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Chapter four

They should have listened to her but it was too late now. They backed away in fright. They knew there was no way out.

Thinking twice, they should have listened to dear Scarlett but that wouldn't have changed anything either.

"What do you mean,Mr. Mystro?" Meg sarcastically said while rubbing her abdomen.

She thought the man was insane. The more he walked closer to them, the more they backed away.

"Mystro....hmmm" Mystro smirked.

Taking an ass from his long dirty coat, he threw it straight towards Meg,landing on her stomach. They all gasped making him laugh.

They shivered when Meg's blood flowed like a river on the glass floor. The ass kept her in position on the wall as her soul left all

"I prefer you call me the creator".


They all dispersed in any place they thought safe. Vanessa and Scarlett found an old basement down floor.

Opening it carefully with her heart beating at an accelerating speed, she shoved her sister in first before she followed.

"It's gonna be all right" She assured Nessa who was silently crying.

"I'll find you all...actually I like playing hide and seek" The Creator's voice echoed through the house.


Mystro's P.O.V

Only six more to go. I have to kill them all over and over again to quench my anger.

Taking a knife, I walked into the kitchen. I don't have powers but being a scientist really helped a lot. The watch on my hand directed me to the kitchen.

Two were hiding there. They thought I wouldn't find them when they just walked into my trap.

"I know you're here" I said and laughed. I knew two were hiding here.

Walking behind the fridge was a trembling Derek and Elena with knives as their weapons. That even made me laugh because I'm immortal.

They both stabbed me but I didn't shift. Pulling the knives out of my stomach, I sliced their throat as I watched them fall on my shoes.

" I'm loving this"

I did this to make, Alex a full success. After all these years, I've finally being able to create someone who was a half success and not a failure. I'm taking my revenge.

I knew he was watching. This had to make him stronger.

"Four more to go"

Walking outside, my watched beeped again alerting me of another two hiding in the room behind the pool outside.

Taking a gun this time, I walked outside straight to where my watch led me.

Opening the door, they gasped when they saw me. Not waiting to hear another stupid word from Alfred and ken, I shot them about twenty times as their blood flowed in my direction.

Dragging their bodies from the room, I threw it in the pool and watched as the once blue color turn to red.

"Only two more...Scarlett and little Nessa" I smirked.

I knew perfectly where she would hide, the basement room.


Scarlett's P.O.V

The basement door opened as our worst nightmare walked towards us. I knew we were dead now.

I knew it from when we stepped here for the first time. He had no weapon. Looking left and right to find something, I found none

Nessa was crying making him smirk more. I held her hands tightly as we both took steps backwards till our backs met the wall.

"What do you want from us?!" I yelled at him making him laugh even harder. I was crying.

"Nessa...come here" he said looking straight into Nessa's eyes.

"No!" Nessa said.

"Okay then" he said smiling. That same evil smile.

I was still looking some where for something to defend us. That's when a gunshot was fired.

Nessa's hands left mine. She fell down. Her once white pretty dress was now red.

I was speechless. I ran towards him shouting but he caught me and in one swift movement, he twisted my head making me fall.

Before the darkness consumed me to another life I don't know, I took one last look at my sister.

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