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Eyes. Curious things aren't they? They take in all the information we encounter everyday, They flicker shut every now and then to remind us that they can control how much we see and don't see. But sometime or eyes are drawn to things out with our control. They gravitate towards our obsessions because they can't get enough. Sometimes they will never get enough. But they don't realise until it's too late.

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Chapter 1

It is dark inside the woods. Charcoal ink, drowns out the light shining from the moon as it scratches and claws its way after the sun set, darkening everything in its path. It drowns the burning blaze on the trees left behind by the sun as the remaining light of day vanishes behind the curve of the earth. Night.

Soft yellow lights flicker atop of deserted streets, illuminating the cold stone beneath her feet. Rhythmic beats of shoes fall in time with a racing heart as she ploughs through rain, desperate to reach a safe heaven. It's cold, she thinks as unforgiving droplets of rain fall, trickling down her coat sleeves until reaching the cuffs. They drip into puddles only to be left behind.

Tall, intimidating oaks reach for each other over the small winding path, creating an arch way through the park. Abandoned. Quiet. Forgotten leaves lie still, fading away along with the last days of Autumn. Reaching the end of the lane a small building comes into view.

Windows are closed tight and in rows along the rotting building, making it appear as though it is a prison. Cold, heavy doors keep the prisoners inside, in small little apartments they call home after a long days work. Which is precisely what Gemini happened to be doing.

Keys twisted and turned until a satisfying clank came form the lock, to reveal a small yet cosy heaven. As the door shut and sighed so did its owner. After peeling off the drowned out coat and hat to rest upon the crooked hanger, she heaved herself towards her room.

The soft, knitted cotton of pyjamas was enough to put anyone in a good mood. Small, fragile hands wrapped around a mug of tea that steamed as it came in contact with the cold air. A clatter from outside startled the soft ginger cat as it hopped up upon the counter.

The noise drew the attention of both parties towards the source. The now more aggressive rain battered against an open window, framed by two curtains which seemed to reach out for her with help from the wind. In between both arms lay an envelope with nothing but the star sign Gemini carved into it.

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