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Chapter seven


Thank you all for reading this short story. This is the last chapter and I'm really sorry for the mistakes I did in this story😔...



He knew he couldn't be what the creator wanted him to be. He can't be evil. He can't kill. All he can do was to love this red haired lady.

He helped them fight his creator. He knew his weak point.

When he couldn't take the torture anymore, he surrended.

"It's okay!. I never chose this life. I never chose to be immortal. At least I wasn't" he paused and took a look at his success.

"I was living a normal life with my wife and twins when they broke into my house a thousand years ago. Your ancestors did this to me! All seven of you!" He yelled again as the tears flowed down his cheeks.

They looked puzzled. Their ancestors?, A thousand years ago?.

"I know you're confused but it's true. They were all scientist and best friends too like you guys right now. I was their experiment and their success. They killed my family right in front of me and made me immortal. They wanted to be immortal. After testing their drug on me and found out it actually worked, it was too late. While making the drug, they forgot to write down the process. I watched as my wife's and children's blood flow like a river before me. They killed anyone I loved to make me emotionless!" He said

"So you decided to take your revenge on us?"Meg asked

"Yes" He said

"But why us and not our grand parents or any of their other bloodline?"Alfred asked

"Because the love you guys have for each other is strong. I wanted to see y'all die over and over again"

"But it seems I realized I was wrong. The weapons I killed you with made you reincarnated." He said

After all these explanation, he had a change of heart.

They forgave him


2 years later

Things really changed when they returned home with the creator and his success

Their lives changed. Everyone was happy.

Car racing was Alex's favorite game since he always won.

It was one of their car races that he realised she was dieing. They all knew but kept it a secret from him

"Do you have a cure?" Alex pleaded to his creator. Scarlett's head was on his laps.

"No...but she'll be reincarnated in 25 years again" Mystro said

She knew she didn't have much time left. Vanessa held her sister's hand as tears flowed freely on her smooth cheeks.

She wish she had a way out.

Mike, Meg's son held her hands

"Aunt Scarlett....where are you going?" Mike asked.

"I'm going somewhere beautiful and nice" With all the strength in her, she said as she kissed the little boy"

"When will you come back?" Mike asked again

"Hmmm...when you're getting married. Maybe when you're 27"

Her best friends stood there with tears in their eyes

" Guys, please don't be like this ... okay?" Scarlett tried so had not to cry

They all hugged her and left the room leaving her with Alex.

"Please take care of my sister" she said and wiped his tears away

"And be happy....don't think much about me" she nonchalantly said

"I'll wait for you...come back with the red hair okay?" He said trying so much to laugh and she nodded

Leaning in, he kissed her deeply showing her how much he loved her before her soul left her.

He hugged her body and cried his heart out.

"I'll wait for you Scarlett....even if it's for a thousand years."

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