My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 18: Unexpected Event pt.1

It’s been a week precisely in the hospital, and I can’t stand it anymore. I’m in a hospital gown, I have a needle inside my arm and to top it off, they put the worst kinds of tv shows I have ever seen.

My head started to ache, which made it drip sweat, and my eyes had black circles around them from not being able to sleep. I sighed and turned on the tv to see what better shows hell had to offer.

“Oh, Mary, you know I have always loved you,” A British Demon said to some black-faced man. The scene was in a house, a very fancy house, and they were having a confusing conversation.

“How can I tell if you’re telling me the truth? How am I sure your not your twin brother?” The British female demon said as the music in the background arose while the guy’s expression changed to ”you caught me!”

I changed the channel because it was just too dull. By the time I changed the channel, the doctor had come in with the nurse. I rolled my eyes so they couldn’t see how annoyed I was and let them check on me.

I wonder how Charlie is doing?...

“Kind sir, I have a question for you,” I asked the doctor, who had already replaced the blood. He nodded and continued to analyze me.

“Why aren’t you afraid of me?” I asked him with a grin. He backed away and sighed.

“Oh no, I’m terrified of you, and I’m the only doctor who wants to attend you. Either way, you can’t harm me because I can just put you to sleep, and nothing will happen!” He said, pushing his chair away from me and walking up to his desk.

“Oh, is that so~” I cooed at him as I used my magic to grab my staff. The doctor gasped and backed away. I was going to open the portal so my minions could come in when I feel a slight change of mind.

My eyes felt more substantial, and my staff fell onto the ground, making considerable noise. My right hand started to cramp, and I started breathing heavily. I look to my right and see the nurse inject me with some “calming” substance.

“See? You can’t harm me. Anyway, you’re free to leave! Your heart is alright, and your blood pressure is normal.” He handed me a clipboard for me to sign, which I weakly did. He took it away and opened the door to leave.

“There is a set of clothes in the restroom so you can change or take a shower, whatever you would like! Good day, Mr. Radio Demon!” The doctor said before closing the door.

The nurse helped me get up and took me to the restroom. She waited outside for me to be done before placing me in a wheelchair.

• • • • • Time-Lapse • • • • •

“Come on, Alastoooor, your my plus one for the wedding! Why don’t you want to come?” Dust begged me. I rolled my eyes and grabbed some wine, and poured it in a glass. He followed behind and gave me puppy doll eyes, which I can resist.

“Look, I just can’t go and see Charlie get married, I’m dating— I mean, she’s one of my closest friends...” I trailed off, saying, receiving a surprised face form Dust. I chugged down the bottle of wine and gave him the glass.

“Wait a moment; you like Charlie?!? Even though she is getting married?! You beast~” He cooed at the end before crawling on top of me. I pushed him off and sat on his couch with a hint of pink on my cheeks.

“I never said that. She is my friend.” I said, very determined.

“If she is your friend, then why can’t you attend her wedding? Huh? I caught you, red-handed boy!” He said with a laugh at the end. I rolled my eyes and gave up.

“Now, tell me how long you have to been dating for? And why didn’t you tell me your dating her!! Aren’t we like, best bros?!” He exclaimed at me while I laughed. He smacked my face, making me very upset. I got up and clenched my hands. My radio dials started to go haywire as my blood pressure went down, making me fall back in my chair.

Dust rushed over to me and held me in his arms. It was kind of strange, but it just felt right. He careered my hair and hushed me, just like a baby.

“I-I’m sorry for getting you all wiled up; you just got out of the hospital...” Dust told me, which I hushed him. He smiled at me, and I did the same thing. When he closed his eyes, I smacked him on the forehead, gaining my revenge.

“But now I understand why you won’t be attending Charlie’s wedding. I won’t make you go if you choose not to go..” He trails off, laying me down on his couch. He ran in the kitchen and grabbed some ice to put in on my forehead with a paper towel around it. I smiled at him and closed my eyes.

“Why isn’t your plus one Vaggie?” I asked him. He laughed and crossed his legs.

“Because She is the maid of honor? Duh!” He said as he made a girl gesture. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

To be continued

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