My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 9: Mistakes and Remakes pt.2

I entered the restaurant and was seated by a friendly, young fellow. He placed the menu in front of me, including the wine menu. Without hesitation, I order myself a glass of red wine. He smiled and walked off.

I open the menu, and with my index finger, I ran it down the entire list and moved my eyes rapidly to see what to order. As time went by, the television in front of me, in the top right corner, shouted some news.

“Today, on 666 news, we have Intel that Miss Charlotte Magne is in a relationship with the Radio Demon!” Katie Killjoy said, full of excitement. I furrowed my eyebrows and grin.

Everyone in the restaurant looked at me with confused looks and angry looks. My eyes gave an unsatisfactory stare to all the demons in the restaurant, making me get up and grin fully walk away.

After teleporting away, I walk down the streets of hell to only get bombarded by news reporters and such. I completely ignored everybody and pushed them all to the side as I walked inside the comfortable hotel.

Once I placed my foot on the red carpet, I saw Charlie running towards me. Her hands were in fists and her face full anger. I smile to her and bow before her, getting a slap across the face. I get up with an unpleasing face, as I looked down on Charlie.

“Do you have any idea how much trouble I’m going to get into with my parents?!” She explodes with euphoria. I gulped and tried to keep my grin up, ear-to-was, but fail.

“Come with me, sweetheart, let’s sit down and talk about this,” I say, featuring my hand. She ignores my hand and walks up to one of the waiting chairs. She sits down, arms crossed, and lip twitched to the side.

“How could this had happened! No one was supposed to see us up there!” She yelled. She placed her hands on her head as she screamed with agony. She threw her head back and threw it forwards to her legs.

“Look, sweetheart, we’re going to make this work. Media is the media; your parents won’t think I’m dating you—”

“Don’t you lay a finger on our daughter!” The king yelled as he marched his way, threw the front doors, followed up by the queen.

I get up with a straight face and bow before them. The stop before reaching me, and before I knew it, I felt another slap across the face by the queens soft hands.

“Charlotte Magne, come here this instant!” The queen yelled to her daughter. I slowly rise from my bow and notice a sad Charlie walking up to her parents. I sighed and looked at Charlie one last time before they took her away.

“You are forbidden to see my daughter.” The king said, before leaving with Charlie and the queen. Charlie looked back to see me with a sad expression on her face. I then mouthed to her.

“You’ll see me soon, princess.”

She sighs and looked back at the direction she was headed out of the hotel. I scratched my head as I walked out as well. I locked up the hotel and was heading back to my apartment when Vaggie came out of nowhere and placed her index finger on my chest.

“Eres un Hijo de puta!” She exclaimed.

“How can you date Charlie when you KNOW the history—”

“I’m not dating her!” I yelled at her. She froze for a second, but only a second, before snapping back at me.

“What do you mean you’re not dating her? It’s all over the news!” She yelled at me once more, poking me in the chest multiple times. I grabbed her finger and pushed it to the side. I walk away from her only to feel a tug in my arm.

“We are not dating, and we never will, I assure you,” I said with a sad tone of voice. She nodded her head and let go of my arm. I sighed and walked the farthest I could walk before teleporting myself to my apartment.

I undressed before flopping on my so-called bed. I look up at my ceiling and breathe out:

I’m tired of this uneven pain inside me..” I closed my eyes and put my body to rest.

Why the hell is this happening to me?

Do I have feelings for the madam?

Charlotte Magne, huh?...

I’m surprised that the rumor spread faster then I expected...

Maybe I will become king...

I just need her to fall in love with me...


Chapter 10: Discovering Feelings

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