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What happens when your perfect sweet life turns upside down, you start getting haunted by a stalker and each passing second becomes an agony..? Raine Cooper, a 17 year old bubbly social sweet heart goes to Gilberg High School. She has a perfect life anyone could ask for; perfect grades, amazing parents, loyal friends, high fan following on social media...what could go wrong?... This book is my own written originally and is a short story.Please avoid copyright All characters, names and scene described in the book are fictional and have nothing to do with real life Contains bloody scenes and sad moments so read at your own risk(and avoid negative comments about story,but anything that I can improve in the story is welcomed)

Thriller / Horror
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Author;s Note

Hi guys!
Thank you soooooooo much for taking out your precious time and choosing to read my story.
I love and appreciate each and every reader because every little reader is close to my heart as I myself am a huge book worm.🙈

Please kindly show some love and vote for the story so that more sweet people like you can get a chance to read this and appreciate my story by sharing it with your friends as well..

I love you guys so much and Im sorry in advance for the grammatical not a perfect writer but I put my heart into everything I do💕

Enjoy reading my marshmallows


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