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An isolated area. That's where they decided to take a holiday. He pitied them because they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. Looking through the window as his creator walked towards them. He welcomed them with his best smile. Only if they were aware of the dangers underneath that seemingly harmless smile and face. The joy and happiness in their eyes were crystal clear as they were led inside the mansion. With him only watching through the window upstairs, knowing fully well that they just walked into the devil's dungeon.

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter one


I'm really excited writing a book like this...hope y'all enjoy and please don't forget to like,comment and lemme know what you think of it by leaving a review😉♥️. It's mostly written in the third person. Lol😁...enjoy


Author's P.O.V

"Y'all welcomed to the palace Mansion. If that's what you'll call it" Mystro, the creator said.

This place was indeed fantastic. A pool in the middle of the mansion and surrounded by the forest. It's what anyone would call heaven on Earth.

He led them inside. Closing the door, welcoming them to a world they'd wish they never stepped into.

"Wow. Here's indeed beyond beauty" Meg said. You could see the small bump on her stomach when you studied it closely.

She had a short blonde her ending at her shoulders. Her petite figure made her look more beautiful.

Chandeliers had decorated the ceilings and the floors were made of glass making her boyfriend, Ken hold onto her tightly.

They were all in Ash ripped jeans and a white top which had summer holidays boldly written on it.

" But why are we the only ones here?" Scarlett, the red haired girl asked looking straight into his eyes.

She held her twelve year old sister, Vanessa's hand tightly. She was the smart one. The inquisitive one .

She felt something off about this place. She knew he was different. He knew she was different

"Well you just arrived early!!!" Mystro replied her but deep down he knew she didn't accept her excuse.

"So, there'll be others soon...right?" Alfred, the black haired guy said.

Another minute of silence stole the moment again. With his wierd smile still on, he didn't reply.

"Guys...Just stop okay. It's just a two week holiday. " Elena said and smiled revealing her dimples.

She had a long black hair reaching her waist. She was dark in complexion and had great body features.

"Yes Scarlett. You're just spending two weeks here. Relax and enjoy" Mystro, the creator said.

Looking straight into her eyes, he knew he had to act fast.

"Without not wasting much time,I'd like to show your rooms" He said bowing his head like a prince asking a princess for a dance

As he led them upstairs, his success, who saw all from a place they couldn't see him, had to just watch everything in silence. From the beginning to the end.

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