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Chapter three

Settling in was great for the first week. Taking a tour around the mansion, exploring the place, trying different kind of foods and so many things.

Blinded by the beauty of everything inside, they forgot that they were the only ones there. Forgetting the saying, not all that glitters is gold.

He couldn't do anything. He was his creator's first experiment and was young at that time. All he could do was to keep quiet and watch them die over and over again from afar.

After all, he wasn't human. He couldn't feel pain, anger, love. All he wanted was to be a full success and not a failure so he could be freed.

No one knew he existed there. He was kept in a room none of them knew except his creator. Waiting to be freed by his creator, Mystro, if he becomes a full success.

Surrounded by machines made in a way he could see them from afar.

Even though he couldn't feel anything, deep down he pitied them for stepping here. A place of no escape.


"Let's go home, Scarlett" Vanessa said.

They were both on the bed. Scarlett had her head on her sister's lap.

"Okay...I don't even like here too. Let's pack"

Getting up, they both packed their things in about five minutes.

Scarlett was in a fitting white dress which reached mid thigh with her hair held up in a messy bun.

Vanessa was just in a blues jeans and a white top which had, missing home boldly written on it.

" Let's go and inform the others" holding Vanessa's hand, she said taking their bags in her other hands

They were all in the first floor.

"We're leaving" Scarlett said to her friends who were busily playing a video game in the living room.

They all were happy excluding these two people who only knew something was wrong.

Ken and Meg was cuddling on a sofa as they watched the others play their game.

Looking at Scarlett with puzzled eyes, they stopped what they were doing.

"Are you for real, Scarlett" Derek said looking straight into Scarlett's eyes like she was mad

"Yes....I don't know why you guys are blinded by the beauty here. Can't you see we're the only ones here?. There's something off about this place. I'm not staying here anymore. Y'all can choose to stay but Nessa and I are done living in this shit hole" Scarlett yelled.

Her voice echoed through the house as the air around them became thicker.

"We have one week more, Scarlett. Nothing can go wrong" Meg said.

She tried to open their eye but none seemed to understand her.

All this while, they were watching....both the creator and his success. He had to move fast.

"This place is amazing" Alfred said.

"Screw y'all... We're leaving"

"No one is leaving dear...not today, not Tomorrow, never" A voice said behind them.

Turning around looking puzzled, they all looked at shocked and scared of what they were met with.

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