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Chapter six

None of them wanted to die again. The place was dark. Ken held onto a crying Meg.

Afraid, scared, frightened...none could explain what they felt. Holding onto one another was all they could do.

That was when Scarlett spotted a wooden door. It might be an escape, she thought.

" Guys ...wait here"She said as she stood up

"Where are you going?" Vanessa said as she held her hands tightly, afraid to let go.

Caressing her cheeks, she gave her little sister a weak smile.

She had to be strong for her.

"I'll be right back. I promise Nessa"

They watched her as she opened the door, wishing her the best.


Looking around the room full of dirt and machines she had knowledge about, she saw the success.

"Who are you?" She said as she walked closer to him. He didn't speak.

He was beautiful. His hair was black and permed around his forehead. His hazel eyes drew her closer.

The machines surrounding him amazed her.

She didn't know who he was but he knew her. Looking on the helmet machine like thing on his head was ALEX, boldly written on it.

He looked at her as she stood in front of him.

He was their last hope, she was his last hope.

"Alex...well we need your help" she said.

Still no reply. She pressed all the buttons on the table left which was connected to the machine.

The machine opened when she pressed the red button. Taking a step back, she stood in awe as she took a good look at him.

"Please my friends and I need your help...we have to escape" Scarlett said as she held onto his arm.

He looked at her. He was suppose to be emotionless but he felt something he couldn't explain for this red haired girl.

"There's no escape, Scarlett" He said in a deep voice.

"Wait...what do you mean? and how do you know my name?"

" I knew you all from the first day you stepped into this place" Alex said.

"So we're stuck here?!" She said with tears in her eyes.

He couldn't stand watching her cry. He hugged her.

He knew he loves her.

She knew she loves him

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