My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 11: Discovering Feelings pt.2

“Welcome back! Please give a round of applause for our King and Queen!” Killjoy screamed as they walked in. My eyes felt tired, and my heart sank to the bottom of my body.

“Thank you for having us here, Katie,” The Queen said with her giddy and rough personality. They both smiled at the screen, making me want to vomit from the awkward situation.

“So, You said you had some important news to share with everyone in hell?” Katie said, full of excitement and concern. The Queen and King smiled and walked closer to the screen.

“From the lack of age, we have decided that our daughter, Charlotte Magne, will be having an arranged marriage!” The King said, making my mouth drop.

Dust looked at me while my eyes glued to the television. He had waved my god various times in front of me, but I couldn’t take my eyes away from the monitor for a second.

“Charlie, get in the shot!” Lilith, the Queen, told her daughter to come on screen, and sure enough, she did. She walked in the frame and looked down, embarrassed, and shut disappointed.

I finally was able to snap back into reality and blink my eyes. I turn around and look at Dust. He smiled brighter and brighter, realizing who I started developing feelings for. He squealed like a high school girl and paced around my space bubble.

“I can’t believe it! You like Charlie!” Dust said loudly enough where everyone in the bar heard them. They all looked at me with disgusted faces, making me growl under my breath.

I pull Dust outside the bar and slap him across the face, backhand style. He held onto his cheek and gave an unsettling expression.

“Next time, keep your voice down, knucklehead,” I said with a chuckle at the end. He understood but then began to jump up and down in excitement. I scratched the back of my head and lowered my head slightly.

“But What are you going to do? You heard the King; she’s getting married!” Dust said, making come back to reality. I sighed and placed one of my hands on his shoulder.

“I-I’m not sure..I’m only just now realizing that I have feelings..right now, I need some time to think about it Dust..see you later,” I said to him, retrieving my hand from his shoulder. I turn around and walk back inside the bar, telling the bartender to give me five shots.

Why the fuck am I feeling this way about this dumb demon?

How come when I’m around her, I get so nervous?

I hate getting flustered!

But I mean, this could be the right way of gaining her love and maybe ask her to marry me. Perhaps I’m a step ahead than I thought I was...

Maybe it could work! If I fall in love with her or made her think I am, then she would have to say yes to my proposal!

This is perfect! The only bad thing is, she has an arranged marriage. I need to act fast before the whole marriage thing happens.

I need to be the prince that leads hell. I can’t let Charlie down, and I certainly cannot let hell down. I need to think quick!


Chapter 8: Old Friend

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