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Chapter 6

I heard the faint sound of the police siren and murmurs. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the colors red and blue flashing on the white door. A lot of people were outside, crowding the apartment. I tried batting my eyelids and searched for something familiar for I was confused as to what was happening and why I was in an ambulance when it suddenly came to me like a bolt of lightning---someone's after me.

I bolt up that my head cringed I winced.

"Akane!" Upon hearing that familiar voice, I looked beside me and there was Aoi Jin. Worry written all over his face. He scooted closer to me and covered my shoulders with the blanket that I had tossed beside, "How are you feeling?"

"Wh...What's going on?" I had to force my voice out because my throat felt so dry and my heart continued to pound hard in my chest. I was sweating and my hands were ice cold, so was the sweat dripping from my temples. I looked around me---at the people crowding and at the police cars. There were three police cars. "What's with...with the crowd?"

"I'm sorry," he'd said which made me turn to him. "I called the police after seeing what happened to your apartment."

I looked at him when a question popped. "Why were you there?"

He looked taken aback by my question but that was only for a second because he'd grabbed his bagpack sitting beside him and zipped it open as he showed me what was inside, "I forgot to return your laptop."

"Oh," I said, a little relieved I had forgotten to take the laptop back. If I hadn't...

"Here," he'd wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him. "I'm sorry. I should've asked about your problems."

Feeling his warmth and the kindness in his voice, tears started to well up, "I-It's okay. I wasn't really planning to tell anyone... But this... Those writings on the wall...." My voice had croaked when the tears started falling one after another as I held onto the blanket to wrap myself and gripped it tight, "I was so scared..."

He'd gently ran his hands on my shoulders up and down. "Shh... I swear, I'm gonna help you catch this lunatic, alright?"

I nodded. A little bit later, a police officer approached us. He had neatly combed black hair and green eyes that had reminded me of Minoru. He was a big man, seeing how he'd blocked the light. "Excuse me, uhh... Miss Mirai. I'm sorry for interrupting but are you the tenant of that room?" I nodded. The officer heaved a deep breath, "We would like to ask you some questions."

"What?" Aoi Jin had said, "Did you see what happened in there? Don't you think you already have enough evidence there? Can't you see she's trembling scared? Just ask her tomorrow when she's relieved of her shock."

Before the officer could say anything, I tapped Jin on the chest as I sat properly, "It's okay. I'm fine." I looked at the officer, "I'd be very happy to answer your questions if it would be of any help..."

He nodded, "How do you do in school, Miss Mirai? Do you have a lot of friends?"

I shook my head. "I only have one friend."

He nodded again as he pulled out a small notebook from his pocket and started jotting stuff. "So you're not entirely friendly or known in school? Only a few people know you, say, friends of your friend?" I nodded and he jotted again. "Have you ever done something that might make those people hate you?" I shook my head. He continued, "Or a prankster, maybe."

"They won't do something that cruel," I answered.

He shrugged, "We'll never know. We're thinking of the possibilities here and to narrow it down to the suspect, we have to think of the possibilities because sometimes, Miss Mirai, people are not what they seem to be."

I looked at him and tried to decipher what he'd said because I knew there was a deeper meaning to that. I wanted to ask him something but decided not to, "You're right, officer. But I bet you my life it's not any of those people."

He looked me in the eye and a small smile escaped from him, "Alright." He closed the small notebook and slid it inside the back-pocket of his pants and nodded at me, "We'll get back to you when we have a lead. Of course, we'll need your cooperation. We will investigate your apartment further and for that, do you have a place to stay?"

Before I could answer, Jin tapped my shoulder, "She'll stay with me."

The officer nodded and told me to get a few of my things. He wanted me to clear the apartment because the suspect might come back. What's scarier is that I think that wherever I'd go or whoever I'm with, that person would still know.

That aside, I can't stay at Jin's.

"Uhh, Jin," I said as I zipped my bag close and hung it on my shoulder. "I'd hate to impose. I mean, you've already helped me out. A lot."

"What are you trying to say?"

"I'll be fine on my own. I'll just stay at Marumi's."


I gave him a reassuring smile, "It's okay. I'll be fine, I promise. Thank you for the offer, really."

His shoulders dropped. He heaved a deep breath and smiled at me, "Just call me whatever happens alright? I'll be there wherever I am."

"Yeah. Thanks, really."

I looked at my apartment again. I scanned the whole room. The writings on the wall and the scattered pieces of fragments on the floor, the torn sofa and couches, the broken t.v, it's as if someone threw a tantrum here.

Why would someone do that?

My eyes flew to the writings on the wall: I told you to look only at me.

Whoever the person was, he must've wanted me to pay attention only to him. But why? Because I talked to Jin? Was that it? Was he there when I passed the time at the convenience store?

I closed my eyes to clear my head and just as I did, Minoru-senpai's face flashed in my head. I opened my eyes again and my heart had pounded violently in my chest as I looked at the place.

Somehow, I feel as if he had been here. Or maybe it's just me missing him, gee. I hope I'd see him tomorrow. I'm sure I'd feel safer around him.

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