My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 12: Old Friend

After half a dozen shots, I decided to retrieve and head back to my apartment. As I was pushing myself up from the stool bar, I felt a strong force hit me on the head. Moments later, my body fell onto the floor, and my head bopped once or twice before landing utterly flat on the floor. My eyes started to close when I saw the silhouette of a man approaching.

The noise around me started to hurt my ears. My eyes wouldn’t open, but the rest of my body could move. I struggle to let myself free, but for some odd reason, my staff wasn’t in my hand, and both of my hands were tied together behind my back.

When I finally could open my eyes. The only thing I saw was black. I moved my head to the sides, and apparently, the blindfold started to come down my face. I could finally see, and the blindfold was now on top of my nose, making me observe my surroundings. I noticed I was in a place where there wasn’t that much light and a place that didn’t have any doors.

I got outraged, which made my radio dials go crazy, and my flames come from behind. The fire had burned all the rope, which someone used to tie me up.

Why would somebody in their right mind try to kidnap me when I am the most powerful and most intimidating demon in hell...

Apart from Satan, of course.

I managed to pull myself up from the ground only to notice marks on my arms of someone forcefully trying to hurt me. I shrug it off and start to walk around the room. I gently caress the walls to feel the texture of the walls. In my opinion, it’s not very good material. And by the looks of it, it looks like it’s Clay and it’s not the right kind, is the crappy kind.

Before I was even able to examine the whole four-wall room, a camera appears from the right corner and begins to talk:

“Well, good afternoon Mr. Radio Demon! Just a friendly reminder, you are on the east side of hell” My eyes widen as I realized where I was exactly. My staff was nowhere to be found, which meant that no one would be looking for me.

“The first activity for today is to fix you!” The person behind the camera said. Seconds later, a shelf appears on the wall with many bottles of pills and needles. I growl underneath my breath and realize who these people where.

“All those pills and needles are to help you! With that substance inside those needles, will heal you right up!” The demon behind the camera said. I smiled with my head down and thought of a plan.

“Well, you see kind, sir, I can’t accept this. Since I don’t know what contains in it, I will have to refuse it,” I smile at the camera as I approached it. I heard a tched from him, which made a door appear revealing an old friend of mine.

“My man, how is life treating you?” I ask my good old friend, Husk. He comes closer and hugs it out. We back away, and he then gestures me to go with him to the shelf.

“Alastor, my team and I are trying to help you with your condition. Here are the papers with the information required on which substances are inside the needles, so you don’t think that I’m trying to kill you or something,” Husk says with a snarky laugh. I grab the papers from his hands and read the information.

“Fine. I will trust you because you’re an old friend of mine.” I snickered and poked the needle inside of me. I wince in pain for a moment before closing my eyes and sighing as the liquid runs through my veins. I pull it out and put a small band-aid in it, which was circular.

“And to answer your question from before, I’ve been alright I guess. My wife left me because I was a total jerk to her: her words, not mine. And yeah, that’s about about you, How’s your life been?” He asked me as he pours me a glass of water to drink some pills.

“I’ve been..confused lately, but that’s for another cup of wine, Husk.” I laugh at my joke, not receiving a laugh from him. I clear my throat and shake off my awkwardness.

“Quick question, why in Satans name am I here for?...I’m supposed to be on the west side of hell dealing with some endeavors for Char— for a friend of mine, I mean,” I said with a hint of pink growing on my cheeks. I growl in agony and slap myself.

“We’ll talk about your friend later. The reason why you’re on this side of hell is that my team is too lazy to go to the Westside so, we moseyed on over to the Eastside and dragged you back to the west side!” Husk said as he scratched the back of his head. I sighed and placed my hand on his shoulder.

“I’m going to need my staff back,” I say to him, using my hand on his shoulder to hurt him slightly. He aches to the side and walks me to my staff outside the four clay walks.

“You know, Alastor, we should hang out sometime. It’s been like what...Two weeks?” Husk asked me with a punch in the right arm as a joke. I chuckle and tighten my bow.

“Yeah, it’s been over two weeks,” I say, surprised. And walk down the halls of his agency, I couldn’t help but notice Husk: he was wearing black jeans and dress shoes. And the one thing that caught my surprise was a big scar on his left arm that was now scabbed.

“Husk, Who hurt you?” I asked him, concerned. He sighed and moved his face ninety degrees and looked at me.

“I w-was an incident with a demon a while biggie,” Husk said as he turned his face so he could know where he was walking to. I was behind him and y the links of it; he wasn’t enjoying being alone.

I observe the agency. After the four walls I was in, the finest compare to the ones I see now. Husk didn’t say another word after I asked him about the scar. The noise of the walking started to irritate me, making me whistle to ease the pain.

We finally arrived at a door that gloomed green, saying: exit. I chuckled, and we walked inside. Inside I found multiple people working on computers and such. As we continued to walk, the only thing heard was the clicking of the keyboard and the scrolling of the mouses.

“Here,” Husk said, handing over my staff.

“Sorry to cut this short, my friend, but I must be on my way! Have a wonderful time, tootles!” I said to Husk as I started getting my staff up and running. Before I could leave, Travis grabbed my hand and stared at me.

“Come visit me sometime, alright?..”

“Of course! You can count on it! And thank you, everyone, for helping me out with my condition!” Those were the last words I said before being teleported to the west side of hell.

Arriving at the West side of hell made me feel secure in a way. I tighten my staff and brush off the remainings of the demons in the teleportation center.

I can’t believe Husk is helping me get rid of this cancer running throughout my veins...

It’s stage three, and that meant I could die.

Luckily enough, my good friend was there to help me, and I’m glad he was...


What to do about Charlie...

I walked up to the hotel and bit my bottom lip. I got too nervous and was about to turn around and walk away from the hotel when Dust comes running towards me and pulling me inside.

The area where he grabbed me, I started to feel pain in my arm. He didn’t notice because he was such in a hurry to get inside. By the time we were inside the hotel, no one had bothered to look at us. Two demons are running into a hotel giving no shits about anything.

Dust runs were approaching Charlie, which made us both lock eyes before he passed her. Dust pulls me all the way upstairs. Meanwhile, Charlie was coming upstairs as well, following us.

Dust immediately opens the door behind me, shoves me inside and closes the door behind him, making sure Charlie didn’t follow.

“Soo, tell me when and why you started to develop feelings for Charlie! I. Want. Every. Detail.” As he said that sentence, he included clapping. I chuckled and got up from the floor. I sat in the chair at the desk, and he sat on the bed, legs crossed and ears ready.

“Well, if you must know.”

Dust leans his face down, where his hands were using him to support himself and slightly tilted his head to the side with a big smirk.

“To completely forward with you, I don’t quite understand why I have been.. encountering feelings for the madam,” I say, slowly taking my eyes off of Dust to look at my hand.

“I understand she is quite beautiful and has a very kind heart, but apart from that, I don’t understand why I can’t get her off my mind!” I say, looking back at Dust. The only bing I saw in his eyes where: this is so cute, my friend likes someone...and we know that someone!

“It’s obvious, my dude, you have a crush on our friend. I don’t blame you; I like Vaggie!” Dust said, speeding his positivity around my bubble of persona space. We both laugh internally.

“I guess you’re right. I just didn’t want it to be true...” I say as I lowered my voice. I then received a hug from Dust, making me chuckle as I taped his back gently, letting him know I was done with the hug. He backs away and flops on to the bed, full of excitement.

“Speaking of Vaggie, when are you going to tell her your love feelings towards her?” I say with a smirk appearing in my face. His cheeks bloom a shade of pink as he smiled.

“I am planning on telling her tomorrow night when I ask her out, of course,” Dust said, getting up from the bed.

“Would you mind coming with me to pick out a nice outfit to wear?” Dust asked me, twiddling his thumbs. I smirk and nod my head a yes. As I got up to open the door, Dust stopped me from looking in the peeping hole in the door.

He gasps as he sees someone outside the door, eavesdropping on the conversation. I get all fired up and was about to knock down the door when Dust, once again, stops me.

“It’s Charlie”


Chapter 13: Now or Never

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