The Sunken Mystery

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After her mom ditched her, Scarlett thought she'll have to spend her spring break all by herself. But, what happens when she gets an invitation to a trip from her twin brother? Of course, she agreed, it's way better than staying at home, or that's what she thought. On this trip, she'll face lots of troubles, and hardships. Mysteries are going to re-surface, revealing things that should be kept hidden. Moreover, love will bloom inside hearts, that never thought of finding love again; Mysteries, crimes, adventures, drama, and love, awaits this young girl in this spring of her life. Meet Scarlett, an 18 years old girl, who loves solving crimes, and mysteries, as she has Sherlock Holmes as he stars, if you wanna be her friend, you better not make fun of him. Scarlett's twin brother Noah is smart, he loves his sister a lot and likes spending time with his best friends Daniel and Alexander. Meet Daniel, he's also 18, and not a Sherlock fan, even though he solves small cases now and then. Meet Alexander, another teenager, who loves adventures, and pranks. He has a joker's personality. Furthermore, he's easy-going. Those four are going on a trip to the mountains, without knowing what awaits them. The question is: how will all of this end?

Thriller / Mystery
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The Night Before The Trip

Scarlett’s POV:

Today is the worst day ever, especially with tomorrow being the first day of our spring break, but that’s not why I’m sulking in my bed and watching NetFlix like a loner. The thing is, my two best friends have made plans each with this family, well, so did I, until this morning.

But, my mum decided to ditch me, to go on a trip, with her new husband, her company is holding; leaving me behind all by myself at home, not that I’m mad at her or something since she looked so happy;

I shut down the laptop and stared at my bright pink ceiling, wondering how should I spend this week by myself, suddenly, my twin brother’s ringtone made its way to my ears as I jumped out of my bed in excitement.

Am I overreacting? Maybe.

But, you can’t blame me! I’ve been lurking around these four walls of my room the whole day, and it’s been suffocating me.

“Hey, twin, how have you been?” he asked.

“I’m great, just lurking around the house, you know”;

“Aren’t you supposed to be on holiday with mum and her whats-so-ever-called-husband?” confusion and annoyance clear in his voice as he asked.

“well, it was canceled?” I replied, but it came out more like a question;

“So, you’re free for the whole break?”

“Yeah, I guess”;

“gimme a second there Letty”; he paused as I heard him whisper something to who-ever-he-was-with;

“um, Lett? would you be interested in tagging along with your twin and his friends to discover the mountains?”

“If you guys are okay with that, then, why not?“, I replied grinning from ear to ear, hoping this trip would be something special;

“Yeah, we’re okay, then, we’ll pick you tomorrow at 5 am?”


As soon as he hung up, I laid back on my bed.

Noah is my twin, it’s sad that we were separated between our parents, but we always talk on the phone and hang out from time to time.

Just the idea of asking about me, but, knowing that he would always be there for me, put me at ease,

I glanced at my shoulder to see that it was midnight!

I’m thankful, I did not unpack my bags from this morning, I sigh thinking if I should make them something to express my gratitude.

Since I’m a good baker, I’ll make them some delicious cookies along with small chocolate cupcakes.

I spent the whole night working in the kitchen to secure everyone would have a fine share of each, essentially, I grew tired and passed out on the dining table;

Daniels POV:

Finally! School is over, and my spring break just started.

What could be more amazing than that?

I swung my room’s door open, as I threw my bag by the closet, I jumped on my bed making myself comfortable;

I stared at the 2 large bags lying on the floor smiling sheepishly to no one in particular, since last week, Noah, Alex (aka Alexander), and myself decided to spend this break discovering the mountains.

It’s a nice way to relieve stress, from school and everything, probably the best idea we thought of;

“Daniel?” I heard my sister’s voice from the corridor,

“what is it, Ray?”

She entered my room, taking a seat next to me, our parents were out, so we had the place to ourselves.

“Jessy and Fiona are coming for a sleepover, they’re probably going to bring their younger sisters. I thought I’d tell you.”

“Hmm, okay no problem, I’ll crash at Noah’s then, we’ll be leaving early in the morning tomorrow anyway”;

“Thanks, you’re the best”; she said as she threw her arms around my neck, “that’s me for you” I replied winking at her.

I’ m thankful, she told me about it, since I don’t want to spend the night before the trip babysitting 16 and 12 years old girls.

I quickly take out my phone as I dialed Noah’s number, “hey there”;

“Please don’t tell me you can’t make it” he winced at the other side of the phone, “what? no, I wanted to ask you, if I can crash at yours tonight, the girls are having a sleepover at ours, and maybe we call play some kind of video games?”

“oh, sure man, I’ll call Alex too”;

“Great! I’ll be there in like 10?”

“whatever floats your boat bud”, with that he hung up, I tossed the bags over my shoulder as I walked down towards my Range Rover;

Later on that night~

“Man, I need some back up here”, I shouted as I snuck into the enemy’s territory, “I’m behind-”

“Oh, it’s my mum” Noah trailed off to pick up a call from his mum, while we paused the game;

“What? No, I’m pretty sure I heard her saying her besties had their plans” I heard him say before sighing in defeat;

“She’s probably lying in her bed, I just hope she’s not crying by herself, she was excited to go there....... Nah, don’t, I’ll take care of it” with that he hung up on his mum, irritated as hell;

Both Alex and I gave him confused looks, waiting for him to explain what happened;

“Letty is probably going to spend her holiday home by herself, I’ll give her a call to check”;

soon he was talking to her over the phone, “um, gimme a second there Letty” he paused as he tilted his head over to us asking: “Would you mind if she tagged along?“;

“No, she can come,” said Alex,

“I haven’t met her yet, but why not?“; I shrugged

“Thanks, guys, I owe you tonne...” he returned to the phone asking: “um, Lett? would you be interested in tagging along with your twin and his friends on a trip to discover the mountains?“;

“Yeah, we’re okay, then, we’ll pick you tomorrow at 5 am?” he said as he hung up and sat down beside us;

“it’s been a long while since I’ve seen her” Alex mentioned before returning to the game;

“Just try not to fall for her when you see her tomorrow,” Noah replied grinning;

“So, I’m the only one who hasn’t met her before?” I asked feeling out of place, “don’t worry man, she’ll like you, unless you say something bad about Holmes” Alex replied shrugging;

“By Holmes, you mean Sherlock Holmes?“,

“yes, the one and only one”;

“you guys don’t like him or something?“, I asked while guarding the chest in the game, “Nah, it’s just that she seems like another copy of him that’s all” her brother chuckled;

“Interesting!” I replied smiling, even though, I don’t look like that, but I’m not a Sherlock fan;

Then, I saw the game paused, and my two friends were staring at me, “Daniel? are you probably hiding something from us?“;

Me: “What? NO!”

Both ( Noah & Alex): “Daniel!!“;

Me: “maybe, but it’s not that bad”;

Both: “Okay, spill!”

“Fine, fine,” I said holding my hands up in surrender; I took a dip breath and added, “remember the robbery case last week?“, they noded “they caught the culprit the day before yesterday”;

“I’m the reason behind that”; I winced not sure of their reaction, but soon enough their jaws were hanging open;

“So the mysterious kid the police mentioned, was you?“; “definitely, actually it was simple. All I had to do was lure the culprit out, then he confessed;”

“How did you know that it was him? there was no footage”, Alex asked;


“Wait, don’t answer that, let me try thinking the way my sister does first,” Noah interrupted; as he placed his hands on his chin thinking.

“If I remember correctly, everything was the same except the money that was gone,” Alex added;

“That’s it! the main clue, being able not to leave any mess behind, or appear on the security cameras means the robber is someone who knows the place well.”

“Moreover, between the suspects, her grandson, who worked there before, would be the culprit,” Noah concluded grinning like he won the lottery;

“What about the money?” Alex asked, “let’s see, the way to figure that out, would be by claiming that the police found the money; this would lower the culprit’s guard, eventually, he’ll check on his money while leading the police, who are following him, to his hideout, right?“;

“yes, we caught him in an abandoned building 7 miles away from the bakery”, I replied proud of myself.

“Wow, I never knew you were good at these kinds of stuff,” Alex exclaimed, “why do you think nobody knew who kept breaking into the school and prank the teachers?” I raised my eyebrow;

“you were leaving behind misdirecting shreds of evidence?“, Noah asked;

“Exactly what I have been doing,”

Not long after that, we all fell asleep each into a dream of his own, hoping that the next day would be the start of the best holiday ever.

Little did anyone know that this trip will ask for our lives.

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love you all, Ange De La Nuit

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