry about that! I’m so sorry!” This is so embarrassing, I must say. Ah. The ground. Wait, I’m already outside? Why hadn’t I noticed?


I flinched. Slowly, I looked up and was greeted by his green eyes. I caught my breath and my knees trembled that I forgot I was crouching I fell butt-first as I slid my foot backwards. My heart started to thump louder. “Mi..Mi..Minoru-se..senpai?” I hurriedly looked around, trying to spot anyone who was outside—girls, to be particular—well, they might cook me alive if they found out I’m talking to him alone. I mean, it’s always been a rule for girls that whenever they’d have a conversation with Minoru, of course, there should be at least three of you. I wonder who made that rule? And why was he here? Did he run from his fan girls? Oh, my own wonders aside, shouldn’t I run or hide somewhere?

“Wow. We’ve been meeting each other by coincidence twice in a row,” then he picked up two of the books. He raised his head and as our eyes met, my cheeks heated up once again, “Or was the first time a coincidence?”

“I-It was obviously a co-coincidence! I-I was just admiring the ch-cherry tree!” Oh, this is not good, Akane. Hurry up and disappear from his sight. Right. So, I picked up the other books and with my eyes still on the ground, I stretched my open palm towards him, “Th-Thank you for pi-picking them up.”

“Oh, sure.” Then he nudged the books towards my hand. I felt the hard corners of them as it made contact with my palm. When I tried to take it, it felt as if it was stuck because I couldn’t actually get it. Slowly, I peeked. My eyes widened seeing him resting his chin on the palm of his left hand as he leaned his elbow on his knee. He was smiling at me, “What?”

I quickly averted my eyes from his and directed my vision at the bushes beside us. My heart’s thumping abnormally that I’m having a hard time to breathe. “Th-The books. P-Please let them g-g-go.” Okay, good job. Any minute now and I might swallow my own tongue. I really can’t speak normally when he’s around.

“Hm? Why?”

The game of tag was still happening as I answered him, “Be-Because I’m going to read them?”

“Eh? No way. I won’t let them go.” I pursed my lips when I heard that. His tone was childish and selfish. He definitely sounded like a child. I was about to say something when he added, “I don’t let go of the things I’m deeply interested in.”

His voice chimed in my head. Something in the tone he used as he said those words gave me goosebumps that I slowly turned to him. His face this time was serious and his eyes were looking straight into mine. It was such a powerful gaze that my mind went blank, my heart stopped and the rustling of the leaves faded. It was just the two of us. The sound of the surrounding was shut out. Everything disappeared, only me and those two gleaming green eyes of his. His eyes were screaming that he meant what he said.

“Kidding~!!” he suddenly said in a high pitched voice which snapped me back from what seemed to have been a trance. I could see the surroundings again. I could hear the rustling of the leaves again. I could feel the wind on my skin again. He immediately released the books and smiled widely, the same smile that he shows everyone. Then he grunted as he stood up, dusted the dirt off his slacks and smiled at me again, “Well, see you around, Mirai Akane-chan.”

Then as he turned his back to leave, a gust of wind blew the pink leaves to the sky. His chocolate-kissed hair danced with them and the scent he left tickled my nose. Looking at his wide back, I can’t help but wonder what that was I felt awhile ago. He momentarily showed me another side of him. Well, was it? Or was I just imagining things? He felt really dangerous and scary. Was that the result of reading too much horror stories?

I do hope it’s just my imagination.

I do hope that that malicious smile he wore as he turned his back was just my imagination.

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