My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 16: Angel Dust's Confession

“Now, it’s your turn, master~.”

I smirked before kissing her roughly. I held onto her hips, pulling her closer to me, making her back arch. I laid kissed on her body, receiving giggles and small snorts from Charlie. I came back up to her face, and we just smiled at each other as the water from the shower rained on our moment.

I placed one more passionately kiss on her lips when I heard a knock on the door, making me growl in between the kiss. I backed away and sighed. I pulled her back so she would straighten up. I turned off the knob of the shower and grabbed two towels.

“I’ll be out in quite a moment,” I say to the demon behind the door. I hop out of the shower and quickly dried myself up before putting on my shirt and boxers to answer the door. I approach the door and notice it was one of the workers.

“Housekeeping! I come to clean your room.” The nice lady said behind the door. I looked over a Charlie shaking her head no with one of her hands adjusting the towel.

“Madam, could you come back in fifteen minutes? My wife and I are kind of in the middle of something..” I said to the demon, who understood. She excused herself before leaving the room. I sighed before putting on my pants.

As I was doing so, I felt a pair of arms wrap around me, giving me quite a jump scare. I turn around and hug Charlie. We stayed in each other’s arms for quite sometime before she broke the silence.

“You’re outstanding in bed, Alastor~” She coed, smacking my ass. I jump and stay stiff as she walks away. Damn, I’m falling, even more, I love with her...

“Did you enjoy yourself, princess?” I asked her, placing my suite in place. I tightened my bow and started buttoning my suite with my hands as I looked into the mirror on the wall.

“I’m glad you pleased me~,” She said, accidentally dropping her towel, showing me her bare ass. My mouth dropped as she teased me before closing the bathroom door with her clothes in hand. I licked my lips and combed my hair.

At this moment in time, I had decided to leave. I kissed Charlie on her forehead and left the room. As I exited, I looked both ways before anyone saw me in that room. I began walking down the hall, which I had passed several Demon, which were whispering:

“In-room 420, someone was having a lot of fun, maybe a little too much if I do say so myself” I smirked and continued to walk down the halls.

As I walked down the stairs, I notice Dust all ready for his date. I walk up to him, and he smiles at me. He invited me for a glass of red wine, and I accepted.

“So, today’s the big day, huh?” I asked Dust, sipping some of my wine. He nodded rapidly and took to shots before he answered me.

“I’m fucking nervous, Alastor! I’ve never been on a date before, and most importantly..I’ve never had partner..” Dust said, nervously. He took another three shots before burping in front of me. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Relax acquaintance; you’ll do fine! Just, stay true to yourself and do whatever she wants to do” I smiled at him, taking another sip of my wine. Once I turned around to face Dust, he had his thinking cap on and was examining me. He then gasped as he realized something:

“You had sex!” He yelled, making everyone turn around. I laughed nervously and gave a shaking wave. I turn back at Dust and give him a stare.

I put some money on the counter and pulled him out of the bar. He snorkeled at me and couldn’t stop laughing. He yelled a the top of his lungs, which made me blush of embarrassment.

“Alright, fine! I did have a sexual event with someone..” I said, blushing a bright red. Dust gasped and held me by the shoulders and shook me, multiple times.

“You have to tell me every detail! But later. First, I need to get ready, and then you and I have to rehearse what I’m going to say to..Vaggie,” Dust said, pulling his hands away from my shoulders. My bush finally faded away into my natural color, and we headed to his apartment.

“So, What do you think?” Dust asked me, chugging down some vodka. We were sitting in his living room as we made a plan. As we talked for some time, I noticed a fake Alastor in the corner wearing some kinky shit, making me gag.

“Dust, do you have to bring me into the scene with that type of clothes on?” I asked him, using my arm to cover the view. Fake Alastor walks up to us and places the drinks down on the coffee table.

“She’s just my maid, isn’t that right Mrs. Alarista?~” Dust smirked, making Alarista sit on his lap and start moving his hips to the side. I gagged at the scene and walked into his restroom.

What the fuck, kinky son of a bitch," I whispered to my self as I splashed some water on my face. My staff was giving me weird signals that meant I had an excuse to leave.

My staff turned a brighter red, and it started to shake. I grabbed it and punched it so that a blue high tech screen would appear. The news that was on was terrifying. Two people had died of a tragic incident on the north side of Hell.

I walked out of the room to only witness something horrible. I saw Dust and Alarista making out. I covered my face and walked to the door.

“You discuss me, Dust, but I’ll see you around six,” I say before leaving his house. Once I closed the door, I teleported to my apartment and got myself ready.

Today was the day where my good friend Angel Dust was going to ask Vaggie to be his partner. I was so excited that I went to the garden, where the date was going to be held and arranged some candles to set the mood.

I cut some roses and placed them in a vase on the table where they were going to sit and eat. I double-checked each detail so nothing could go wrong.

It was now around six in the afternoon, and I hid behind the bushes to be able to tape this particular moment. Sooner or later, I see Vaggie in a lovely white and black striped dress and Dust in his white a pink tux.

He rushed up to the chair to pull it out so Vaggie could sit in it. She smiled and slowly nodded her head as a thank you. The camera was in between the bushes, which was making my arms hurt.

“Vaggie, I know this is going to sound weird, but...I find you very pleasing,” Dust said, crossing his legs underneath the table and using his left hand to carries Vaggie’s hand. Her face expressed confusion and embarrassed by his touch.

“Angel..why did you ask me out? Weren’t you into Alastor-”

“This isn’t about Alastor or Charlie; it’s about us.” Dust said kindly. I widen my eyes as I saw this kind side of Dust that I have never seen before. Dust then pulled his hand away from her hand.

“What do you mean us?” She asked him while the waiter placed the meals in front of them. Vaggie quickly glanced at the food and let out a slight gasp.

“You remembered...” She rambled off, saying. She grabbed her fork and knife and dug into the excellent meal. Dust chuckled at her reaction and did the same as her.

The mood settled, and it was a beautiful picture. The candles lit the place up; the dead garden gave life to the evening, the rusted doors gave an antique was perfect.

Their conversation went on for about twenty minutes or so before Dust popped the question. He gently placed his hand on her cheek, removing the smudge of the sauce from the for. She blushed a deep red making Dust notice his actions. He cleared his throat and grabbed both her hands.

“Vaggie...I have known you for quite some time, and I find you delightful,” Dust began saying, as Vaggie listens to him. I quickly blew a red smoke underneath the camera; I was holding, and retrieved my hands away from the camera so it wouldn’t be able to move. I used my power and Magic.

“Ever since the day you started to pick on me, I knew there would be a strong connection between us...I always thought of you as one of my closest friends, but then I realized I was wrong. I then realized that I liked yours. And not in a friendly way...” Dust rambled off, receiving a giggle from Vaggie. She smiled at him with pink cheeks.

“Look...What I’m trying to say is, would you be my partner?” He finally spotted out the question. His face was full-on red, and his eyes were kind of watery. Vaggie tightened her grip and smiled.

“Yes, Angel, I’ll be your partner” She smiles at him, leaning in for a kiss. Their lips met in perfect harmony. I couldn’t help but laugh and fall in my back. My back laid on the dead leaves from the fallen trees, and I just admired the red sky.

I reached for the camera and turned it off. I placed it in my hidden pocket inside my suite and started to think:

What would happen if I asked Charlie to be my girlfriend? Would she accept?...

Fuck, the am I going to ask her to be mine, when her parents hate me...

I need to think about this with deep thought.

I closed my eyes, and a sigh of relief shouted out of my lips.


Chapter 17: Accident?

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