My Darling [Chalastor]

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The princess of hell wants to end the feud between all creatures in hell. She wants everyone to be at peace, and for that to happen, she had to open a Hotel where all creatures (demons, sinners and wore locks) could live at peace. Will she manage to make peace in hell? Will the Radio Demon woo her?....

Thriller / Romance
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The incident with the King and Queen happened about three years ago when Alastor wanted to overthrow the King. Sadly, he never stood a chance. The King is much more powerful then Alastor could’ve ever imagined. Throughout the years, the King and Queen’s daughter, Charlotte (Charlie) Magne, became the first child to be born in Hell. She was also the first child to be the Princess of Hell. She was about twenty-one thousand years old when she was on television, explaining her plans for the future.

Charlie, a twenty-one thousand-year-old, is a tall demon, with long, blonde hair and red cheeks. Her eyes are black, and her sclera is light yellow. She usually wears a black bow tie, a white shirt underneath a red tuxedo, and long black suspenders. At other times, she wears either a black suit or wears just a white shirt.

She cares about her friends and her people. She’s naive and theatrical, while also bursting with passion. Charlie does everything in her power to make everyone happy and is determined to make her kingdom into a better place. However, she can be stubborn whenever something doesn’t go her way.

Alastor, a twenty-four thousand-year-old, is a tall and very thin demon, has pale skin, sharp yellowed teeth, and short red and black tufts of hair/fur resembling deer ears. He has two small black antlers, which can grow in his demonic form. He has red in his sclera and a brighter red for the iris of the eyes; his pupils are black, which can change into radio dials in his Radio Demon form. He always keeps a broad smile on his face.

He is one of the most intimidating demons anyone has ever seen in Hell. He tried twice to overcome the King, but fail each time. Alastor was the only demon in Hell who wanted to overthrow the King, leaving him a record. He became one of the most talked-about demons in all Hell that attracts everyone.

Angeldust, a twenty-two thousand-year-old, is a tall, very slim spider demon and has fluffy hair, with pink details upon his body. His eyes do not match with one another, along with sharp teeth and a golden tooth. His clothes usually consist of a white suit with pink stripes, a black and pink bow tie, a thin black choker, pink gloves followed by black shorts and long thigh-high boots, covering the majority of his legs.

He is a very sarcastic and sassy fellow who has no problem with being reckless in his ways, known to be a bit of a prankster; he can be either a playful mess or easily destructive if he pleases.

Vaggie, a twenty thousand-year-old Salvadoran, is a grumpy, shameless, and slim woman with slightly dark skin. Her hair is white, with light pink-striped undertones and wears a big pink bow. Vaggie’s right eye is black, with light-yellow borders, and her sclera is light pink. Her left eye is missing and is replaced by a pink X.

She usually is seen wearing a pastel goth-like outfit; her dress is white with light-navy blue crosses on the chest, and a light-navy blue belt. She also wears light-navy blue evening gloves. Her right stocking is light-navy blue, and her left sock has light-pink stripes.

Charlie plans to unite all monsters, demons, and creatures to be in peace with each other. To make that happen, she needs to make a place where everyone could stay and enjoy each of there presence, which she came up with the idea of making a hotel. A hotel that rehabilitates sinners. She hired her closest friend Vaggie, to help her out with the hotel, and employ other people around Hell to help out with services.

Will Charlie Magne pull this off?

Will Charlie’s mother shut down the hotel? Will there be tension between Alastor and the King?

Will there be lovers involved?


Chapter 1: Greetings and Meetings

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