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Chapter five

25 years later,

They were reincarnated,all seven of them in the places they were killed. At this time, his success had grew into a young emotionless adult.

Unlike his Creator's other experiment who became failures and died, he was immortal. Still kept in a machine with his eyes wide opened, his pretty face wore no smile.

He had to watch them die again and again and again.

Finding one another wasn't easy after being reincarnated again. They all met in the living room. Nothing had changed

What they didn't know was the creator was still watching them.

"What the fuck happened to us?" Meg said in a hilarious tone. She was still pregnant.

ken held her closer to his chest as she wept.

"No idea...but I remember I was killed by that Jerk face" Alfred said looking at where he was shot...The blood was still visible.

"I....I think we've being brought back to life"Vanessa said in a low tone but they all heard her.

"Like..reincarnation. Does that even exist" Ken said and laughed.

"We're not kidding here...." Elena said annoyed at his behavior.

"What's today's date?" Scarlett said looking at all of them hoping someone was wearing a watch.

"25th February, 2991" Vanessa said

They all looked at each other, trying hard to believe that it's true

"No....this can't be. I wanna go home." Meg said as she cried hugging Ken tightly.

They thought about how their love ones back home would be thinking they're dead by now.

"We don't have time...we have to escape very fast. Who knows if we might not be reincarnated again if he killed us again." Scarlett whispered.

She knew he was watching them.


He watched them as they tried to escape but there was none. Their car worked no more.

Crying wouldn't solve a thing, they consoled Meg.

They felt lost and confused. The mansion was now a puzzle they couldn't solve.

His success was watching it all while waiting to be set free,not knowing why his creator was still keeping him in a machine. He had no clue why he had to watch them die over and over again.

His creator found them confused in the living room. He started his killing process again but they proved stubborn this time.

Learning their lesson 25 years ago, they struggled to survive this time.

"Guys .. hurry" Scarlett yelled with their new hide out door wide open. She closed it when Meg, the last one entered.

This door was made of metal so he couldn't get through.

"This is my mansion...I have all the keys" Mystro yelled as he stood behind the door.

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