Painted Hijabs

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Na'imah has lived a life of wealth, glamour and passion with a man she believed to be her endgame. But it seems the nightmares of her past has caught up with her and with her husband's death at their divorce settlement meeting she fears for the lives of her children. Because the secrets which her and husband's marriage had been built on now threatens to swallow all that she loves most whole. Na'imah must now fight, as she had fought many years ago, for the safety of her family as well as make sure those dread secrets stay buried to ensure her children's future.

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Translation Guide.

Because this book contains much of the Hausa, Igbo and the Yoruba tribal cultures of Nigeria, I want to provide this guide to help the English readers with the pronunciation of names, translations and meanings to some of the words spoken (rather written) in any of these languages.

Allah na Sama; Hausa for "God of heaven".

Mawlid al-Nabi; an Islam festival commemorating the birth of the prophet Muhammad.

Unilag; abbreviation for University of Lagos.

Kai Amariya; a wedding ceremony native to the Hausa tribe of Nigeria, when family and friends escort the bride to her matrimonial home to be well received by the groom’s family.

Nsala soup; a soup native to the Igbo tribe of Nigeria.

Ina jin yunwa; Hausa for "I'm hungry".

Eba; a food much like pudding made from powdered cassava and eaten with any of the native soups.

Ichafu; head tie.

Kamun Amariya; a wedding ceremony native of the Hausa tribe of Nigeria, means catch the brides and it is one of the oldest and most interesting events in the Hausa wedding tradition.

Onye; Igbo for "who".

Kin tuna; Hausa for "do you remember".

Gini; Igbo for "what".

O mara nma; Igbo for "he is handsome." Or she is beautiful.

I na-anu; Igbo for "are you listening"

Kun yi shirin yin aure; Hausa for "You look ready to get married"

Atilogwu; a native dance of the Igbo culture.

Arochukwu; an Igbo community in Abia State, Nigeria.

Chineke; Igbo for "God". Usually used in exclamation.

Abin da ke faruwa; Hausa for "what is happening".

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