My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 13: Now or Never

My eyes widen, and my mouth grew an even bigger grin. I cleared my throat before I allowed Dust to open the door. He reached for the knob when we heard Charlie ran away from the door. I sigh in relief that I didn’t have to face her, but I need to talk to her.

Dust opens the door, and we both exit the room. We started heading downstairs when I see Charlie, in my peripheral vision, in the corner of my eye. I turned my head completely to face the direction the princess was. Charlie was talking with a customer so, I didn’t bother her. I turned and continued to walk forward.

Damn feelings...

I’m fucking getting nervous.

This is called: bullshit.

Dust and I exited the building as quick as possible to not bump into the King and Queen and especially Charlie. My heart sank all the way to rock bottom, where there wasn’t any way of coming back up. My head bopped up and down as we headed to the so-called mall to find a cute outfit for Dust to wear.

I just wished I knew what was going inside Charlie’s head right now.

Did she hear everything?

Did she arrive when I said I started developing feelings for her?

Did she hear...why I want to marry her?

We walked into this cute store, which sold many suites: black with red horizontal lines with black dress pants and dress shoes or Visa versa. Dust ran to a white and black suit and looked for his size meanwhile; I looked for something myself.

After a while of searching, Dust and I headed into the changing rooms and changed. I had picked out a red suit with black vertical lines, which included black dress pants and shoes. I tightened my red bow and shuffled my hair in place before walking out.

“Alastor...I’ve never been so turned on~,” Dust said, placing his hand on my chest and leaning his face close to mine. I grinned brightly as my eyes were shot open from the situation.

“W-would you look at the time! W-we should mosey on back to the hotel!” I said, awkwardly. He hmphs and backs away with an unpleasant face. I look at his suite and applaud. He turns his face to see me and bows with a smirk.

“That suite suits you, Dust! You should buy it,” I winked at him only to receive a growl.

“What? That was a good pun!” I say, all fired up and excited. We both back into the changing rooms and changed back into our original clothes and went to go pay.

Before coming up to the cash register, I pulled Dust to the side, and we hid in the clothing section. He gave me a confused look, but I ignored him as I teleported us away.

We teleported back to the front of the hotel, with a surprised friend next to me. He had his jaw to the ground; meanwhile, I brushed off the blood from the teleportation. I then picked up his jaw and put it back in its place.

“You can fucking teleport?! You beast~” he said seductively. I ignored him and opened the door for him. He bowed with a thank you, and we entered the hotel. To my surprise, I didn’t see Vaggie or Charlie anywhere, giving me the upper hand. I dropped Dust off at the Hotel and was heading back to the front door when I see Charlie.

I have to talk to her.

I don’t have a choice; she might have heard me.


I gulped before heading over to Charlie. My hands trembled as my entire body did as well. She saw me come over and immediately turned around to do some work when she was just ignoring me. I approach her and place my suite on the counter, gaining her attention.

“My dear, may I speak to you? Privately..” I lowered my voice, but never my eyes aww form her face. Her cheeks bloom a light pink shade, and she nods slowly. I smile at her and grab my suite. I followed her into a room witch ticked me off. I felt my breath become more burdensome by the second.

I close the door behind me and sit on the corner of the bed. She sat on the opposite side of me with her face lowered down. I cleared my throat, gaining her attention. We looked at each other’s eyes, and all I could feel inside was the dead moths blooming inside my stomach.

“C-Charlie, I need to tell you something..” I said, twisting my thumbs. She looked at me with even brighter cheeks.

“Y-you said my n-name—”

“Somehow, I managed to develop feelings for you!” I exclaimed. She widens her eyes and looked at me with shock. She sighed, grabbing my attention. She smiled hugely and scooted over close to me.

“I know, Alastor,” She said with a genuine smile. I felt my face getting warmer but ignore it. She placed her hand on my face and caressed my cheek with her thumb. She chuckled and slightly snorted when I had my thinking cap on.

Do I want to kiss her?

Do I want her that badly?

My emotions...

My heart...

I can’t stop thinking about the time we kissed up in the tallest tower in hell...

I want to kiss her!

I use my hand and place it on her hip, pulling her on my lap. She gasped at the motion but still managed to smile through it. She put her hands on my neck. Meanwhile, I pulled her closer to me. We both stared into each other eyes for quite sometime before I felt my emotions wrap me up.

She slowly came closer to my face, where our lips met. We stayed in an unmoving position for quite sometime before our mouths began to move in sync. I felt how her hands moved in sync from our kissing movement. She slowly moved her hands in between my hair and started messing it up; meanwhile, I held her by her waist.

As our lips slowly sucked each other’s lips, our tongues began to dance inside our mouths. Inside our mouths was a thick paste of saliva surrounding the inner corner of our mouths. We slowly parted away for air and looked into each other’s eyes. We panted from the make-out session and slowly but Shirley, his hands slid down to my neck, which she caressed with her my thumb.

“A-Alastor...this is w-wrong in so many w-ways..” Charlie said, pulling her hands away from my neck to place them on her legs. I wiped my mouth and smiled at her. I pull her onto my lap, and she gasps.

I want to please you~," I said seductively, placing my hand underneath her chin as I pulled her into a soft kiss. I backed her away, and immediately she pushed me on the bed. I widen my eyes, and a smirk grew in my face. She used her hands to grab my arms so I wouldn’t be able to move.

“A-Alastor, this will b-be my first time..” She said panting. My strand tiled off the bed, and before it could hit the floor, I used my magic and stopped it from falling. My sclera became red, and my pupils turned into my radio dials, scaring Charlie.

Knelooba Guta-molo” I said as the staff leaned against the wall. I turned back into my usual self and unhooked my arms from her grasp, and she fell on top of me. She yelled, and I held her in my arms.

If you don’t want to do it now, we don’t have to," I whispered in her ear only to receive a giggle from her. She raised her head and looked at me while I looked at her.

“I want this.” She said, determined. I smirked at her and opened my arms so she could get up. She got up and walked up to the door to peer through the peeping hole. She turned the knob and locked the door and turned around with a smirk on her face.

“I can’t believe a sweet innocent princess like yourself could be so evil and seductor~” I coed at her, using my arms to push me up. I admired her as she approached me. I smirked and licked my lips, seen what was in front of m.

“Well, Alastor, there is a lot you don’t know about me~” She coed with a smirk and crawled onto the bed like she was the predator and I was her feast.

Is..this what I want? Her to be mine?

No, I don’t like her!

I just want to be king! I wish to be King! I just...want to become king, right?.


Chapter 10: Heat and Meat

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