My Darling [Chalastor]

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Chapter 20: Charlie's Wedding pt.1

I woke up in an instant, utilizing my arms to lift me. I sat up and started to pant and placed my hand on my head from the rush. I let out a hopeless sigh and pull myself together.

I walked into my bathroom and splashed some water on my face to wake myself up. I growled underneath my breath as I looked down at my sink, placing pressure on the sink using my hands.

I look at myself and wonder:

Does she even love me?...

I mean, I guess it’s for the best anyways.

I love her, and since she doesn’t know that I love her then, what’s the point?

She’s going to get married, and I-I guess I can move on...

Maybe I’m overreacting, but still..why is my heart aching so much?

I shake my head to the sides and let out a long sigh. I walked back into my room and changed before heading to the bar and drowning myself in liquor.

I walked down the stairs of my apartment, causing My footsteps to be all I could hear and the thoughts in my mind. My staff was in my grasp, twirling in its place. My face was pale and sad.

The entire way to the bar, my face was different. The feeling I’ve felt over the past month changed into depression, you could say.

I make my way inside the bar and sit on the barstool. The bartender gave me the usual, and I chugged it down to then place my forehead on the table.

“Why the long face?” He asked me. I raised my head and used my arm to keep my head from falling in the table. The bartender starts cleaning a glass with a rag waiting for me to respond.

“Nothing good, sir! I’m wonderful!” I say as I forcefully make a broad grin. My eyes dropped, but my mouth didn’t. The bartender looked at me until I broke down.

“Alright, alright. You see, the women I started to have feelings for, is getting married in a couple of hours!” I say with a quaking voice. The bartender continued in doing his thing, cleaning, but listening to everything I had to say. He gestured me to stay.

“I’m so disappointed in myself for not trying harder for her, and now, I’m paying the price: I have fallen into depression good sir.,” I say with a sad tone of voice. The bartender stopped doing what he was doing and was ready to talk. He had thrown his rag over his shoulder and placed both of his hands on the bar table.

“Look, Al, I recommend telling her how you feel. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life! Even if she gets married, you will feel relieved, trust me.” He smiled at me, getting back to work. He served himself a shit of vodka and gave me one. We cheered and chugged it down the hatch.

“Thank you, kind sir, I owe you a drink!” I said before jumping out of my stool. He nods and turns around to clean more glasses. I pushed opens the doors and grinned hugely.

I teleport to Dust’s place and shake off some remaining of the demons stuck in the teleportation void. I know on his door, and surprisingly, he took longer to answer the door.

The nob finally unwinded, and it opened to reveal a Dust in a gown. I snicker, and he let me come in meanwhile he also rolled his eyes, I annoyance. He closed the door and carefully walked over to the couch where I was sitting.

He had eyelashes on, makeup, High heels, and of course, the bridesmaids dress. He rolled his eyes as he saw me wanting to burst into laughter. As he began to cross his legs, I saw some underneath the action and blush a bright pink of embarrassment and try to get it off my mind.

“Why are you here, Al! I’m trying to get ready, so I’m not late for the wedding!” Dust yelled at me, being all flustered and all. I clear my throat and tell him my suggestion.

“What if I told you I could cancel the wedding~” I cooed at him, wit a grin plastered on my face. His eyes widen, and his expression changed to annoyance.

“Alastor!! I’m already changed and have makeup plastered on my face, and now you’re asking me to take it off?! What kind of crap is this!” He exclaimed, getting up in his two legs, almost falling over.

“Look. I love Charlie, and I am willing to sacrifice everything I have for her so..if giving up my magic for Charlie I—”

“Hold the fuck up, mister.” Dust interrupted me.

“Are you that stupid? Your willing to give up ALL your powers for a demon? Understand the situation you are fucking in!” He continued. I shook my head to his sides and smiled.

“Dust..I-I can’t describe the feeling I feel for her...” I said with a timid voice. He sighed and sat back down.

“My achievement was to become king of hell, and by doing so, I needed to marry the daughter, which in this case is Charlie. But after time went by and I got to know her...Dust, she changes my life!” I continued, using hand motions to make the statement more believable. He gave me good eyes and continued to listen.

“I know the risk; I know what I will be losing, but..if losing everything means being with her, then I wouldn’t hesitate!” I say with a big smile as I look into Dust’s eyes before grabbing his hands. He tightens them with a smile on his face.

“Don’t you want me to be happy?” I ask Dust, yo only receive tears roll down his face. He pulls his hands away from my grasp and wipes them away with a clean napkin, not to mess up the mascara.

“Al. I will help you but please, consider what you will be loosing. Your entire personality revolves around your powers! Please, think twice about it before making the decision.” Dust said before getting up and laying a kiss on my cheek. I sigh and fall on his couch:

He’s right...

The only way for me to be with her up everything I have...

Lucifer and Lilith offered me that deal a while back. For me to be able to become king, I need to get up everything!

Is it worth it?

I love Charlie! But, my powers...

My minions...

My teleportation...

My staff...

Everything gone...



I get up from the couch and walk over to Dust, who’s in the kitchen, chugging down a bottle of vodka. I slam my hand on the counter, making him jump.

“Alastor, I have a way for me to marry Charlie AND still have my powers!” I said with a high pitched voice. He slammed the bottle of vodka in the sink and leaned up against the refrigerator to hear me out.

“I’m going to use a transformation spell—”

“Fuck no dude! Black hat can do that, not you! If you attempt it, you will die!” He yelled at me as he started to hit me. I grab hold of him, and my radio demon form arose.

”Listen, Dust; I ain’t got time for your shit. I understand the circumstances,” I say in a very profoundly tone of voice. He sighs, and I let him go. We continue to talk and talk before the hour stoke six, which meant the wedding was about to begin.

I follow him out to the limo and kissed him goodbye before he left for the wedding. I sighed and teleported to the chapel.

Arriving there, I saw many demons waiting outside to enter. I walked, passed them, and went into the back door. Opening the back door, I see the groom getting his bow tie ready.

Once he was distracted, I came from behind and suffocated him with some unbreathable substance. He then was unconscious, which gave me the chance to get some of his blood and transform it into him.

After getting some samples, I drag him into the closet. I switch clothes with him and tighten my bow. I was still me, staring at the blood sample. I walk up to the back door and lock it so nobody would come in.

I look at the mirror and then look back at the blood sample. I breathed slowly and started the transformation:

Kinshasa between threeyots,” I began to say as the walls began to rumble. The blood sample was now floating in the air, and I was moving my hands like waves to maneuver the blood...

“Jaklopss humploss kitiruko,” I say once again with my eyes closed. As soon as I closed them, the blood ran up my nose and into my system. My body started to heat up, making my eyes itchy, and my stomach achy.

“Kjateun Greds qyebbass” That was the last sentence I said before opening my eyes and seeing myself in the body of the groom.

A smirk grew on my face as the music started to play. I happily walk out and jump onto the podium where the priest was. I waited patiently for the bridesmaids and the best men to arrive before seeing Charlie walk down the aisle with her white, beautiful dress on.

Ahhh, this is it! I will finally be able to call her mine.

To be continued

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