My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 15: Heat and Meat [M] pt.2

“M-Master, h-help me~..” She begged. I smiled, and with my free hand, I grab my member and place it close to her hole. She wined in pain because it wasn’t in yet. I hushed her with my finger on her lips, and my member slowly went into her hole. She gasped and released her hands from spreading her hole.

I started to move slowly into her since it’s her first time. She started jumping up and down from my movement, giving me a pleasant view. She started moaning like crazy, which was music to my ears. She used her hands and placed them on my back. In the position we were in: I was onto if she and she were below me. When I pulled away, I heard a sad note escape Charlie’s lips. I smiled and pulled her arms away from my back and sat her up. She was now sitting on the bed while I was standing up. She gave me wanting eyes, making me more excited. She noticed my member grow, and the next thing I knew, her hands were gripping onto my member. I gasp as I pull her hands away from my member.

“I want to please you, Princess~,” I said seductively. She sighed and bit her bottom lip. I got in a position where she was about to sit on my lap. Since this was her first time, I’m guessing she doesn’t know the position: cowgirl.

“Darling, do as I say~,” I say to her. She nods rapidly and sits on the bed. I lay on the couch, and I tell her to sit on my stomach for a moment. I then ask her to get up slightly, so I can penetrate my member into her. She agrees and guides my member into her hole. She lets a gasp escape her mouth.

“You are free to do anything, my darling~,” I say to her, using one of my arms to push my head up and place the other one on her breast. She looks at me with confusion.

“W-What do you mean?” She asked me, placing her hands on my chest. She then looks down at my chest and licks her lips. I sighed and held onto her hips. I told her to let loose for quite some time before I started lifting her up and down.

Her expression started to change, and that’s when she began to take over. I placed both hands on her breast and started massaging them, as Charlie pleased herself. Her moans filled the room once again, and the heat as well. I bit my bottom lip and watched how Charlie threw her head back and moved her ass in circles.

I let some moans escape my mouth as I looked at Charlie. She stopped for a moment and grabbed my hands. She squeezed my hands so I would squeeze her breast. At this point, we were both a blushing mess.

I then turn her around, so I would face her back and used my hands to immediately pick her up and down, slamming her ass into my member. She yelled with pleasure as I helped her. This went on for quite sometime before I came inside of her. She raised her body so my member could escape her hole. She then laid on top of me, and we cuddled.


Right now, I know what I want.

What I want is her.

Charlotte Magne, that’s who I want.

She makes me happy, and now that we have done it, we are closer than before.

I looked down at a sleeping Charlie. I smiled and kissed her forehead before tucking her into the covers. As she rested, I took a quick shower. As the water ran through my hair and down to my toes, it made me feel relaxed.

As I was finishing washing my body, I feel a fresh breeze come inside the shower, making me open my eyes. I widen my eyes as I see a smirking Charlie. She pins me against the shower wall and says to me.

“Now it’s your turn, master~.”


Chapter 16: Angel Dust's Confession

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