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Chapter two

" Wow...This is like a mansion in another mansion!!" Derek, the black haired guy said. Out of all the guys, he was the tallest and the one with a lot of muscles

He had his ears pierced and his girlfriend, Elena's name tattooed on his right forearm. She held onto Derek tightly as he leaned in, pegging her lips.

" Yh...this room is indeed like another mansion in a mansion." Elena said and giggled.

"And it's all yours" Smiling broadly at Derek, Mystro said.

If only they'd studied the tone he used, they wouldn't be overjoyed of staying in this place.

He told them it was his duty to make them feel comfortable when Elena thanked him a million times.

His success, watching from afar shook his head. Only if they knew what his creator meant by that.

Scarlett and her sister, Vanessa were they only ones left after Mystro showed the others their rooms.

Following carefully behind him, Vanessa held onto her sister's hand tightly. A quiet type she was, but a smart one too. She didn't like this place but was afraid to say it. They wouldn't believe her anyway.

"This will be your room, Scarlett" Opening a door revealing a magnificent room no words could explain, he said

She shivered at the way her name rolled on his tongue.

"I'll share my room with my sister" Scarlett told him, sensing that her sister was scared by the way she held her hands.

Mystro looked like someone in his forties but is that his actual age?. His head was bald and his attire, unexplainable.

"Your wish is my command"

With that, she entered the room and shut the door right to his face.

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