My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 19: Unexpected Event pt.2

“Why don’t you ask Charlie if you can be one of her bride’s maids? I mean, I’ve seen you in dresses and boy, you look fine in them,” I say, all delusional from my blood pressure dropping. He gets up with a huge smile and runs into his bedroom.

After some time, he walks back in with heels on and a pink dress. I widened my eyes and sat up. He twirled one or twice and bowed.

“So, What do you think?”

“You look excellent, Dust.”

“I hope this isn’t awkward, but can you teach me how to dance? I want to dance with Vaggie, but I don’t know how” Dust asked me, with a flustered face. I snickered and nodded.

He put some music on, and I taught him how to slow dance. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be. He rested his head on my shoulder, which I smacked away.

“The males don’t put their heads on the women’s shoulder, that’s not polite, and it’s wrong,” I say to him, slowly backing away.

“Thanks! I’m going to call Charlie and ask her if I can be one of her bride maids!” Dust exclaimed, leaving the room. I sat on the couch and took some of his wine.

I hate this!!

I’m supposed to be the one to marry Charlie, not that dipshit!

Ugh, I’m so frustrated!! And the worst part is I can’t do anything about it.

The king and queen despise me, and they will never accept me.

Well, fuck me, huh? Tomorrow is the wedding, and I’m so sad.

I might as well take a nap before meeting up with Charlie...that’s all I can do.

• • • • • Time-Lapse • • • • •

I’m wearing one of my most exceptional suites, some red roses and a beautiful black bow tie to top it off. Charlie and I said we were going to meet up at the dumpster around six in the afternoon. I was walking into the trash when I spot Charlie in a friendly, casual red dress.

“You look wonderful, my darling~” I coed at her as she turned around. I smiled at her and approached her. I kissed her lips gently before giving her the red roses.

“Oh, Alastor, you didn’t have to.” She smiled at me, grabbing the roses from my hands. She gently smelled the roses and sucked in the most she could before letting out a genuine sigh.

“Alastor, I have a question...” She stated as she held my hand and pulled me to the bench close by. We sat there for a moment until she looked into my eyes with a sad expression.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were in a hospital for a week?”She said with an upsetting tone of voice. I widen my eyes and laugh nervously.

“What are you talking about, sweetheart? I haven’t set my foot in a hospital since—”

She rolled her eyes and smashed her lips onto mine to shut me up. I gave a gaspingly face before kissing her back. She had her hand on my cheek, and the other one intertwined with my hand. She backed away and caressed my cheek.

“Don’t lie to me.” She said, slapping my face. She then got up and started to walk away. I then got melting eyes for her as I rubbed my cheek.

This demon..she is so..forward! It turns me on.

I follow behind her and walk by her side, with our hands intertwined. She smiled and hugged my arm with her available arm; meanwhile, the other was holding the roses.

“I still don’t understand..why couldn’t you tell me? The minute we start to lie to each other—”

“Sweetheart, I promise to never lie to you again. And the reason why I didn’t tell you was because of your wedding...” I trailed off, saying. We both stopped walking and stood there for a moment.

“Alastor, as much as I want to be with you, we just... can’t. My parents despise you and me—”

“Say no more. It’s okay; we’ll work this out. I promise. I just have to figure out a—”

“Alastor, we need to break up.”

My heart stopped for a moment when I heard those words. I turned to face her, and I saw her almost in tears. I rush to her and gently place both of my hands on her face, making her want to cry even more.

She turns away and closes her eyes, and the tears gently start to fall down her face. My eyes felt heavy, and my heartfelt achy.

I turned her face and gently wiped away the tears. She starts to sniffle, and I bring her into a hug, where I passed my hand through her hair and hushed her.

It’s all going to be alright; we will work this out..” I whispered into her ear, which made her even sadder. She pushed me away and wiped her tears and nose.

“A-Alastor, I-I’m sorry..” Those were the last words she said before running off with her roses in her hand. I yelled for her name, but she didn’t respond or even stop. My hand slowly went down to its place, as I walked up to the bench where we sat in before.

I couldn’t even tell her that I love her.


Chapter 20: Charlie's Weeding pt.1

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