My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 14: Heat and Meat [M] pt.1

As I gently laid my lips on Charlie, I pulled her down by her waist hitting my crotch. She was laying on top of me as we kissed. I massaged her hips gaining many grateful moans.

The moment started to heat up when Charlie bit my bottom lip. Our mouth’s were in sync as our tongues danced inside our mouths. Her hands were roughing my hair, meanwhile I moved my hand inside her suit. It was kind of difficult at first, but I managed.

When we separated for air, I flipped Charlie over. I was on top of her and she was below me. She giggled at the thought and at the heat of the moment and I smiled at her with my big, yellow teeth. I began kissing her lips to only then slowly go down to her neck, to focus on finding her sweet spot.

I felt her move her head, showing her neck to me. I smirked and started kissing and nibbling on her neck. At this moment, I could hear her inhale quite rapidly and I could feel her biting down on her lip. I started to suck and lick her neck going up and down to find her sweet spot. I then sucked on a specific spot on her neck where she arched her back and let out a cracked moan.

Once I noticed that was her sweet spot, I decided to suck really hard on it.
I then nibbles on it, reviving a moan. She then clenched her hand into the sheet, trying so hard not to moan. As I backed away from her neck, I notice a hickey that I made. It wasn’t my intention, but the way she moved and the way I felt her warm breath go down my spine, it made me hard and it made me full of excitement.

I was full of Adrenalin, making me slowly kiss her collarbone and get close to her chest. With my free hand I start unbuttoning her suit, getting a quiet gasp from Charlie mouth. I lick my lips and arose my head to meet Charlie’s lips once again. This time, I sucked on her tongue, making her unmovable. She grabs onto the back and uses her nails to dig into my back. I wince once in pain but continued anyway. Her crotch starts to rub against mine, which made me even more turned on.

As I finished un buttoning her suite, I start to pull it off from her and threw it off the bed. Her shirt was a plain white shirt, which I was able to maneuver my hand inside it, receiving giggles and little gasps. I part away from her lips and run my tongue down her neck.

By this time, I had already taken off her shirt where I only saw her bra. Her face was all flustered, making me smirk as big as I could. With my hands, I gently brush against her hips all the way up to her bra and unhooked it from behind. She gasped at how fast I could unhook her bra. I chuckled and threw it to the side.

She covered her face with her hands, trying to hide her embarrassment. I sighed and removed her hands from her face and picked her chin up with my available hand. I gently pressed my lips against her, receiving rough tension between us.

The room started to fill with her moans and our heated moment. I parted away and notice a thick string of saliva between us. She licked her lips and nod in agreement. I smile and remove my hands away from her hands so I could
be able to massage her breast.

“A-ahh~” She let out a moan. My smirk grew and grew even larger than I could imagine as I slowly placed my face in between her breasts. I started to lick the sides of her breast before licking her nipples. I started using my tongue to lick around the nipple before sucking on it. There was an awkward moment in between the session, because the tension was really huge.

I started sucking on her nipples really hard and biting on them. As I pulled away, I couldn’t help but notice Charlie’s face. Her face expressed: enjoyment and embarrassment.

“Charlie, your so delicious~” I said with a deep and Seducting voice at her as I started kissing her stomach. I kissed and nibbled every inch of her stomach before unbuttoning her pants. As I did so, I stood up and took off my suite and shirt, including my pants.

We were both in our underwear, making us both blush in embarrassment. I bent down on and slowly kissed her tights. At this moment in time, Charlie was a moaning mess. She clenched the sheets even harder, she couldn’t stop panting and most of all..she couldn’t stop arching her back as she enjoyed ever bit.

“May I?~” I asked her before pulling down her underwear. She was weak, real weak. She lifted her head up slightly and she weakly nodded her head. I smile and kissed her legs before pulling down her underwear. As they slowly slide down he legs, I couldn’t help but lick my lips at the beauty that was in front of me.

I then started feeling my member getting bigger as my boxers got tighter. I winced once in pain before shoving my face into her crotch. I heard a gasp escape Charlie’s mouth as I began to lick her hole. I used my tongue to stick it inside her hole and made it dance around. I heard multiple moans come out of Charlie’s mouth: either loud ones or low ones.

As I continued to lick her insides, she sat up making me pull away. She panted and gave me a desperate look on her face. I smiled at her and gave her my fingers. She smacked them away and sucked on her own. I widen my eyes as I see her stick in her own two fingers inside herself. She started yelling with pleasure and moaning. I felt my member grow even bigger making me bite my bitten lip. Her moans where filling the room and filling my ears.

She started biting down on her bottom lip and threw her head back. I smirked and tried to pull her fingers away from her hole, but that only turned her on even more. She pushed in another two fingers inside of her, making her gasp crack. She moved her fingers inside and clenched the sheets with her other hand.

“C-Charlie...I want you~” I manage to say as she threw her head back up to look at me. She opens her eyes and gave me a weak smile. She then laid back on the bed and with her hands, she widen her hole. I blushed from the picture in front of me making me pull down my boxers and cover my member with lube.

“A-A-Alastor..inside m-me..p-please” She begged me. Before putting my member inside of her I smirked and looked at her. I crawled on top of her and kissed her lips. She refused to kiss me from the heat of the moment, making me struggle even more.

“Whats my name~” I asked her, seductively. She bit her bottom lip and moved her head to the side. She panted rougher then me, getting me even more turned on. She let a slight sigh escape her lips as she turned to look back at me with her face all flustered.

To be continued

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